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Mugen Aburame

Mugen Aburame

Mugen walked through the town of Iwa, it was as a cloudy day and the sun would occasionally peek through the clouds as if it was to shy to come out today. This did not bother Mugen at all for today was a good day. They found someone who did not try to kill on the spot and send their heads back to Konoha. It was odd, but the person actually agreed to pay them for taking out a group of punks that thought they could run some organized crime. Every one should know by now organized doesn't pay if they know who the leader is. The weather of Iwa was different for sure, wandering around allowed Mugen to enjoy all sorts of weather. Snow, rain, heat, just to name a few. It was odd though Tsuyo refused to go to Suna, even though Mugen had no idea why. He just never bother asking and never thought of doing so.

Going through the town was great, for it has been a while since Mugen had the joys of just being surrounded by people. Sure most of it was weird looks to the unique attire that Mugen wore. The custom made Italian suit that Tsuyo asked him to wear was actually more comfortable than he thought it would be. It was very loose so the bugs within Mugen had no issues coming in or out with ease. Unfortunately while he was in town he was careful not to let his bugs do weird things. For example coming out of his mouth and going into his eye. People found that uncomfortable to look at, which was weird to Mugen. The boots he had were custom made ninja tabi that looked almost like dress shoes but were comfortable like the boots. They also did not making that clicking sound that his old pair did that he eventually threw into a river. His jacket was nice, button up only to the sternum of his body and the frilly white shirt underneath would occasionally have bugs move around within it. Also he had a nice red tie in between the frilly. So it was still visible, but still had bugs crawling over it too. Most people wound not even bat an eye to that, but they had to give him looks about the mask he wore over his face. His jaw had been injured by someone in his family and he refused to have it treat until he felt that he redeemed himself. His jaw had a tendency of dislocating and hanging there. The mask would adjust for him keeping his jaw in place and allowing him to talk at all times. He also wore black gloves, that were made of a fine leather. His hair was nice and down to his back as usual.

Finally making his way out of the town Mugen stretched outside making sure his partner was still keeping up with him. Crouching down his legs would turn into springs and cause him to propel himself forward toward the border where his job would be at. He wanted to get this done as quickly as possible so he could enjoy a nice meal before going to be tonight. It had been a while since he had a meal made in a real kitchen and their is only so much you can do with a open fire. He knew what the mission was, so he was hoping that he could just walk in their and flex for a bit to scare some punks around and cause them to run around like one of their own had their head removed swiftly and without remorse.

The scenery of Iwa was much different than Konoha, due to the fact that it was much more mountain that he was used to. It was different instead of jumping from tree to tree to move from rock to rock at blinding speeds. It was nice knowing the object underneath you was not going to give out any time soon making it so Mugen could stop and rest if he needed to. Or to simply look around to make sure that his Hyuga partner was keeping up with him. He never had a day when his partner fell behind but it was always better safe than sorry. Making it to the compound was actually really peaceful and Mugen was surprised by how much noise does not happen in a mountain area. Maybe Mugen was just used to the bugs being around making one noise or another. It was clear when the building came into view what they would be trying to take away and this did not cause any fear or emotion in Mugen. Standing over a ridge looking down at the mansion that was their target he could already see some of the Genin that were talked about in the mission detail.

Sighing Mugen let about ten bugs come out of his body and into the air, he wanted them to go scout ahead and make sure there was no patrols or someone stupid enough to try to mess with them before they got into the trouble making phase. It would take a while for them to come back, making Mugen thing about what he wanted for dinner tonight. He looked over to where his partner should be standing, even if he was not their he knew that Tsuyo knew exactly what he would be asking. They have been around each other for so long it was hard to not know what each other was thinking sometimes.

