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1 Records Transport (Complete) on Wed Sep 18, 2013 6:02 pm

Keigo Uchiha


Keigo stretched his arms up high while walking by himself in the village. He was hyped for his first mission as a genin. His mission was to carry records of the village from an old storage building to the new one that was just completed. Keigo clinched his fist continuing to hype himself even though it was a simple carrying mission with no chance of real action ever happening. Keigo somewhere in the back of his mind knew that this was going to be a dull mission, but for some reason it was suppressed by his false excitement which is really common for human beings in general. Keigo made his way toward the old record building and walked up to the door to turn the door knob just to see what a waited him behind it. Keigo saw a dusty room containing many boxes filled with records of the village. Keigo was amazed by the sheer sizes of the many stack of boxes that he saw with in the room. Keigo continued to look around and saw lots of dust and different bugs that made a home out of the room. Keigo pumped himself up and said, "time to get to work." Keigo began to move boxes from the old building to the new one. He carried boxes three at a time since they were a bit heavy. Keigo adjusted to the weight and began jogging while carrying the boxes to the new building. Keigo thought this mission would be done in no time. He continued carryiong more and more boxes to the new building and the piles were getting smaller and smaller.

Keigo took a little break to rest up a bit since the boxes were quiet heavy. Keigo ran to a ramen shop to get a bowl of ramen with pork. He ate up with great pace so he could quickly get back to the mission. Keigo cleaned his bowl and quickly ran back to the old records building to get back to carrying the remaining boxes to the new room. Keigo saw how the boxes were still shrinking, but it felt as if the piles were restacking their selves. Keigo picked up the pace moving from the new building to the old. The sun was beginning to hide from the sky and keigo was close to finishing the mission. Keigo had two more boxes left in the old building. He picked them up with the last bit of energy he had and carried it to the new building. He dropped the boxes of in the new building and also laid on the floor by the boxes. "Well that was easy like I thought." A cocky statement considering he was laying on the floor tired from just carrying a bunch of boxes. Keigo closed his eyes and realized how nice the new building looked. "Wow this is a pretty nice place for a box to be staying in, dang these boxes are lucky." Keigo looked at a stack of boxes wondering what was inside the records. Then he thought again why should he care nothing that important would be in these unsecured boxes. Keigo was beginning to contemplate whether or not to  open one of the boxes just for the heck of it. Keigo walked around the boxes for a good minute and decided not to because it wasn't right. Keigo left the building and noticed it was very late. Keigo felt a sense of failure thinking to himself a bunch of boxes took the day away from him. Keigo ran home ready for a nice meal to eat with his family.




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