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1 C rank crime missions. Repeatable on Thu Sep 19, 2013 12:22 am



Mission name: Guard illegal weapons shipment
Mission rank: C
Objective: To accompany a cart loaded with weapons and make sure it arrives at the buyer.
Location: Iwagakure border
Reward: 300
Mission description: Your joining a simple weapons shipment to the border to sell off some weapons for profit. A mixture of kunai, Armor and swords. Once you arrive leave the weapons with the buyer.
Mission details: All will seem to be going well and dandy at first. Once you begin to get near the border though a farmer to old and wise for his own good will ask what's in the cart. He will continue to pressure your driver until he either discovers it's nothing good and threatens to go summon the authorities or you deal with him yourself. How you deal with him is up to you.

Name: Tiki Migora
Age: 67
General Appearance:
Personality: Aggressively persistent and used to being mistreated.
Motivations: Remembering the good old days when Iwa was a clean place and good people thrived
Fears: Dying with out having done anything to protect the Iwa he once loved.
Other: He is old and fragile. Truthfully his family has moved away and he lives alone. No one visits or remembers his name. If the body is hidden well enough it might be years before he is found.

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Mission name: Spy on the opium runners
Mission rank: C
Objective: Gather Intel on the opium operation to be dealt with later.
Location: Iwagakure border
Reward: 200
Mission description: We are attempting to take over the opium operations in the area and the resources they have accumulated before destroying the Opium. We need you to sneak into the area and discover who leads the operation and how tough security is. Do not engage and do not be discovered.
Mission details: In order to succeed at this mission the individual must avoid the patrols, spot lights and random guards moving around. The head of the complex is a giant man with huge muscles and has about 50 subordinates. Do not get caught or the mission is failed.

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