"So do you want to do this the usual way, or shall we try something new and old? Like being stealthy? I am sure that we could sneak by all those dumb asses down their no problem. I personally want to go through the front gate, it has been a while since they got to feast on people like that. You do know they get hungry sometimes, its like they are almost human sometimes."
A sly smile came across his face which lead to his left eyebrow going up.
words needed for mission:

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Tsuyo finished the meeting the Mugen and felt fairly refreshed. They had an employer now which meant better times ahead. Of course no that his plans where coming into play the world was about to change for them. Usually crime did not pay. But when the ruler of the country had your back crime had a tendency to be very profitable. He just hoped that they could hold up their end well enough to remain useful. His grey eyes looked up at the sky to watch the grey clouds as they seemed to float around the mountain tips. The rays of sunshine trying desperately to poke through. That was right. Even with a world full of clouds the sun would shine just on the other end. Tsuyo only made one stop on the way out of town though. He felt it looked some what like a douche bag move. But he purchased a pair of aviators with his spare change. Blue in color. He felt that hiding his eyes for the time being might just prevent their discovery a little longer. Or so he could pray. At the moment his organization was so vulnerable it didn't even have a name. He needed it to grow and to grow strong. His eyes strayed behind the big sunglasses to his partner. The man was incredibly calm all things considered. Either way it was better here then in Suna. Truly a dreadful climate that Suna. Here at least the breeze felt comfortable and once out of town fairly clean.

However the walk through town was pleasant enough. Mugen and him walked side by side with Mugen on his left. That was the thing about Mugen. Neither of them thought themselves the head of the organization. He doubted such thoughts even crossed Mugens mind. Instead they where even partners. They had established a boss so there was no real need to divvy up ownership of anything they conquered and greed would not split them. Sore Tsuyo was the face of the group. The talker but he didn't do things with out consulting Mugen first for the most part. And they tried to take very few risks. Still his eyes wandered around the town as he lit up a smoke and began to inhale it. He was sure not to blow the smoke near his partner as they walked. He knew the bugs did not share in his taste of comforts. Not the smoke nor the Drink. Still he would enjoy these things till they began to effect his health. God forbid that come any time soon. Still he wasn't such a slouch himself and even with the habits of his he got some looks of interest from others he pretended to ignore. The Italian suits they where wearing had been his idea. His own suit had a waist length open black coat with a buttoned up black vest up to the sternum. His shirt was a grey silk and his tie was black silk. Tucked into the vest of course. His boots where modified combat boots to look like slightly bulky dress shoes. But strangely silent.On his hands rested leather knuckle gloves. God knew why he preferred such thuggish gloves over the full fingered ones There was no hint on either of them of any weapons or skill. No head bands anymore. Yet the criminal aspect kept it's distance. He looked at them in a glance without turning his head and they would look away. he saw the hunger in their eyes. Greed and fear mingled. He would use that of course. But all in its due time. He needed to take over a base of operations first. And then look into these corrupt police. It was always good to have the police in your pocket.

As soon as they exited the town though he noted his team mates glance at him before he saw his team mate crouch down. A smirk crossed his face as he followed suit. Today was going to be an interesting day indeed if Mugen was so eager to get to it. Who knew what had encouraged him to head out at full speed? Still Tsuyo never had an issue keeping up with the man. To be honest Tsuyo had a couple of techniques he had taught himself that technically made him the faster of the two. But this was needed. Mure had a larger range of things he was capable of while Tsuyo was just dangerous to have right next to you. The only reason they where even partners was because Tsuyo was the medic of the group. Meaning he had as much of a vital role as Mugen's mass destructive techniques. Still he would occasionally wonder if he would be able to defeat his partner if ever the even arose between the two. He really hoped that never happened.

They moved across the rocky plain with more ease then they had with the woods of Konoha. There was less to get in the way of intense speed and occasionally one could burst in a straight line. The only threat was abrupt and hidden cliffs. However at their level they had no fear of a bit of a drop. He knew for a fact that Mugen had a technique that was perfect for carrying them to the bottom safely. Still his interest was more in pausing and hiding himself to check that no one was following their trail. Occasionally leaving misdirection leading to a creek or off a cliff. Only one person other then them needed to know where they where going. And he had a freaking x marked on a map. Still once they finally arrived Mugen was already surveying the mansion before Tsuyo even landed next to him. Lighting yet another smoke. His own eyes drifted over the camp and the multiple barracks beside the mansion. A small army of weakling thugs was still a small army. Still... They had a bigger smaller army. He listened to his partner speak in that muffled tone as he inhaled his smoke. A smile coming to his own face. His partner was ever so eager for mayhem.

"How about this. You deal with the small gathering outside and let me knock on the door. Careful not to kill to many though. I need them to know fear but I need them to remain useful to us as well. so do hold back some."

And with that he would pass the ball to his team mate before he himself would prepare for what ever monstrosity was behind those huge mansion doors.

