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1 Painting Walls (Complete) on Sun Sep 22, 2013 8:15 pm

Keigo Uchiha


Keigo walked toward the administrative building after receiving a mission to paint the walls of the building. Keigo sighed in realizing the missions he had been receiving lately made him seem like he was a janitor. He was ready for some real action but knew he could not pass up the money. Keigo walked toward the building looking at with amazement. He just realized how not so special the building really looked. He also saw how the paint of the building was peeling and the age of it was very visible. Keigo walked around the building thinking to himself why di he even accept such a mission, that asks for so little of his skills. Keigo was becoming frustrated with these missions and he felt the pride of the uchiha boiling within him screaming to unleash its self. Keigo focused back on the mission and walked in the building looking for someone to give him instructions on where he should start. A woman that worked in the building approached him and told him that the paint and the ladder for the mission is in the storage room toward the back of the building. She pointed him the way and keigo walked toward the storage room pondering how in the world did the woman know he was there for the mission. He was beginning to believe he had the aura of a janitor around him and that made him a bit mad. Keigo continued to the storage room and walked up to the door to open it. Keigo turned the doorknob to see three buckets of paint and a ladder. Keigo grabbed the items like a beast and hurried outside to paint the building. Keigo failed to realize how much he had to paint until he started painting a small area of the building feeling like he had painted a whole room. Keigo looked at the paint brush that he had in his hand and then back at the building. Keigo looked at the ground and knew this was going to be a very long day for him. Keigo began painting the building faster by dipping more paint on the brush and soon he gained a rhythm for painting. Keigo was looking like a professional painter and the building was soon looking new until he realized he had only painted the bottom half of the building.

Keigo looked up toward the top of it and grabbed the ladder that he had with him. Keigo placed the ladder at an angle on the wall so the bottom half would not be touched by it. He climbed the ladder with bucket and brush in had and began painting layer of layer on the building. A breeze soon came and Keigo thought, "what are the odds of a strong breeze coming to knock me off the ladder". A strong breeze had came and knocked Keigo off the ladder and he fell in the bushes right under him. Keigo had a face of disbelief after that rare event happened. Keigo quickly grabbed the brush and a different bucket of paint and climbed back up the ladder to finish the painting. A couple of hours had passed and Keigo was really close to finishing the job. Keigo thought to himself he was so close to finishing the janitors duty. Keigo suddenly felt shake from the ladder and realized it was the actual janitor who was an old man. The janitor grabbed the ladder not knowing that Keigo was on it and Keigo fell in the bushes again. After straightening things out with the old timer Keigo finished the mission without any real problems. The mission was a success and Keigo hoped he would not have anymore mission like this for a long time.




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