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Tsuneo woke up,brushed his teeth,cleaned his face,looked at the mirror as a thought struck his head,it was about time to learn a new Jutsu,he didn't have anyone to teach him,so again he'll create his own Jutsu!.

Tsuneo wore his clothes,put on his headband,he then left his beloved house to train,honing one's skills is important,let you're self go and you'll only get you're skills rusty,all in all if one does not improve himself,they'll only end up pissing dust.
Tsuneo turned  18 yet he's still a genin,no not the lack of skill he had the exact strength needed for a special Jounin,such was said to him by other Jounin ,Tsuneo didn't care at the time he just wanted to destroy all living things at the time,but he was saved by two people,that guided him from darkness to light they had him escape the prison of hatred,and so he did,he decided to train himself more and apply for a chunin rank,it was time he advances a bit more yes his skills were admirable,but to Tsuneo it was nothing so special and Tsuneo always aimed for the top no matter the situation was.

Tsuneo ran to the favorite spot for his training,he always trained there,it was the best place for training to Tsuneo,Tsuneo passed some of the people he helped before  he made sure to greet them well,yes for the past two years Tsuneo has been working hard on missions and luckily he never failed at a single mission,this was all thanks to his Resistance and diligence,Tsuneo never gave up he went thru many difficult times but he survived,although the survival of his sanity was the work done by his friends,Tsuneo wont blame the fate of his own no more,if someone dies it would only mean  he is weak,and so he shall improve and continue to grow stronger,to protect all his loved ones,this is what he chose he said while running"I'll grow stronger,and I'll protect all!"it was a courageous tone,a challenging tone ,Tsuneo will no longer stay hiding as a genin,he will advance.

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As he finally reached  his place of choice for his training,Tsuneo looked around him,the beautiful breeze along side the calmness of this environment,all that this had done to Tsuneo is encourage him and excite hm,at the time Tsuneo was like a time-bomb about to set off any moment now.

This time he wanted to create a Ninjutsu,instead of a fuuinjutsu,he had thought about this a earlier,and he thought of shape manipulation,he thought maybe he'd shape lightning  in the shape of a weapon that is considered projectile,and what came to thought a shadow windmill,it was a good weapon in shape,and in strength,aside from all of that,Tsuneo's  lust for power only grew,he wants power,but at least this time its to protect,not to kill and destroy,no matter how one would  look at it,its much better,his personality that is,but how long will his heart remain ,will it ever break again,will he lose sanity,Tsuneo was another rampaging beast as a youngster hurting others is all he did best,inflicting pain,fear these were all he did on those around him.

Tsuneo,regained a part of his old self,he no longer wishes for fear,death and pain being inflicted on others.

Tsuneo had a person he cared deeply for,and he intended to protect that person,Tsuneo spoke "if i am to stay a weakling,none of those that i  care for will ever be safe,and so i must grow stronger,i kept myself hidden in my illusions,its time to ignite!"his tone was simply a challenging tone , Tsuneo was truly sure of what he wants to do,and it was obvious from what he had said,his wish is to protect all that he loves,it took him time,but he finally regained his courage.

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Tsuneo,later on had started training on his new jutsu he trained for hour and hours it was almost midnight,Tsuneo continued to train,he had been trying  to manipulate the shape of his lightning,trying to shape it into a shadow windmill,and so he failed each time he tried,this was unusual for Tsuneo,failing at anything ,this was definitely not a motivator for Tsuneo,but then Tsuneo focused on his hand again,yet this time the amount of lightning he put in was huge ,this jutsu would prove powerful if completed ,Tsuneo continued increasing the amount of lightning nearly completing the shape of his lightning,he started decreasing the amount of lightning,for it was too heavy for him to hold it would eventually break form if he doesn't decrease it.

After minutes of decreasing and reshaping his lightning,Tsuneo finally succeeded in preforming the jutsu,he then practiced moving around with it,attacking  with it in close rang and finally throwing it.

After hours of memorizing the amount of lightning needed,and the exact feeling of the shape it takes on his hand,Tsuneo finally was capable of using it easily,he named his jutsu

"Raiton:Kage Kazaguruma No Jutsu"

after this rough training,Tsuneo fell to the ground,knocked out,tired and exhausted,he was truly done for today he mastered and created his own jutsu again , this appeared to be his talent,he wanted to have his own Jutsu's he didn't want to use lightning jutsu's that are commonly known ,he wanted to be unique,as he was in personality,Tsuneo favored being a unique individual went home,barely capable of walking but at least this time he left training with a different feeling with a different feeling,a joyful happy,nice,fulfilling feeling
of accomplishment.

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