Word count:

Mugen Aburame

Mugen Aburame

Tsuyo told Mugen exactly what he wanted to hear. Most of the time Mugen was lazy and did not want to work at all, due to the fact he would have to put a lot of effort into it. It was nice to be on a job again and it felt refreshing. Then the usual fight for your life or lose it to the person you are fighting. Mugen stretched on the spot he stood on and he could feel the bugs humming, cause he was getting excited they were too. It was a great feeling all around. This was extremely odd for Mugen to feel this way and it was indeed and good change of pace. Leaning backward he could feel all his muscle move and creak. Its been a while since he had time to prepare for a mission. He did not let a moment rest, using every moment to make sure that his bugs were ready and set. He made sure his muscles were loose and ready for anything. He missed his staff that he left in Konoha, but there was nothing he could do about that. Looking a Tsuyo he nodded and started to walk toward the big gate.

The first thing that made Mugen make a clicking noise with his tongue that he was able to get to the gate with ease, no one try to stop him and this made him angry. Someone would have to teach these ants a lesson, exactly what can happen when you don't do a job right. Mugen tapped into his blood line and allow the bugs to make a perfect clone of himself. It was an easy trick but he had them walk toward the fence looking gate. It would stop in front of the gate and would wait until Mugen was ready to do what he needed to get done. Walking against the stone wall he could hear some of the words coming from the other side. Some were talking about what they were going to do with their first pay check and how excited that they finally had a place to work at. Mugen smiled, he did not enjoy killing but he enjoy watching others suffer. He looked up the wall and jumped up it with ease and then his plan went into effect. He was hoping that Tsuyo would have a better time getting in.

Having the clone just walk through the gate the clone took a good look around the place as he could see many of the thugs were moving in to stop him. Normal response, a tad bit boring. Alas you take what you can get Mugen thought to himself. He jumped down and use he quick speed to knock out the closet person to the wall. A simple punch in the back of the head caused the person to slump down and take a solid nap. Smiling Mugen knew that this was going to be almost to easy, but he did not care as long as he got paid for it. He could feel the clone of bugs he made burst from receiving a punch from some foolish man thinking that he could take him. Mugen laughed underneath his mask and started to move at much faster speed than their eyes could keep up with. Jumping from building to building he was able to make it sound like his voice was everywhere.

"Such a pity, look how many of them. Looking all confused as they are feasted upon by a enemy they don't even know what he looks like. I think that this situation just got a little complicated for you. It is not every day that you get to face off against a ninja that does not have to hold back for any reason. You can guess that this fight is going to end quickly."

He chuckled as he could see the anger swell up in the many genin on the ground. He wanted to savor this moment, and the fact that he was not only doing this he was also spreading his bugs everywhere causing them to spread like wild fire in their ranks. Most of them did not even think twice about them just swatting them away. That is what made and Aburame so dangerous sometimes, just the lack of knowledge can get him the upper hand like no other. These people had enough chakra to do some form of Ninja Techniques, but maybe only enough for a Genin. If they were lucky, and their luck seemed to be all gone for the fact they had to face Mugen is happening.

"Come fight us coward! Man to man! We will kick your ass, cause there is nothing to fear but the boss himself."

Mugen could not help but laughed hard. Making a heart full laugh within his mask made him sound even more robotic. They had no idea what was out their, sure they had numbers which was good enough reason to not mess with them. This case was different, Mugen trained on fighting multiple units weakening them to the point where his allies could just come in and sweep up, or him. Moving fast he jumped off the wall he was currently on and jumped in front the person who decided to talk. His foot came down from the sky doing an ax drop kick on his opponent. He heard a satisfying crunch as the person face made contact to the ground and made a really unhealthy crunching noise. Mugen looked down and sighed, he accidentally killed the man.

"Oh my, I just wanted to watch him suffer. Let him know that there is much more to fear than one man, oh much more. You see I am strong, but there are stronger people out there. They can crush me like an ant. Much like how I could kill you all right now if I wanted too. Oh my I guess you want a buggy situation now don't you."

He chuckled at his own joke as about 20 guys made a mad dash at him. 'Untrained peasants' he thought to himself and he moved through all the attacks kicking them into the ground. He made sure not to kill them, Tsuyo even asked nicely so only one death was due. This was a joke, almost as if it was a warm-up to what was to come. He was hoping that the fight inside would be harder.

