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Mugen Aburame

Mugen Aburame

Mugen woke up in his bed in the mansion, it had been a while since he actually did something. He flipped over the blanket to reveal that he was still sleeping in his normal attire. He did not see the point of sleeping in pajamas, it was just extra time wasted to get dressed in his opinion. He washed his clothing often due to this, but this was done in secret. Due to the fact he did not want to reveal that he had two holes in his arms. They were not big holes but big enough for unique size bugs to crawl out. Mugen just hated explaining to everyone why he had the holes in his arms. Finally getting out of bed he walked to the over size window in his room. It was foreign to him, but it was nice to be able to look outside to see the cloudy weather of Iwa today. He looked down on the compound and watched all the genin run around in circles to do things that needed to be done within the complex. It was just a normal day for Mugen though and boredom  was starting to set in. He knew that there was some work that needed to be done. So Mugen decided to do one of the job that Tsuyo brought up to him. He sighed as he walked down the big stairs and looked on a table near by.

Picking up some of the paperwork on the table Mugen flipped through it and threw the extra on the table. Most of the missions were meant for lower people for sure. Like go give this one gun to his person, or go to this drug bust undercover and get a look at the drug dealer. This had no flare for Mugen, he was bored enough. He did not need to spend the next few hours even more bored than when he started. He kept flipping through the papers until he noticed on. A weapon run to the border and then from there he would have to put up with a grumpy old man. Mugen smiled at himself and placed the paper on the table with a bug stamp on it. Just letting Tsuyo know that he was doing the mission. He knew that Tsuyo would think that everyone would be dead that was going to oppose him. He was going to surprise him today and not kill a single soul this time. Everyone would live this one time, just to prove to Tsuyo that he could restrain himself. A weapon run meant that he would be under attack by multiple people. He was hoping this because he did accidentally kill that one person when they were taking this place over.

Making sure that his suit was nice and tidy, Mugen did not want to seem like to much of a threat. His boots were shined like they always were. His slacks look like they were ironed and pressed. It was odd even though he was just sleeping in them. It did not bothered him though. Grabbing his tie that he left downstairs and put it on. It rested on the frilly part of his shirt. His jacket was next to his tie and he threw that on with ease. After getting the rest of his clothing on he stepped outside and saw the man that was waiting for him. He looked like another no body. Sighing Mugen stepped up to the man and said a few things before the mission:

"Hey my name is Jin, I'll be escorting you today. Let us get along shall we?"

Jumping on the carriage he sat next to the person. Of course his voice made the driver give him a weird look, the fact it sounded robotic and scary would make most people want to stay away from Mugen. It was alright, Mugen did not want to put up with every one. Most people would just annoy him and cause him to want to do nothing but to kill the person next to him. Mugen had almost forgotten how to interact with people if it was not for Tsuyo he would most likely forgot how to interact with people. He looked over to the person who was driving and motion him to move the cart forward. The cart started with a jump forward and caused to move with a sudden jerk forward.

It was a pretty smooth ride unfortunately. This cause to Mugen to shift in the cart and to look around a lot. To get a feel of the area, and to understand where people when and were people move around. He sighed often and was looked at the driver who would be taken back and smile nervously at Mugen. Mugen would try to smile back, but he was not sure if that person knew this. At least he tried to make his eye look softer. Mugen had no idea if this worked or not, personally he started to care left. This mission started to end up being a bore. Eventually they came up to an old man in the middle of the road. This made Mugen raise an eyebrow at this person and had no idea what the hell this person was thinking. Or even doing at this moment, Mugen just wanted to kill the person and move on. Alas he remember what he told himself as the old man spoke.

"Hey! Hey! You two what are you guys doing here! If I did not know better I would say that two were up to somthing! Let me see in your cart! I ain't no police, but I can sure in the hell beat you two"

Mugen could not help but to smile at this, the old man had spirit and if had the option he would kill him on the spot. Instead he jumped down and looked the man in the eye. Just concentrating all his killing intent on the man. Watching the man crumble before him in fear was satisfying. He helped the old man to the side of the road and said one simple line:

"Sorry to scare you, sometimes it is better not to get into a mess you can't handle."

The mission went on without a hitch after that. A bored Mugen decided that a nice sandwich would do for today meal.

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