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Aiza looked out his window at the mountainside. Rolling hills of green, lots of sun, even more trees, and the reconstruction effort making craploads of noise. Nothing out of the ordinary. He leaned back in his seat keeping his eyes set on the horizon. He eventually made his way out of the chair when he heard a pounding at his door. He slumped over to the area and opened the door faintly, peeking out at the ninja who was on his doorstep. "Uhm, yes?" The man was tall and had an austere look about him; the look in his eyes was indescribable, but it certainly had a negative feel as they pressed back to Aiza's. "There's a fire in the forestland to the south. We need you." How sudden and unexpected, indeed. Nonetheless, Aiza strapped on his headband and Gigantes' Fists and followed the man southbound.

A massive plume of smoke came into view as they approached, the distance between them and the blaze growing smaller by the second. Its heat was intense, perceptible from such a difference. These signs were all bad; it had to be of a large enough magnitude to produce these effects, meaning that it could reach the village if not ended soon...the man who had escorted him there stopped when they reached the edge of the flames and looked to him for orders. It looked like Aiza would be the leader in this one. "Are we the only ones covering this? And what rank are you?"

"No, there are more ninjas trying to put it out on the other end, but this entire length of it is our responsibility alone. And I am a Chuunin." Aiza nodded, trying to formulate a plan of sorts in his mind. A Chuunin could certainly be some sort of help in this, especially if...

"Do you know Suiton, uhm...?" he trailed off, trying to think of a name, but the man cut him off. "My name is Tou. And yes, I do."

Aiza turned his attention back to the vast wall of flame, now less than a meter or two away. "Alright, just use a Suiton jutsu and I'll use one of mine and we'll just try and weaken them on this side until they're under control." Tou nodded and took a few steps back before making a long sequence of hand seals, most likely for quite a powerful technique. From what Aiza could tell, based on the constant use of Boar and Monkey and also one use of the Yang Water seal, it was the Water Dragon Jutsu. Surely enough, Tou spouted from his mouth water which formed into a serpent-like creature that grew into the Water Dragon Bullet technique. In tandem with the maneuver, Aiza jumped into the air, creating a few hand seals of his own. "Water Release: Water Trumpet!" he called as he blasted a hose of water. The dragon and the spout both cascaded over the burning, creating a wave that extinguished a large portion of it.

Surrounding trees began to catch fire, and Aiza took his attention to them. "I'm going to go put out these trees, keep this fire under control!" he yelled after Tou before sprinting off towards the forestry and using Water Trumpet again. He put out a few trees in this effort but some continued to burn, now blackened and near-falling. He continued to spray the jet until all of the trees were put out (or so he thought), when suddenly a cracking noise caught his ear and he faced the echo. The tallest tree, extremely weak from fire damage, began to split down the middle and topple over; it was still aflame just a bit, meaning it could easily spread the fire if it fell atop another tree.

Using what speed he had, Aiza ran straight to the falling trajectory of it, and held his arms up to brace himself. The brunt of the tree hit him, but he held it up, using all of his strength. Once he had control over its weight, he used Azure Dragon Palm to create a torrent around it without dropping it in an effort to subdue the flames, and then threw it to the right. He let out a sigh of relief and looked up at the sky. The smoke was much thinner than before, which was obviously a good sign in this situation. He made his way back through the brush toward Tou, who was leaning against one of the trees. The fire was now completely gone, as if it was never there. It could have only been maybe an hour or two, so putting out a fire that quickly was an accomplishment in itself.

Tou stood and faced Aiza with a grin. "Thank you for your efforts, they were certainly a great help. Seeing as this was a bit of an emergency mission, you can feel free to return to the Hokage. He’s promised you a reward.” With that, the Chuunin looked away and walked off towards the village. Aiza surveyed the area, still seeing the charred remains of what was this chunk of the forest before. It was a bit sad seeing it all burnt and in ruins like that, but he sighed and pushed the thoughts from his mind. The other ninja who were assisting on the other side began to make their way back as well, so he followed after them, slow footstep after slow footstep.

As he neared the road home, Aiza’s red hair shimmered in the sunlight, pushed back now and then by the wind. The smell in the air was of fresh leaves, much more refreshing than the crisp, pungent odor of smoke that occupied it before. He contemplated going to the Kage’s office to collect his reward then, but decided against it, instead going home for a nice long nap. He’d get the ryo in the morning, it wasn’t like it was going to disappear overnight...

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