"Oh by the way, I hope you all like to take a long solid nap. Cause it is night time."

He watched them all drop to the ground, his bugs ate most of their chakra making them at least fatigued. He walked by all the men who were now on the ground weakened. Walking up to the front door he waited for his cue to come in.

Jutsu used [230/250]:
Name: Bug Clone Technique
Canon/Custom Canon
Rank: D
Type: Supplementary
Element: N/A
Range: N/A
Specialty Ninjutsu
Duration 4 posts
Cooldown 3 Posts
Description: A member of the Aburame clan will focus there insects in the shape of there body and uses the transformation skill to make it in their likeness. The enemy will then proceed to attack the clone. After being fatally injured the clone will simply break up into a massive swarm that can then be used to cover the insects in a single foot of insects. Once the swarm is formed, the user can cause the bugs to attach themselves to the target and cause them to feed on the target's chakra, following the chakra consumption rates for "Parasitic Insect Manipulation" jutsu.

Name: Parasitic Insect Manipulation
Canon/Custom Canon
Rank: D
Type: Offensive
Element: N/A
Range: Forged Weapon
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration 3 posts
Cooldown 2 posts
Description: A member of the Aburame clan will focus there insects into the shape they need such as ninja tools, and other appliances and use them. They can make the swarm into any shape they want and use it upon the enemy. The bugs sap the chakra of the enemy on contact. Because they are filled with chakra the can also explode on contact but this isn't harmful unless used 'en masse'. When this jutsu is used to direct the bugs towards the target, and the swarm makes contact, a different amount of chakra will be absorbed depending on the rank of the user. D- 5% chakra absorbed, C- 10% chakra absorbed, B- 20% chakra absorbed, A- 30% chakra absorbed, S-rank 40% - all of which will drain per post at that rate should they remain on the target. However, in order for this to be the case, the majority of the bugs have to make it onto the target and swarm around them in a feeding frenzy. This jutsu does require a chakra upkeep and must be constantly used in order to use the other clan jutsu. This jutsu establishes the link between the Aburame clan member and the insects, allowing them to act according to the will of the user. The user must pay chakra according to two ranks below their current rank (C rank ninjas having to pay E rank per post, B rank ninjas having to pay D rank per post, A rank ninjas having to pay C rank per post, and S rank ninjas having to pay B rank per post). This is only if the user is using the clan jutsu or the insects during the post.

Mission Count:



Tsuyo watched calmly as he smoked his cigarette as his eager partner headed down towards the scene below. The red glow high lighting his face as the darkness of night fell. He felt he could describe the way he felt with Mugen walking down towards the estate was much like a wolf rabid with fleas descending upon a herd of sheep with no shepherd in site. He chuckled at the fleas part. He would have to save that the next time Mugen poked a jest at him. Mugen usually won such arguments though. As his temper clouded his mind. Still he began to walk down the path just before the scene began. Mugen was enjoying his new play things it seemed. His experience as part of Mugens squad was that when dealing with suppressing the masses the Aburame where superior at such goals. However there was still more to be done. And Tsuyo was not with out his own power. his grey eyes looking through the sunglasses as he tilts his head. Mure had only knocked out one so far and was enjoying taunting the poor things. However this was all well and good. The idiots hadn't even seen him approach the gate after the fact. All the sheep herding towards the wolf so confident in their numbers. A twisted smile appeared on those sly lips of Tsuyo's. Blowing out a smoke ring as he slipped through the open gate. So busy where the sheep with the fleas. They failed to notice the snake sliding behind them towards the building. Though he doubted this would remain the case once he was inside. Still a smile remained on his face the smoke about half down as his hand pressed against the front door sliding it open with a slow creak just as the screaming began behind him. He slide inside and closed the door behind him. The entry way was well lit and at first glance seemed empty. However Tsuyo was much to experienced to know this was truth.

"Don't fret precious I'm here. Come. Try your invincible King. Tonight we dance."

