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Mugen Aburame

Mugen Aburame

Mugen looked at the sky, it was a sunny day in Iwa that made Mugen hate his life a little more than usual. The bugs always buzzed a little bit more than usual in the heat. Not to say that it annoyed Mugen in any way or fashion, he was used to anything that the bugs could do. It was not exactly hot today, but a nice warm breeze came through the mountains. A change of pace of the normal dreadfully dull grey sky that Mugen was getting used to. He looked around the room he was standing in the mansion, it was empty and he hoped that Tsuyo was going to fix that soon. Mugen was not much of a people person, he humor and sense of justice was all sorts of messed up. He was just satisfied to just go around and do these jobs to get a foot hold in Iwa. He heard Tsuyo wake him early that morning telling him that he would be back quickly.

He was given a job from Tsuyo and he had no plans of failing him. Missions were nice, to get paid was different and good. He planned to get the job done before Tsuyo had even the chance to come back. It would be satisfying at the minimal, it was not like Mugen was looking for recognition. He new Tsuyo very well and knew that he knew what his limits were. Even though his limits have even blurred to himself, due to the fact he was set up in many life or death situation. Packing the few things he needed for the mission he sighed as he stepped out side to get some quick stretches out. He was meant to go spy on a opium operation, which was simple enough. Mugen could not handle the thought of drugs being dealt in the city. It was a fact in life, evil will do something for evil. Drugs would destroy people's life and set them up for failure. Mugen was happy to find out that they were going into illegal weapon dealing instead of drugs. Made him more comfortable at least, a way of destruction that was at least straight forward.

Walking toward the mission objective in the middle of the day would be silly for most. Normal ninja would probably fail this mission just due to the fact that they would no know where the guards would be and would eventually get caught by one that did not think about. Luckily for Mugen he was not a normal ninja that most would consider. The fact he was an Aburame gave him an upper hand on those who did not know what his clan could do. Walking toward the objective he found a nice tree to go sit in to watch and listen to what the guards outside were saying. This place left Mugen in awe as he looked further in as he noticed that this place was not ran like a normal drug operation. He watched carefully as most of the men wore very well made Katanas and were more like a military team than a bunch of thugs. Since they were more organized he did not want to test his luck. He was hoping that he could just jump in slaughter them all and call it a day. Unfortunately that was not the case, even though Mugen was confident in his ability and could most likely take them all out before they even knew it. Unfortunately that would mean not getting paid also, and Mugen did find a very nice meat shop that he liked to go to often now.

Sighing he sent a few hundred of his bugs into the complex. He already told them what to do with his mind, so they were obeying like they were told to do. This was not a problem, problem would be having them land near people and not on them. He did not want to have any of his bugs crushed during this time. Just in case things turned sour really quickly. Mugen wanted a back up plan just in case he let himself go a little bit causing chaos and destruction in his wake. He sighed as could count how many people were in the complex as the bugs would fly around people that were moving. They would stand still in a corner to let Mugen know who was keeping watch. Mugen made his plan to get inside without being caught. Sliding down the tree he walked over to one of the stone walls that covered the area. This was getting old, stone would not allow anyone to see in, but no one could see out. This could make it so anyone with any skill as a ninja could get in with ease. Going to the blind spot that his bugs pointed out he jumped the wall and landed on the other side. Using his amazing speed he made it across the grounds sliding under carriages and sliding to the side of objects that were bigger than him. This mission was almost to easy, and he thought to himself that he was going to eat those words.

He spoke to soon as soon as he entered the building from the side and enter the kitchen he noticed a maid making food. Holding his breath he made it to the door and slipped out the door. Making a quiet dash toward the meeting place he could sit down and listen to them all talk. He knew after he heard the words 'big one' that he was on to something. It sounded like Mugen had found out that a big drug deal was going to go on near the border or Iwa. Into a neighboring village as these people tried to expand their reach on the world. He almost chuckled at this but managed to resist the urge too. He heard them talk about the new group that was forming. The fact that they did not see them as a threat made Mugen happy, that means that they would leave them alone for a bit.

He left the premise the same way he came back. With his new found information, this was easy bust. Stretching he walked into Iwa, he wanted some beef and he was going to get paid again. It was time to mow down.

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