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Once more he looked over the note. A request sent out for assistance. He had to give the girl props really. After all she would of had to dig deep into the black market to pull his name out of a hat. Either that or he needed to enforce silence as more of a golden rule and less of a suggestion. She even called him by his first name. He was going to have to save her whether he wanted to get off his duff or not. Still his grey eyes gazed out into the night sky watching the rains pitter patter against the window. He didn't like rainy nights much. They held a bad omen. Still he rose from his comfy chair and finished a cup of bourbon as he tossed the note into the fire. Yes, He would go and fetch the woman and then give her a place in his family. But he would silence his name in the ranks as quickly as possible and silence anyone in the black market who knew of him. If the genin could get lucky then if his file was dug out of some storage some how he might have bigger issues.

Still he turned his attention else where. He first slipped into his silk shirt as he was already wearing his dress slacks and shined combat boots. Once the shirt was buttoned up and tucked in he grabbed a black silk tie and tied it around his neck. Then came the black vest and black over coat. A comb was ran through his hair until he was his usual gentleman self. No scented perfumes though. He was careful to smell like nothing. It was then that he opened a secret compartment in the back of his cupboard. Within the compartment he pulled out a black hooded cloak with a blue rose on it. Made of cheep material. And a wolfs mask made to depict the demon wolf of autumn who descended on the sheep while the shepherd was away. Slipping into the cloak he was careful to make sure it hid all of him except the tip of his boots. Then he slipped on some finger-less gloves just in case he needed to break a face. Before finally the mask was adorned. It was then that he went outside. It was a short walk to the common wagon that was waiting for him. But none the less he felt the water drenching his cloak. It was truly a bad omen.

Once inside the cart he directed the driver to cut through Kiri. He wanted no direct routes back to Iwa. The cart itself was filled with goods commonly traded between Kumo and Kiri. Still he sat in the back hidden behind a false wall of cloth. Leaning back and contemplating his choices. He was alerted when they entered Kiri and once more when finally they where nearing the Kumo border. It was now time to act on his plan. He moved out of the cart and directed the man to turn around and wait for him and cargo. If anyone came along he had a stuck wheel but was fine. Actually he ordered the man to be rude about it if necessary. Before he himself leaped off the path like a soaring dark raven into the tree's. Crossing the border to the cottage he had been instructed to meet her at. His prayers locked onto the only thought that god help them if she had been followed. Getting out of Kumo with out being noticed was the one and only goal on this rainy night.

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