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1 Peer Clearance [Mission] on Sat Sep 21, 2013 8:44 pm

Uchiha Oshiki


He didn't have anything to replace himself with anymore,the flower having been torn apart by the bamboo shoots back outside, and he couldn't even dodge properly at this speed. He had no defense, he had no protection, he had nothing, right now he was literally just going to have to take it. And take it he did. The first one ripped through his coat and dug into his flesh, and then the other ones hit him, impaling into his arm, each one breaking down into smaller shuriken, slicing through his flesh until there wasn't a single part of his chest or arms that wasn't covered in paper, and it felt like a million papercuts all over his body. He was just amazed that it hadn't dug far enough inside his body for it to cut any major arteries, but every second that they stayed inside him they hurt like hell, every other second new pain flaring up inside him, almost making him want to scream. Instead, he forced himself to stay on his feet, beginning to dribble blood from his mouth as he spoke.


It hadn't even been a few days since he had got out of the hospital, the doctors having treated him for multiple stab wounds all over his chest. They said that if he had taken out the weapons that he'd have definitely bled to death by the time that he had gotten to them. However, despite that, Oshi was back at the place that he'd been hurt. However, he was here for a completely different reason than he had been here the first time. See, the first time that he had been here, he had been fighting a gang with Ukiyo to try and protect people. They were the ones that were actively trying to get through a gang that had been hurting innocents, but the problem was that the dock authorities wouldn't believe they were criminals because nobody had been able to give them proof of what was going on. As such, they had had to go undercover to get their job done, but they had thankfully had no problems with that little exchange. However, whether they had had any problems or not, Oshi still felt like he owed the port a favor.

They had lost a major amount of trade because of what he had done, although he didn't feel bad about doing it since they would have hurt good people who couldn't protect themselves. He knew that it was technically illegal, but it was also illegal to do what the mern were doing, the law just wasn't willing to do anything about it because the people that could have proved it were too intimidated because the information would quickly become well known that he had grassed them up. People normally didn't take to that very well, and they might even get killed for being loose-lipped. He wouldn't have apologized if they confronted him about it, even if they tried to arrest him. Either way, he was still going to help the port out of a tough situation that it had found itself in recently through some bizarre machinations of the universe. There was another gang here, a gang that hadn't had the providence to make sure the docks didn't know what was going on, and so they were being actively searched for by the dock. Well, perhaps searched for was the wrong word. Rather, they were actively attacking them, but so far the port authorities with their somehow massively widespread incompetence with chakra had failed to take out the rest of the gang. So, being someone who was known for being able to take out entire gangs at once, they were more than happy to employ his services in this matter. He, of course, felt like he owed them a favor and thus took their job although normally he would have taken a more serious job.

So, as he walked onto the pier, he found himself looking for the presence of the ex-merchants that were causing all this trouble. He actually found them yelling at a poor, suffering shopkeeper. He knew that he was going to need to take care of this before they inconvenienced the poor man any more. Coming up behind the men, he smiled cruelly, noting the albatross tattoos that he had been warned about. So, he knew that they were the ones that attacked people around here. There were three of them, so he was able to deal with this easier than normal. First, he slapped the man on the back, slapping him into a genjutsu. He was instantly paralyzed, unable to do anything else. Then he moved onto the second one, and looked him in the eyes. All of a sudden, a cold sweat came over his face, sending him buckling to his knees, clutching his stomach. The final one.. well, the final one turned and ran before Oshi dived on him, knocking him to the floor before pulling the man's arm behind him, dislocating it and using it to choke him, as he quickly began to lose oxygen, sounds of struggling coming from underneath him before they stopped, and Oshi instantly let go. It was a tough road to run between knocking them unconscious and killing them.

As they were taken down so quickly, the shopkeeper seemed horrified and surprised, even more horrified when the one he'd paralyzed buckled over unconscious. It looked like a random ninja in a hooded jacket had come over and attacked people for no apparent reason. He didn't know that Oshi was the one who had been sent to deal with their problems, that he was sent from Konoha to protect everyone around here from being bothered by this gang again. He apparently wasn't aware that if he had juts taken out the one that he had first hit with a paralyzing jutsu they would have disbanded like a group of dogs scattering from someone who merely yelled at them.



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