It was the sudden flash of perfect combined movement that took him by surprise. One approached with sword drawn from behind him and sliced low in near complete silence as the other dropped in front of him from above and sliced high. Tsuyo leaned back while lifting his legs so that the sword from behind passed under and the sword from above passed over. It was close though and cut the cherry off his smoke. However this was only half the move. His legs continued to rise to wrap around the neck of the one who had swung high from behind while his arms put the one below him in a head lock. Holding them both there for a brief moment before He spun using all his muscles to lift both off the ground and then release them. Sending them casually flying back down the entry way. Tsuyo himself landed in a casual standing stance as he flicked away his smoke. It was obviously done for. Perhaps this fight could peak his interest. He should actually try? Nah. He felt that using his clan techniques was just unfair to such low level opponents. Instead he pushed his sunglasses back up the bridge of his nose as he studied the two and how they moved. Each seemed to move in unison as they back flipped and landed on their feet to break the fall from his throw. They each held a black sword but their hair was different. One had grey hair and the other black. He felt they had trained enough together but...surely no relation? It was then that they placed the arms not holding each other and each slammed the palm into the palm of the other. Oh now that was interesting. He watched as dripping hot lava moved up the arms and solidified into some weird claw armor. The clothing around the claws instantly burning away. Then they turned to him. Ready to engage him seriously now. However he stood there clapping his hands.

"Nice nice. I can use you after all. Try not to die. I like people to lite my cigarettes for me."

He smirked as they charged because to him it was all so slow. Now they the surprise attack had failed he was watching the two of them move in such predictable ways. Still they each swung wide and one went high and one went low. He was sure that if those arms touched him they would do some serious harm so he waited and watched for the perfect moment. The thing about these two is they where predictable in the fact that they would use predictable attacks. Still they had no idea who he was. Out of the three of them only one of them wasn't going down. And it was time to show these two kids they where over their head. He could feel it now. The heat as they got close. However he was already activating a jutsu.

His muscles began to feel like they where on fire as chakra flooded into them. The muscles under his clothing began to bulge with veins popping out visibly on the skin. But aside from his neck muscles none of that was visible. Of course these two kids where too inexperienced to sense the incoming danger. Immense strength was a jutsu that increased his personal strength to near double the amount normally. However this was just the beginning. He focused a large amount of chakra under his feet for the preparation to foot work. This would nearly double his speed. And there he stood with out any hint that he had just became twice as strong as before. It was then that they where finally on top of him when he used a basic technique known as side step. He moved so fast that for a moment it felt to them that they hit something solid. But indeed it was just an after image. All they hit was the tip of his smoke to relight it. He had just achieved Sannin level speed against two punks he didn't need to try with to begin with. With that he spun to face away from them so fast that they could not even finish the attack they had begun before his palms tapped their chests. Indeed it looked like he tapped them but the clapping noise of an open palm was deafening. The impact ring where his hands touched each target seemed to ripple like water for a moment before both targets zipped away from him to slam into opposite walls and hang there. Bloodied and unconscious after one hit. For all appearances they looked on the verge of death. But he had made sure to aim away from the vitals. They would recover in time. Still they had relight his smoke. So he dropped the jutsu techniques and stood there smoking while he waited for his ally to catch up.


Word count:

Mugen Aburame

Mugen Aburame

One thud, two thud. That was his que that Tyuso is was done with who every was in there. Mugen opened up the door that would lead into the room that Tyuso was fighting in. Mugen was expecting either one body completely destroyed or maybe mass amount of people that decided to stand in his way. Mugen was actually kind of amused that it was only two people. Not what he was expecting for sure, still it meant that Mugen had defeated much more than Tsuyo once again and he could not let that slide. It would make his day just to brag about how many he took out with ease.

"Well then Mr. Smith, I do believe that I did indeed take out more than you for sure. It looks like the two here did not give you any trouble at all! Look at that your cigarette is still lit and everything. This fight must have not pushed you very hard. I even tried to not kill all the people out there. Please note I did say try, one casualty cause I forgot how strong I am."

He could feel his bugs moving toward the people making sure that they were dead. He raised an eyebrow as his bugs let him know that they are not dead and still had chakra to eat. He chuckled as he went to the unconscious body to make sure nothing was to terribly wrong with them. He did not want any one else to die. He knew nothing was wrong with them, well nothing lethal. He did not know medical that well but his bugs seemed to be informative enough to let him know that the chakra flow is still strong within the bodies of these two.

