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1 Precious Intel [Kumo-S rank] on Thu Sep 26, 2013 3:05 pm

Kenji Chikara



Mission name: Precious Intel
Mission rank: S (repeatable)
Objective: Escort the president of a private intelligence organization to a secret fortified city.
Location: Wilderness of Kumogakure
Reward: 1000
Mission description: The president of an intelligence agency has for years aided Kumogakure in the area of intelligence gathering. For many years Kumogakure has excelled in keeping the main figures of the organization a secret. However, a former Kumogakure shinobi who is now a deadly criminal has escaped with delicate information regarding the organization. This has put the president in grave danger. The organization has chosen to move to a more fortified area of the Land of Lightning. You must escort the president to the designated location. A giant fortified city that has been uncharted in the Land of Lightning, only the Raikage holds knowledge of its whereabouts and purpose, now, the Raikage has entrusted that knowledge to you. Get the president to the city safely, there’s no telling what you may encounter. The people behind this are obviously criminals, and their motives are clear, this organization has aided Kumogakure in the hunting and detainment of many criminals, they want to get rid of the threat… at least we presume. The private Intel co. has insisted on two private guards assisting you, when you meet the president at the Raikage’s Diversion the two guards will be with him.
Mission details: You will meet the president at the Raikage’s Diversion; you will then head into the Wilderness to begin your trek to the mysterious city. The two guards are both Jounin with S rank Taijutsu (sub specialty is up to you), A rank Ninjutsu and S rank Doton and Raiton, those are their only attributes. On the way you will encounter an ambush; the shinobi carrying out the ambush are all Special Jounin. All three shinobi have a unique set of skills that make them extremely difficult to detect and equally dangerous; this is why they are a part of this band of criminals’ ambush unit. There are a total of 3 shinobi in the ambush unit. All members of the ambush squad have 5 smoke bombs, and 5 flash bombs. They all have 20 kunai and 20 shuriken along with 30 makibishi. Finally they all have 100 feet of wire. IF you survive the ambush, as you draw nearer to your location you will encounter an S rank missing nin that has been hired to assassinate the president. You must defeat the deadly S rank assassin; if you do and protect the presided at the same time, subsequently escorting him safely to the city, you will have accomplished the mission. The trip to the city takes 5 days. Finally, if the guards or anyone else (PC) you decide to bring along dies on this mission, it will not result in a failure, they knew the risk going in.

Name:Ambush Squad mate #1
General Appearance:#1 is scrawny and has an unusual posture; kind of hunched over and leaning to the side. Due to his appearance, despite being very young, he is likely very sickly. It is rumored he has been subjected to many experiments.
Personality:#1 is arguably the most blood thirsty out of all the members of the ambush squad. In combat he often hackles as his killing intent drives him on the verge of ecstasy. He doesn’t play around though, he aims to kill, no questions asked. Some would think he would savor the kill, but he kills so often he knows he will get another meal… and soon.
Motivations: He is motivated by murdering powerful shinobi.
Fears:He fears that one day, he would have killed so many people that he will lose his passion for it. This causes him to get frustrated quickly if a fight is lasting longer than he wants. The longer a fight goes the more scared he becomes. This fear causes him to lose focus and he becomes exceedingly vulnerable.
Other:#1 is an extremely deadly and skilled executioner, all offensive jutsu gain +1, in strength and ability. #1 has S rank Ninjutsu and S rank Bukitjtusu (Kenjutsu), he also has S rank raiton and S rank katon. He has all Katon library jutsu up to A rank and has all Ninjutsu library jutsu up to A rank. #1 also possesses a B rank fine katana but he is capable of channeling raiton through it, increasing its cutting ability by +2, this is the only raiton jutsu he knows.

Name: #2
General Appearance:#2 is an exceptionally short and stocky. He has a bland expression and attire. Black short sleeve shirt and black shirt, doesn’t look like the average shinobi. He has a buzz cut.
Personality: #2 is very analytical and hates adventure. He was recruited for his unique ability but finds no pleasure or joy in the work he is asked to carry out. He apparently has a mean streak that made him a notorious criminal before hand but he committed crimes with more “grace” as he has been quoted.
Motivations: He is motivated by one day returning to his solo criminal career.
Fears: He fears the leader with hear of his apprehension and have #1 kill him; he is very afraid of #1.
Other: #2 is capable of completely suppressing his chakra, making him undetectable by chakra sensory means. Other than that, he has only one other ability which is camoflauge. He has the ability to blend in with his surroundings essentially becoming invisible. He uses his invisibility in conjunction with his S rank Taijutsu (sub specialty unspecified, up to RPer) in combat.

