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1 A Political Discussion [Mission] on Sat Sep 14, 2013 6:46 pm

Uchiha Oshiki


Walking towards them, they all seemed somewhere between surprised and annoyed that he was approaching them. Good, then he would have no problems dealing with their leader. The kid seemed around 11, and was grating on Shi's nerves simply by the expression on his smug git face.
"Oh, boys~" He said, getting their attention. That seemed to make them even worse, they were glaring at him... it was probably the tone that was in his voice, it contained the same amount of flamboyancy that he normally had, and they were clearly not one of the fans of it. They actually seemed like they were disgusted by it, and he could imagine that these kids were some of the ignorant trash that laughed at other people simply because of the way that they sounded, the stupid judgemental pricks.

"What do you want, you f**king fag?" Oh, homophobia? Now.... that required punishment. Raising his boot up suddenly and putting all the force in the world behind it, he slammed it into the boy's crotch, and he could swear that he heard a pop like a balloon breaking. Oh dear, he wasn't going to be able to procreate... wait, how was that a bad thing?
"Tell your little friends, the next one who disrupts lessons gets this treatment as well." he said, before walking away as the group just stood there, too shocked and stunned to do anything.


"Oh, you're the boy that they sent to help, right?" He was about to answer but she didn't give him the chance, interrupting before he could actually say anything. Why she bothered to ask, in that case, he wasn't sure. "Oh, I already know you are, I can feel it! Now, those pesky moles are currently infecting the field over there, and remember not to damage the crops. If you do that, there's no point in getting rid of the moles now is there?" He had to admit she had a point, but little known to her he didn't have any techniques where he could have destroyed the fields. His techniques were more akin to that of an assassin, it was perhaps something that he should have noticed by now but whatever the case might be he was just going to have to deal with this his own way. The first thing he needed to do was find a way to broadcast a sound without the people who lived here being able to hear it. Looking around, he noticed that nobody was nearby, and that was going to work to his gain. Now, he just needed a way to... oh, he had a great idea. it was rustic, but so was this entire area.


It had taken little more than half an hour before the sound of breaking glass punctuated the deathly silence that had gone through the moonlit shop. The glass crashed down on the ground on the inside of the store as a man walked inside the store, and walking inside. This man was clearly not thinking about what he was doing, because he barely checked around to see if anyone was inside. Oshi had hidden himself in a shadow-lit corner to trick people into believing that the shop was free to raid. That way, whilst the owners might need to get a new window, they would be able to get rid of a threat that would come to bite them in the ass later. The moment he walked past Oshi's position, he would have felt an arm wrapped around his neck, pulling him off his feet and holding him tightly. It was a basic wrestling choke-hold, but it was also a dangerous one to use. Not because it was easy to get out of, but because if it wasn't done right it could result in the death of the person that was supposed to be incapacitated rather than simply making them lose consciousness. However, Oshi was more than confident enough in his abilities to be able to do something like this.


It would be fair to say that over the last few weeks, Oshi had been interacting with a lot of people through the village and almost all of them had grown to like him. Whether that was because he'd taken care of their trouble students and had reduced the number of troublemakers in their class among the people who wanted to keep their crotches unsullied or because he was the one that had taken care of their mole problem, or because he'd stopped their shop from being robbed. He was slowly becoming more and more of a man of the people, he was not as popular as takeshi, but he was definitely overcoming the people who disliked him for being an Uchiha member. However, that might not be able to last after tonight. Tonight was going to be one of the most awkward jobs that he'd ever had to undertake. It was almost like the village had asked him to stomp on the dreams of the common people. Tonight, apparently, their was a minor protest in the Market District of town and it was slowly becoming a threat to law and order. It was supposed to be a peaceful protest about how much control the Shinobi had over the village (A concept that he supported wholeheartedly, disgusted that the only elite in the village came from people who were able to be impossibly strong and that it was governed by the strongest despite how many intelligent weak people there were), but one of the people there was corrupting it and turning it from something beautiful and intelligent to something violent and disturbing. Now he was having to disagree with his own beliefs simply to avoid having to fight the people who couldn't fight back.  Damn that man, and damn everything he stood for.

Walking through the Market District, he pushed and shoved through the crowd gently, trying not to jostle too many people as he walked through the area. He was having to go about this the way of a non-shinobi tonight if he was going to avoid agitating the situation. However, as he got closer and closer to the front of the crowd he began to wonder if it was possible at all not to make this situation worse simply by being here. The man at the front was the one that he'd been warned about; Susama Takahashi. He was an old man with a wizened old face that looked almost like burned leather and was so wrinkled it looked like someone had scrunched a normal face up, or like it was a piece of cloth that nobody had bothered to iron. Despite looking so old and foul, there was something about him that was making the crowd hang on every word that he said, it was like he was using a genjutsu in his voice to get the people to agree with him, but he knew that wasn't right because if it was Oshi would have succumbed too. Maybe he should check with his Sharingan anyway? No, that was going to make it worse... god, it was hard to avoid making it worse, especially with what the man was saying.

"Do you know what the Shinobi do to this village? Every other six months, our leader gets killed either by Missing Nin or  by his own stupidity in getting into a fight with another village. Buildings get destroyed every other day because our so-called betters are unable to control their own powers that they have the tenacity to claim is for our benefit! What are we supposed to do when the people who claim to be protecting us are actually the ones that are hurting us the most? If it wasn't for the leadership of this village being Shinobi then we'd not have had to worry about Hao!"

