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Mission name: Take over the Opium operation [Criminal mission Iwa-A rank]
Mission rank: A
Objective: Either wipe out or take over the operation
Location: Border of Iwa
Reward: †700 ryo
Mission description: There is a fairly wealthy Opium operation that has been hiring a small army of Rounin. You are to go in and either destroy the operation or kill itís leaders and take over.
Mission details: In the courtyard 200 genin ranked Sword thugs are living. Upon your discovery they will be ordered to attack you. Once these are dealt with there is 2 Chunnin opponents in the first main entry way. Once those are dealt with A special Jounin with automatic dual cross bows waits in the back ball room. Deal with him and anyone you let live will bow down and serve you keeping the operation a float.

200 Rounin:
Name: 200 Rounin
Age: Assorted
General Appearance:
Personality: Greedy and vicious these cut throats will not hesitate to try to cut anyone down just to enjoy the killing. †They are over confident and believe that with so many of them they are unstoppable.
Motivations: They just want a place to live and eat. They donít get payed much but all they know is killing. So they kill to live at the Opium manor.
Fears: They fear death and overwhelming power. After a show of power over half of them will give up on the spot. However they fear their leaders even more so they will fight on less something brutal is done to them
Other: These men are weak but they are armed with C ranks weapons and armor and are fairly well funded. Though loose rabble if they surround you and land a blow they could do some serious harm. They move and attack at a Genin level.

Kanestu brothers:
Name: Kanestu brothers
Age: 22
General Appearance:
Personality: Both brothers work really well as a team as if they are of the same mind. They care for each other and will throw everything they are into defending the other.
Motivations: The leader of the organization owns them by a debt to him. this debt is not very clear unless inquired about but one will find that the leader married their mother and payed her medical bills before She died. Secretly they suspect he was the one poisoning her.
Fears: Losing each other and confronting the leader. Though confident in their skills they fear the Leaders true abilities and fear that as of late he has been gradually losing his mind to the Opium addiction.
Other: These two combine Kenjutsu with taijutsu and Lava release. They each imbue one arm with the lava element. On contact it will burn the flesh to black ash. However the longer they hold this arm the more it damages them permanently as they have not mastered it yet. They move and attack at a Chunnin level.

Mr. Alabaster:
Name: Mr. Alabaster
Age: 32
General Appearance:
Personality: Driven insane by the Opium he is preparing to murder everyone on the Manor grounds. And then his murderous insanity has itís eyes set on Iwa itself. His mind is truly gone and he will try and kill anything.
Motivations: The opium has warped his mind and now all he thinks about is getting high and killing again. Neither seems to fully sedate him with out the other so he keeps killing and getting high.
Fears: He fears being cut off from his drug and the ability to shed blood. He does not fear death or other men but instead fears that his wealth and power will come to an end with him still alive.
Other: The moment you enter the ball room this man will rise from his chair with two huge cross bows and begin to unload at you with out waiting for a word. These cross bows are A rank and fire rapidly. With no need to reload. He will not stop trying to kill you until he is dead. †He moves and fights at a Special Jounin level.

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