Name: #3
Age: 33
General Appearance: #3 is very tall, 6’7” with a muscular build. He is physically the most imposing of all the members of the ambush unit. He has long black hair with the tips of his hair dyed red.
Personality: #3 has a cool and collected demeanor. Often instructing #1 to calm down and #2 to pay attention and assist. It is said that he has a promotion looming, and looks forward to the added responsibility within the organization.
Motivations: Obvious, he wants to continue to perform well so he can be promoted.
Fears: He fears failing a task given to him by his superiors.
Other: By far, #3 is the best-rounded in the ambush unit. He often utilizes his Taijutsu (S rank) because of his impressive speed (S rank). He also has S rank Kuchiyose and A rank Ninjutsu. However, he has no elemental affinities. #3 has one summoning contract which is an S rank contract. The contract has 2 summons: An S rank giant Bear that uses A rank fuuton and S rank Taijutsu (Abilities are up to the PC, this is a giant S rank intelligent species so be realistic) and an A rank large Tiger that uses B rank katon and A rank Taijutsu.

Name: Assassin
Age: 28
General Appearance: The assassin stands 6’2” and has a lean build. He has short spiky blonde hair. The rest of his appearance can be RP’D out.
Personality: Aloof and professional. He also has terse speech; hinting to his lack of his compassion for his targets as he has no desire to get into drawn out conversations.
Motivations: Money.

Fears: Wasting money
Other: The assassin has a custom crossbow that he will use from range to attempt to murder the president, it goes without saying that if he succeeds the mission is a failure. Anyway, other than that he has an A rank katana that has a special ability that enables him to sense the heartbeat of anyone within 30 meters of him, not only does this allow him to find opponents who attempt to hide, he also knows when he has killed a target or if they’re still alive, he doesn’t leave loose ends. He is obviously highly skilled in Bukitjutsu (SS rank) holding sub specs in Kenjutsu and Kyuujutsu. He also has S rank Ninjutsu and S rank Genjutsu. He has an S rank Genjutsu that blinds the opponent and a C rank Ninjutsu that he uses in conjunction with it that greatly reduces the amount of sound he gives off. He also has one Binding Genjutsu (the triggers and specifics of the jutsu are up to the PC). The assassin also has four nature affinities: Fuuton (S), Doton (S), Raiton (S), and Katon (C).

Name: President
Age: 45
General Appearance: The president is rather short, standing about 5 feet 3 inches. He normally dresses formal, his attire usually consisting of a black or dark blue suit. However, when he is addressed by the escort/bodyguard he will be dressed in an eccentric attire. He will be wearing a scarf over his face in addition to jeans and a plain ratted shirt.
Personality: The president is an extremely brave man and fervently opposed being escorted, but his rational side eventually won over and he accepted the fact that extra protection was necessary.
Motivation: Protecting the integrity and stability of his company.
Fears: Failing to keep his precious intel out of the wrong hands.
Other: The president has S rank Taijutsu (Jiu-jutsu and Aikido) and has S rank fuuton.

Scattered rains marked the day, leaving few villagers out and about. There was one though not bothered by the constant drizzle that gradually turned into a downpour. It rained so hard he could barely keep his eyes open. The tall buildings of Kumogakure raising high into the clouds felt even bigger now.

Not often we see rain like this, must be a bad storm coming.


All of a sudden the pedestrian heard the sound of usually swift feet now remiss due to the assumption that the rain would hide their sound. However, the ninja didn’t go to the noise because there were many footsteps.

What’s going…?

He then slid into the obscurity of the city’s outline, merging with the shadows. He slinked through the alleys following their barely audible trail. Then, he heard a voice.

It’s alright president we’re almost there.

 President, huh, that voice, it was distorted like that of the Kumogakure secret police force, ANBU!

Kenji stopped following as he knew if it was ANBU operatives he was following he wouldn’t remain undetected for long so he dropped back.

An ANBU escort, but who is this president they’re escorting? Forget it, if it’s being dealt with by the covert force I’ll never get any intelligence on this operation, maybe its better I don’t.

As a few minutes went by the rain started to subside letting in a few rays of warm light. Kenji was walking slowly back to his house now, he was making a trip to see his family but now he just wanted t sit down and relax. All he could think about now was what he incidentally overheard. It wasn’t often he saw an ANBU, or heard, or been aware of being in proximity to one. The ANBU was an elite force of deadly shinobi who upheld secrecy to carry out vital assignments given directly from the Raikage. Now that Kenji pondered what just happened, he could have very well been executed for accidentally hearing delicate information that was not meant for his ears, he considered himself lucky.

