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Uchiha Oshiki

Uchiha Oshiki

"My sister... is dead... I don't know who you are really, but you are NOT Amare!" His eyes closed for a second, before reopening with their sharingan active, as he saw through the bastard's illusion, seeing the true form for the first time. He was a young man... that was somehow worse. Diving on him, Oshi acted without caring for his training. The man was gifted with genjutsu, and his eyes saw through his every illusion, and that was his only trick. Oshi had another trick however - Taijutsu. Slamming his fist into the man's face over and over and over again, he heard the breaking of bone as the nose shattered, hot steaming blood pouring down over his face.


It was not a secret, Oshi loved his family. Well, had loved them, whilst they were still alive. He was not content with abandoning them for his own goals as so many other uchiha had done over the centuries, he had quit his job as a Shinobi and had become the equivalent of his father, he had become the man of the house and even in the academy he hadn't studied as much as his peers because he didn't have the free time to do that with. When they had died, it had taken him to the bridge of suicide, he had even tried drinking himself to death before Mitsuo had stepped in and given him something new to live for. Well, more like reminded him what he had to do. He couldn't very well become hokage if he was going to up and die so easily, now could he? It was this reason that he had become a soldier for the village, putting aside his personal likes and dislikes and instead just focused on what needed to be done and how he could do it. However, when he found out that there was a mission like this for the taking, he knew that this was something that he had to personally do.

See, his loss of his own family had caused him to develop a love of other people's family bonds. They were what kept people strong, what kept people together. He had a deep understanding and affection for his fellow orphans, but he also loved family. Not because he imagined himself as part of theirs but because they reminded him of a better time - A time when he loved people and they loved him back and that was all that mattered. So he didn't have enough money to make them rich and influential, so they were nothing more than a group of genins and academy students, that had never mattered in those days. It had been enough that they were together, that they were able to love each other.. at least, that was the way that he saw it in retrospect. So, when he heard about this mission, he was more than willing to do it. He would be protecting a family, keeping them together and happy and safe... well, how could he refuse? More importantly, he couldn't. Besides, this was protecting an innocent, blind chlid. How could he possibly be so cruel as to refuse to help someone in need like that.

So, that was how he ended up on the road to the village where his father was a feudal lord. This child, this eight year old boy, was basically the prince of his village. He could sense something in them that was similar, they were both people that would one day become all powerful. they were people who would lead their people, hopefully into a new age of peace and prosperity. So they were both given an awful burden, they were given the burden of being able to not only keep/achieve that power, but they were also forced to know that every mistake they made would end up costing them greatly, every little screw up remembered for years and thrown in their faces at every opportunity. They actually were bonding quite well, making jokes and light conversation, at least as good conversation as you could with an eight year old. they were talking about the problems with divorce and about how their independent mothers were wonderful people, and they were discussing about their individual take on powers. It was almost like they were brothers, though he wouldn't have been so presumptuous as to say that so quickly.

However, that peaceful little interaction stopped as they got further through the territory. Oshi hadn't noticed anything., having been too interested in their conversation to see what was going on. It was only when he saw a spider come scuttling out of the bushes ahead that he realized something bad was happening. It wasn't that he was scared of spiders, but this spider appeared to have the sign of a summon on it's back. He knew that no friendly units were supposed to be out here, and since they dived at the kid he knew it was not friendly. Moving with speed much faster than that of the spider, he slammed his leg out and caught it in the face, knocking it to the groudn before crushing it into a fine paste. It didn't even have time to squeal out in pain before it was dead. Oshi's eyes closed for a second before re-opening them, his sharingan now active and searching out the targets. there were four of them, and they were hiding a little further on. One seemed to be horrified, she must have been the summoner.

"Come on out, kids. I promise not to kill you~" he said, before one of them jumped up and looked at Oshi directly in the eyes. When he noticed the Sharingan, his face turned white. He was a genjutsuist, although Oshi didn't know that, and he knew more than well enough that his illusions didn't work on an Uchiha. So, when Oshi ran forwards and slammed him hard in the face, his nose shattering from the impact, he seemed horrified and squirmed in pain, apparently not having been hit frequently before. Probably stopped people from dealing with him by making them unable to deal with what was going on. A man after his own heart, it would seem. Giving him a glare for a second, the boy began to clutch at his head as extreme pain shot through it, as if someone was yelling in his ears at the top of their voice. He would not be a problem for a while.

The second one that attacked him was a pair of twins. He had easily enough time to dodge them, he could see their every movement as if they were in slow motion and not only that but he was able to see where their attacks would land even before he had truly reacted to them. Dodging out of the way every time, he slapped the first one on the head, paralyzing him whilst he moved around the other, his arm slipping around his neck and giving him a choke hold. God bless wrestling, he thought as he continued to hold him in the chokehold. Not only was he slowly losing his consciousness just like his brother, but he was a meat-shield. The summoner brought out her second summon, who appeared to be a hedgehog. As the boy he was choking lost consciousness, he dropped him on the hog, the weight crushing the animal and the spikes piercing through the boy's body. Yet again the summoner looked horrified, her partners turned to little more than goo by a single person. She was so horrified that when he cast his genjutsu at her, she barely reacted.

he had flooded her mind with pleasure stimuli, the same way a drug might. She was no longer able to think rationally, her mind just filled with the drug. As she was unable to respond, he merely took the child's hand and led him on.
"Onii-san? What was that noise?" the boy asked, clearly not sure what had gone on. Good, there was no need for him to know what had happened. That would probably only scare him, and besides if it looked like there were no dangers, his father wouldn't have to worry either. It was a good thing to keep people happy like that.

"just a bunch of kids trying to scare you, Koreyasu, don't worry about them. They didn't mean any harm." that seemed to just inflame the boy's interest as he was so used to people being cold and respectful to him that he wanted to be able to hang out with these kids who wanted to bully him. It was sad to see someone who was so isolated from normal society that he would go for any link to it that he could get, but he understood. Still, he couldn't tell the boy what danger he had been in.
"Sorry kid, they ran away. Now come on, you don't want to make your daddy wait for you, do you?" He did not.



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