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Uchiha Oshiki

Uchiha Oshiki

Thankfully, having used Yogua as an airbag, Oshi wasn't nearly so badly hurt. A few fractured ribs maybe, but no bleeding that he could see plus the first man was all but broken. They fell from their position in the rooftop to a lower limb, where Oshi landed on his feet but the other man landed on his chest. He was knocked out and his entire rib cage was probably dust from that impact, but at least he wasn't dead. He wanted that money. It was probably a bad sign that he cared about someone's life only because he wanted the extra ryo, but... well, as he'd said before, he didn't care right now. Moving his hand down to check that there was still a pulse,he registered it. It was weak, but it was there.

So, he was going to need to restrict this guy. He didn't have any genjutsu that could do that yet, and the man himself didn't seem to have any rope on him, so he was going to have to stop him moving the natural way. Laying him out, he got his legs so they were lying out and... a single stomp came down upon the leg, and the sound of bones breaking echoed through the area. He might have felt bad for doing that if the man had NOT just tried to kill him with explosives.


With Yogua taken care of, it was now time to deal with the other bastards around the forest. From what he'd been told, there were three of them. One was Yogua, who was currently lying knocked out back there without his leg bones. That was going to be an interesting story to tell back in the village, but what was going to be more interesting was the next two. Their group was made up of three ninjas, one was a genjutsu user who used bubbles or something like that - Bubbles, clearly the deadliest of all things ever made in the universe, the very word bubble caused many people to have panic attacks - and the third was some sort of super timid girl who hated to get into fights and fled like a rabbit when confronted by someone who wanted to take her out. He could hardly blame her for running, although that did probably mean she was going to be the easiest to take out. He just had to flush her from wherever she was hiding and play some mind tricks on her that would keep her still. The genjutsu user, however, was going to be a lot more interesting. Not just because he was using the dreaded enemy of all ninjas, bubbles, but because he was using genjutsu. Since he'd gained the second tomoe, he had wanted to test some of these abilities but had never actually had the chance. He'd heard something interesting about it's abilities when it came to genjutsu, but now he wanted to make sure those reports were accurate. After all, if he was going to use them on more missions after this he didn't want to end up being screwed over by them.

So, after taking a moment or two to re-steady himself, including climbing back up the tree to the level that he had been on before and punching a hole in the bark of the tree so that he'd be able to see it later and remember that this was the tree that he'd left Yogua on, he continued on with his journey into the heart of this dense forest. He didn't know which one he was going to bump into next, but he knew that if he wasn't careful they'd run into him rather than the other way around and then he was going to have to fight a group on the back foot. Yogua had been alone, but that didn't mean that the others would be as well. That might just have been a lucky fluke, or it might have been a precursor for things to come. If he was being honest, he was seriously hoping for the latter. It wasn't that he was a coward or that he thought he couldn't win on his own, but if he was doing it one versus one then he could test out his new powers on that genjutsu user to his leisure and then remove the rabbit girl as quickly as possible. This was going to be interesting, hopefully, he didn't want to have to rush it. It would be like forcing a gourmet to eat his food quickly, or giving a mechanic only a certain amount of time to make your vehicle all beautiful and shiny new!

It was this very reasoning that made him glad when he saw the second member of the group, although that happiness quickly faded into surprise as he noticed something about this guy. He was fat, and this wasn't like "he's probably eaten too much because of stress" level fat, this was actual obesity level fat, this was fat with a capital f... and probably an exclamation point at the end of it just to be safe. The guy who was running from the village, the big bad dangerous ninja was a lard ball! That was so funny he let out a little chuckle before instantly regretting it as the man shot his eyes up to where he was standing in the tree tops. Slipping above an area thick with leaves, he waited patiently for around thirty seconds before looking back out and down upon him. He seemed to have stopped looking for him so that was good. Now he could get to him. But, whilst he could easily just drop on him and take him by surprise, he also had to be very careful about taking him out too quickly. If he did that, then he wouldn't be able to get his eyes tested out now would he?

Slipping onto the lower limb before continuing that pattern a few times, he moved his way down until he was finally standing on the forest floor. He pulled his hood back for the man so that his eyes were obvious and smiled at him.
"oh, hey lardass!" he said cruelly, trying to taunt the man into attacking him with a genjutsu. He did not, however, expect it to be that effective as the man fumed and turned red, before making sure that their eyes were aligned. All of a sudden, an array of tentacles seemed to open up around him, moving into the air and beginning to crawl around his legs. For a moment or two he feigned surprise and horror, trying to mess with the man's head.

"N-no! Not tentacles! I've read enough hentai to know what you want to do to me!" He cried out, "blushing" with "embarrassment" as he did so, the man's enjoyment of the situation was palpable, he was actually grinning like an idiot. Well, like the idiot that he appeared to be. Was he getting off on this, or was he just enjoying someone who insulted him getting their comeuppance. However, he seemed less happy as Oshi finally got a little bit more serious, his eyes closing for a moment and, when he reopened them, his normally black eyes turning into a clearly developed sharingan. The illusion around him shimmered for a second before disappearing, almost breaking like glass.

"Tentacles, really? That's cute, I'm sure, but I'm not a big fan of the stereotypes. Why not just use a whip to fight me whilst you're at it?" he teased again, the man clearly disliking being teased at all as he launched another genjutsu at him. However, this one was not so easily seen through. He could still shatter it, but he had something better in mind for this one. In this cute little illusion, he could feel himself getting stabbed over and over again, the only thing stopping it from actually hurting was his active sharingan. Staggering towards the man, feigning injury from all this "pain" he was getting, the man seemed shocked that he was still able to walk and move. Of course, he wasn't actually injured at all, but as long as he thought he was getting hurt then he'd avoid getting any of those bubbles near his face. When they were finally almost face to face, he smiled and let the jutsu crash down around him once more, his knee moving up to drive into the man's crotch, sending him crashing to the forest floor writhing in pain. He couldn't blame him, he was a strong man and he had just driven his knee as hard as he could into this man's crotch. Now, he had to make sure this one was reserved, but he felt a little bit bad about taking out another genjutsu user by crippling his legs, so he was going to give him a taste of his own medicine.

As they looked each other in the eyes, Oshi cast a basic genjutsu. Suddenly the world would have felt like it was all in technicolor and would have felt too dizzy and high to get back up. This was, he guessed, the equivalent of a drug trip. He doubted he'd be able to break out of it in time to flee, not with that amount of pain to go back to. besides, he was distracted from the pain so he probably wouldn't even WANT to go back!



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