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World of Monsters

Ladies and gentleman
 laddies and rats
 I've gattered you here,
 To make you drop hats.

 The moment you live it
 Your heart will break down
 You'll hold on to it
 And maybe leave town.

 You'll hide under your blankets
 Roll up your sheats
 But in the end we all know
 This is a battle of wits

 Right now i need you
 To really help me out
 Cause i can't live alone
 Trough this ravaging mound.

For those who are still confused by my stupid poem and banner, this will be a Horror plot. Yes, you'll encounter every single thing that would scare you shitless if you would encounter em in real life. So i know you want your chars to meet these things. The plot will be mainly of the ninja team investigating numerous murders and carnages that have happened and we WILL get into situations that you only dream about... and when i say dream i mean having a nightmare. Damn right, so let's get it started.

Main Evil Doers Sneak Peaks :

For Part 1 We'll have! *drums sound*

YES! YES a freakin puppeteer, which will use freaky puppets to cut your insides wide open and make a puppet out of you. Best thing about it is-... Oh sorry, i shouldn't spoil it :3 .

Now for Part 2 We got!!!.. *People applauding*

Now there can't be a horror plot without a vampire lord like Dracula! And who better to play him but Alucard?! :D

Part 3? No its not werewolves! Go away!...

No, i shit you not.

Part 4 SNEAK PEAK?! I think we had enough for today, go home people >_>

So what's this about? I have great ideas about how to play out all this things , monsters, ambiance, places, and i want them put to play.

People to NPC:

Puppeteer : -Free-
Dracula: -Free-
Thing: Mizuto

Roles Needed :

Partner Numero Uno : Hozuki,Kaiyo
Partner Numero Dos : Tsuyoka Igarashi
Possible partner numero tres : Kuroka, Gin

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Despite how unbelievably terrible your poetry is (and it is terrible, pretty sure it went against the Geneva code's ban on torture), I'm more than slightly interested in Partner Numero Uno.


Raiton |S| Suiton |C| Ninjutsu |S| Taijutsu |B|
Mission List || D - 5|| C - 2|| B - 1|| A - 0|| S - 0|| SS - 0||
Jutsu || Academy - 4 || Clan - 1 || Multi-rank - 3 || D - 1|| C - 4|| B - 0|| A - 0|| S - 0|| SS - 0|| (13/22)



Ill join as partner numero dos if you want.



Thing sounds like fun, I'll take him


Mizuto | Jutsu | Locker

Doton: C | Fūton: C | Suiton: C | Sabaton: C

Ninjutsu: C | Medical Ninjutsu: C

D: 1 | C: 0 | B: 0 | A: 0 | S: 0



I shall be partner numero tres~~


Jutsu  l  Weapons  l  Profile


Sadness l Character l Battle l Fear

D:2 C:2 B:2 A:0 S:1 SS:0



Ok people, i'm really glad about the interest and attention this plot is going.

The Partner spots were all occupied @_@ (Huehuehue...*cough* i mean.... good.)

If you still want to be part of the plot there are still villains to NPC + if you still want to join the plot, post here. About the time i'll start it i'll try to include you into depending on your char's personality and stuffs. :3. Peace y'all.


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