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1 A meeting on Sun Jul 15, 2012 1:11 am


Rai walked through the rather dark, murky streets of Kirigakure. He examined the strange buildings and even more, the strange people. These streets were much different than where he and his clan came from as the Whirlpool Village was a bright and sunny place. This being said, he couldn't complain, this is exactly what he wanted, a new start. None of the people he walked past judged him as being the leader of an exiled clan or even as the leader of the rumored weaker half, but just a another person. The Enviroment may have been different, but Rai decided that he would call this home and raise his clan here to be the bravest and most elite warriors this land had ever seen. Rai would protect this land with his life and help making this the best village of the great nations, even past the ranks of the Whirlpool supported Hidden Leaf Village.

Rai continued until he reached the tallest building of them all overlooking the village, he assumed this must be the building that hosted the kage, as there was still matters of the merging of his clanmen into the military to be debated. He continued into the building. He was still had sweat running down his face as he, and his people, had just put the finishing touches on their new settlement where they would now call home. Nobu were no strangers to manuel labor and the village wasn't that far away but the humidity in the air squeezed every last drop of sweat out of Rai, it was much worse than in the Whirlpool. He walked into the waiting area and continued to the lady at the desk whom he guessed was the secretary. Hello, I have an appointment to see the Kage

She said nothing and just waved him to go in. Rai pushes open the door with his calloused hand to reveal the office of the leader of the village. Good afternoon sir, how are you today? Rai greeted, starting with small talk.


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Having recently re-added all of the furniture that was destroyed I sat in my office. I looked at the door open to see a man with long red hair. It was quite a unique hair color and style. "Finding him shouldn't be hard if he goes rouge." I thought to myself,looking at the man. "I am fine. How are you and how can I help you?" I said, standing up to greet the man.


I'm a gentle man
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