Okay, that one was bullshit. Hao was not one of the people who attacked with a discriminating purpose behind his actions. It was like he just did it to see how much affect he would have on the rest of the world, like he was trying to make people remember him when his days were numbered. But, he'd not only attacked ninjas on his road to power, he'd attacked the land of iron, a land that was infamously neutral to the ninja world and empty of shinobi, instead full of Samurai and other soldiers like that. People from there had little to no chakra control, and so they had been easy prey to Hao's abilities... Hao, the man that was to blame for his brother and mother dying. If he hadn't acted out like that and destroyed Kirigakure then Kirigakure wouldn't have been destroyed and there wouldn't have been refuges, and if there weren't refuges then his mother would have never taken some in and then they'd have never been beaten to death like that. So, it was this little accusation, laying the blame for Hao's actions on the shoulders of the village, that made him upset. So upset that he called out from the middle of the crowd.

The crowd around him turned their heads to see what was going on, there shouldn't have been someone disagreeing with their leader right now, he was talking absolute sense. Except, there was, and that same hooded youth was pushing to the front of the crowd before jumping onto the makeshift stage that the man was using to stand above the crowd. When he did, he turned around and cast his gaze over the crowd from the above for the first time. If this turned into a rebellion, they had enough people here to actually do some damage. They could be destroyed in a single of Takeshi's or even the Senju brothers' S rank attacks, but doing that would damage the village itself, it would cut off maybe forty percent of the non-ninja population, people they needed to keep the village working well. So, he cleared his throat and called out over the crowd.

"I know you people are upset about the way that the village is run, and honestly I don't like it any more than you do,  but this is the simple fact; You're letting this man lie to you, to twist the truth because that's what you want to hear. You want to hear that the Shinobi are here to boss you around, to make your lives worse. But, think about this. If the Shinobi weren't here, then what would happen about Iwagakure, or Sunagakure? Or what about Kirigakure, or the Missing Nin? What if Hao came back when there was no-one to protect the innocents of the village. The Shinobi govern because," and he hated himself for saying this sentence but it was what he hoped would get them on his side. ", they are the ones that are able to deal with the political situation of the world. We have more than just the Hokage at the top, and it's because of that fact that we're able to stand with our shoulders kept up high amongst our neighbors!" He said, and there was a murmuring among the crowd. He had a point, many of them realized, but the majority were frowning that their talk about how the ninjas were to blame for every evil in the world was broken.

"Who are you?" Susama asked in shock, before that question was asked again with a cruel grin of self satisfaction. "If you're so sure about your ideals, why are you hiding your face? Why are you hiding yourself from the scorn of the village? If you want the people to believe in you then why don't you tell us who you are rather than hiding underneath a hood?" Shit, this was not going to go well. Would they listen to a Shinobi telling them about why the Shinobi weren't as bad as they were making out? Most likely not, he knew, but he still had to do something about this whole situation. He couldn't just abandon the entire situation to the whim of the people, but at the same time that was exactly what he had to do for this gambit to work. So, pulling his hood down and flicking his hair out of the way he smiled out at the crowd, before he moved his body into the position that was drummed into him, that of a soldier.

"Who am I, you ask? I am Uchiha Oshiki, I am one of the many people who have helped the village by my own sweat and blood. How many of you in the crowd have risked your life and limb taking on enemies of the village?" he paused for a second. before adding. "Many of you know about what happened to me. I lost my entire family to ninjas from this village, but I still believe in them. Do you know why?"' he asked, and although there was murmuring in the crowd nobody was willing to answer that question.

"It's because we're still human. Shinobi are just trained people who are able to deal with their chakra. You're arguing that people who are trained in the arts of defending the village are the ones leading the village rather than people who have no experience, have no training and have no means of defending the village should it get attacked?"he asked, to which the crowd just fell silent. Sasuma, however, was not done talking.

"You say that, but you're one of them! You're a Shinobi so of course you're going to justify them, if you didn't you would be insulting yourself. Who would attack us if we didn't have any ninjas in the village? Who would attack us if we didn't have any ninjas in the village?" he asked, and by this point it seemed like the crowd wouldn't be listening to reason. they were so addicted to the words coming from the man that they weren't thinking about how he was just lying and making everything stand on the shoulders of the Shinobi. he wanted to deck this guy in the face, but he couldn't be so obvious about it. So, he was going to need to take care of this himself, but it was going to need to be stealthy. This was. thankfully, the reason that he had been promoted to Special Jounin rank. He was a hunter-nin, he was an assassin, and he could join ANBU if he so wished. So, he could do this one little thing. Moving so that he was brushing past the man as he began to give a speech, their bodies connected for a second and he was caught in his genjutsu instantly, and suddenly the man's body went stiff as a rock and... fell over, onto his back. Despite giving the appearance that he was going to give a speech, he turned around as he heard the fall and moved to his side. The man seemed like he might have actually had a stroke or something, which was brilliant because with his age the crowd would think that it was natural causes.

"M-mister  Takahashi?" He asked, feigning worry. Moving his head so he could check for breath, he noticed that the man was barely breathing. Looking at the crowd, he called out to them.
"Is anyone here a doctor?" When a man at the back nodded, Oshi continued "I'll move the body somewhere less congested, we need to make sure he's okay." With that, he slipped his hands under the body and began to move it off, before looking apologetically at the crowd.
"Sorry folks, Mister Takahashi seems to have fainted. We're going to need to give him medical attention, please go back to what you were doing." With that, he moved off the stage as people began to disband. He hated lying to the people like that, but it was necessary. Now nobody was going to get hurt.



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