"Well good news! They are not dead, yet. You might want to patch them up a bit the seemed to...have the Hyuga knocked right into them."
He heard a movement nearby and he knew that all the genin could not have been awoken by now. He felt something from this movement, like someone was out to get them. A killer's intent, but it was much more weaker than what he expecting. He had more killing intent than this fly. He could hear something click and he could see the arrows fly at him. Maybe they were bolts, he had no time to really care for this. Giving Tyuso a smirk he said with pride in his voice:

"You can get this one, I got at least 199 of those genin to stay alive. I think I am going to find a comfy bed to sleep in tonight. Maybe even treat myself to a great dinner tonight!"

He had his bugs make an after image of himself, a simple technique for him. The watch a crap load of bolts fly through what would be his body if he did not move fast enough. Clearly it was enough to kill him, assuming he wasn't smart enough to move. He could see a figure standing next to a window. That did not bode well for the new opponent, Mugen could already tell this was going to be a short fight. Leaving the campus he planned on coming back. After he got himself a nice dinner, but to him this drug operation was already busted.

Name: Bug Body Flicker
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: C
Type: Supplementary or Defensive
Element: N/A
Range: 30 Meters away from the user.
Specialty: Aburame
Duration: 1 Post
Cooldown: 6 Post
Description: Similar to the Body Flicker Technique an Aburame can enhance it to a whole new level. Instead of just disappearing, the user can cause his body to slowly disintegrate into a lot of bugs. The ninja will appear and disappear in an instant, allowing them to retreat or attack suddenly. To facilitate the movement user causes bugs to come out of his body and take a form as himself. By placing bugs on his feet to not touch the ground the user is virtually impossible to see and where the user goes is also impossible to know. Unlike the lower form this can be used to attack the opponent. This allows the Aburame to preposition to an advantageous position on the opponent while avoiding non-elemental physical attacks

Mission word count:

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His partners words of comparison to who had done more made him click his teeth and damn near bit through his smoke. Instead he took a deep breath and exhaled out a smoke ring. He was rather amused by the comparison of Sheep to dogs. As that is how he saw the power difference there. But those dogs had no idea how to deal with the snake and the wolf in their yard. Still Tsuyo held his tongue. He was still tired from their journey and was eager to find the main bedroom. If it wasn't to messed up anyway. He had something he needed to do in the morning.

it was then that he felt it. Killing intent. This was stronger then he had expected from anyone here. But still it hardly did more then grab his attention. Something about it felt sick and twisted. Like dipping your hand in a pool of oil. He moved to the right behind a pillar calmly just in time to hear the noises of Kchunkchnnkchnk. Arrows. He watched his partner bail and shook his head. So the last one was all up to him huh? very well. Focusing chakra into the bottoms of his feet Tsuyo calmly ran straight up the pillar he was hiding behind and attached himself to the roof. He needed to be as fast as possible with this so he focused and calmed his mind. Before moving rapidly in a zig zag movement along the ceiling. He could hear the bolts smashing into the roof behind him. He could see the man now outlined in the moonlight of the window. Holding two hulking crossbows. Just firing away. The laughter that followed twisted Tsuyo's stomach a bit. Yup. Definitely switching to weapons trade and destroying the opium. Still he launched off the wall and presented himself as a target floating through the air mid air with nothing to grab onto. His eyes noted the crossbows aimed right at him and he grinned. He could see it. The bolts as they fired. Focusing chakra into his hands he would hold out open palms and begin to spin. Catching each bolt and hurling it with intense speed back at the archer. As he fell he did this smashing a good twenty bolts into the archer before his feet planted on the ground. He then looked to the stumbling target. This one would have to die. And with that in mind the tiles under his feet shattered from the pure power of his movement as he dashed forward His feet launching him all the way across the room to the target in an instant as he pulls his fist back. His fist making contact with the mans face. He could hear the bones in his opponents face shattering see the blood coming out of his head. His fist caving in the head so hard brains shot out the nose as he sent the man flying out the window and into the courtyard of the men just now waking up. With blood dripping off his fist Tsuyo stepped up to the window and spoke with all terrified eyes on him.

"This is the end of your opium operation. However you need not worry. Tomorrow those of you who stay will be hired on as guards for a new operation. For tonight we do not mourn the passing of a tyrant. But we feast and celebrate new opportunities!"

The confused cheer he recieved in return was enough for him. He turned and retreated finding the bedrooms and locking the door. He was tired. So he flopped onto the bed and drifted into sleep.

Word count:

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