Kenji ended up spending the rest of his day lounging around letting the earlier event quietly drift away from his immediate concern. Yes, this is nice. No mission, no training, just a little leisure time. Due to Kenji’s fatigue he often reveled in not having anything to do, as he sometimes found fighting and training too arduous for him. There are times when he just likes to relax and enjoy his free time with, usually with some hot chocolate or tea and a good mystery book.

The evening was upon him, and still being tired from a grueling training session, he decided to go to sleep early…

In the mysterious realm of dreams and the subconscious, Kenji flew the skies like an eagle and battled against giant sea monsters. He partied with the most beautiful women of Kumogakure and he didn’t have worry about his girlfriend giving him a hard time about, actually she was partying with him. It was so lucid that as he slowly came awake he found himself dancing and grooving a bit. As he slowly opened his eyes while his body moved rhythmically…

The walls began to close in on him as he stared up at four figures wearing animal masks. Kenji kept a kunai behind his headboard; he didn’t care if these were ANBU, if they were going to break into his house and threaten him he was going to retaliate… Kenji went for the kunai while back lied on the bed, scowling at the men. But as his hand searched for the kunai his face began to frown as he didn’t know why he couldn’t find it. He then gulped as he realized he was in dire situation, he put his hands under the blanket and looked up at the mirror on the wall behind his head.

We’ve been in here searching your house for hours now as you danced in your sleep. We’ve been grabbed the kunai behind the head board.

If they’ve been here for hours, then they don’t want to kill me as they could’ve done so already.

If you’re not here to kill me, what other purpose does the ANBU have with me?

Yesterday afternoon, during the rain that was created to provide cover for our escort, you followed us under the impression that we were not aware of you. I’m afraid that information, even though we’re unsure of how much you heard, was not meant for you and as a result has compromised the integrity of our operation…

Kenji gulped; they’re going to torture and find out what I know. Of course! They have to make sure I haven’t told anyone else, once they’ve confirmed if I have or haven’t given the information I know to someone, that’s when they’ll kill me!

Kenji’s panicked thoughts were interrupted.

However, that would be the standard result. In this case though, the information turned out to be meant for you. We were assigned by the Raikage to make sure this man got here safely, then while here a scrupulous escort is to be created. Making sure the mission is a success. You’re one of the guards.

The ANBU handed him a file stating the objective of which was to be accomplished in one weeks time.

In one week you will meet at the Raikage’s Diversion and carry out your duty. And one more thing, this is an S rank mission, so try not to be as careless as you are now. This level of remiss will you get you killed.


There was a mirror above Kenji’s bed and he had used it earlier to trap all of them in a Genjutsu, when he put his hands under the blanket. Kenji’s body then glimmered away and appeared behind the ANBU while the real Kenji scurried around hidden. When they turned around the reflection vanished again. Kenji was now in the restroom and had cancelled the Genjutsu.

Don’t ever insult me like that again, ANBU or not, count yourselves lucky, when I trap someone in a Genjutsu I don’t usually let them live.

Watch your tongue.

No! You should’ve watched yours. You break into my house giving me the impression of ill-will. Then you insult me. I thank you for passing the Raikage’s information to me, but that’s all you should’ve done.

Kenji said as he stood in the entrance of his bathroom with his boxers on.

“Very well, good day Kenji”, they spoke in distorted unison and vanished.

Damn arrogant ANBU bitches. Think ‘cause they run around with masks that hide their identity and get orders directly from the Kage they’re so tough.  I know this much, if they don’t wanna get their asses handed to them they better stay in the shadows.



MISSIONS: D-6, C-5, B-4, A-6, S-2, SS-0
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2 Re: Precious Intel [Kumo-S rank] on Thu Sep 26, 2013 3:23 pm

Kenji Chikara


Despite his lack of enthusiasm, this was an S rank mission, his first S rank mission at that. Kenji would not allow his first campaign of this difficulty to go anyway but smooth. He woke early and prepared himself for a long trip. He packed a backpack filled with rations that would satisfy 4 people for 3 days. Kenji planned to encounter a few towns that would have the capacity for lodge and food.

It had been a week since he was informed by ANBU that he would be responsible for the success of the mission. Since then, he has received strict details about the specifics of the mission. He was to meet at the Raikage's Diversion, and then escort him to a secret fortified city deep in the wilderness of Kumogakure.

