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1 Welcome Home Rinshi [Open/No Kill] on Wed Sep 18, 2013 10:53 am



Rinshi stood atop the Hokage Moutain where one could see over the entire village. Rinshi wore a teal colored blazer, unbuttoned, he wore no undershirt thus showing his his bare chest and abs. In addition he wore black silk slacks, and peculiar as it was, a pair of teal and white Air Jordan Retro 11's (Bred 11s). It was the crack of dawn, the sun began to ascend over the horizon and shine its radiant rays over the village. Rinshi could feel the warmth of the rising sun giving him a feeling of comfort. The past few weeks he could think of nothing but the death of his Comrade Sojiro and his Sensei Tatsumaru.

Rinshi stretched out his arms,arching his back slightly, while taking a deep inhale making his rib cage visible. The wind began to slowly pick up shaking trees in the distance and leaves swirled around Rinshi and back on to their flight pattern. Rinshi exhaled puckering his lips, letting out a very low whistle that creating a soothing sound. Throwing his hands behind his head he took a look down at his village and grabbed his bakpack throwing it over his left shoulder. Rinshi smiled showing off his almost pure white teeth. Rinshi, grinned and said, "Im Home, Konoha."


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