I guess my talent is finally being recognized. The Raikage will end up owing the entire Kumogakure economic prosperity to me. As this is an S rank mission and this president has obviously pissed off some folks, I'm willing to guess there will be more than chaos awaiting my voyage.

Kenji sheathed both his katanas on his back parallel to each other, making an “11” pattern. Kenji then threw on a black trench coat to conceal the two blades. On top of his coat he strapped on a crossbow along with a quiver carrying 20 bolts hanging from his left hip. On the opposite side of his hip was a pouch that held most of his projectiles. Kenji pulled his gloves of reflection on tight. The blue haired sage walked briskly to the Raikage’s diversion where he was to collect the package and proceed to transport it.

The president was accompanied by two other people. With curiosity Kenji spoke, “I wasn’t informed on the addition of anymore personnel.” “These are my personal guards. They are competent shinobi and an asset.” Kenji gave a slight nod to both shinobi. “We want to cover as much ground as possible, so let’s get moving.” Kenji stated it more as a question, making sure there were no objections to getting started immediately. He took it they were all prepared mentally and physically.

The four men walked quickly to the gates of the village. One Jounin walked behind the president, another to the left of the president, and Kenji walked in front and to the right of the president. Once they left the limits of the village they started to move quicker. To Kenji’s surprise the President was in impressive physical condition and was able to keep up with the three young shinobi just fine. After a few hours, their sprint turned into a determined walk, and that persisted for a few more hours. They stopped on a mountain side to eat and rest for a bit. Kenji climbed the peak of the hill and took up his watch post with his crossbow cocked and ready to fire. One of the Jounin had a sensing ability, and when he took up a post to relieve Kenji he appeared much more relaxed. They went around the mountain, strategically using the mountain side as cover. Once they cleared the mountain range, they entered a high grassland area. The grass reached a max height of 4 feet. The convoy cut the blades down with their kunai to increase speed.

“Something’s wrong” says Cy, “You’re being paranoid, if there was someone tracking us I would’ve sensed them.” Dex was an elite tracking shinobi with exceptional physical and chakra sensory abilities; Kenji too was confident that if anyone was on their trail he would be aware of it. The group set up camp, and prepared for the night. The next day was uneventful; they marched on through various terrains. The third day of their trip started early, as they wanted to cover as much ground as possible.

“We’re making good time; we might arrive a day early.” The president nodded in response to Kenji’s observation, as they spoke a kunai whizzed by and hit Dex in his chest. “AHHHH!”

Kenji immediately drew his already loaded crossbow. He clicked the safety off and began surveying his surroundings. The trajectory of the kunai came from his northwest, but he was sure the lurker had already changed position by now. “Dex! Are you alright?” Cy screeched. “Enough Cy! Stay focused, he’ll be alright it was only a kunai.” Kenji commanded. “Now where are you? If he was able to get past Dex’s senses he’s incredibly stealthy (giving off minimal sound) and has extraordinary chakra suppressing ability. A truly deadly combination for an ambush. However, my sage mode doesn’t rely on sound or chakra, it relies on life and natural energy, and there is no suppressing that.” Understanding there was little time to waste Kenji entered sage mode, eliminating the attacker’s advantage. “Dex, on your feet; get in formation!” Kenji barked. The men now circled the president. Dex was now standing and had fully recovered; he held a tanto and Cy got into his fighting stance. A smirk came on Kenji’s face as he spotted the mystery attacker. He swung around in the direction of the enemy and launched a bolt at speeds of 70m/s. He could tell the speedy bolt penetrated the prey. Waves of skinny trees hid the assailant…

 He now revealed himself. He was short, and passive looking. They were fighting in a wooded area with ample cover, and then Dex shouted out, “There’s another, no, two more.” Hm, so these others aren’t as skilled in stealth as this guy, but they probably have other skills that make them bothersome.” The bolt was stuck deeply in the thigh of the stealth expert. He seemed to not be bothered by it though. Kenji then sensed the other shinobi Dex mentioned appear in front of the stealth expert. The teen was sickly looking with horrible posture. The new opponent proceeded to weave a few hand seals and released lashing flames that branched out heading for Dex, Cy, Kenji, and the president. Cy created a dome of earth around them, Kenji skipped out of the way of the flames and the dome.

“So you’re the cocky type. You wanna take me on while your team hides in the dome, how noble yet stupid.” The sick teen expelled a bus size sphere of scorching fire that carved through the surface. Kenji would have no problems avoiding the jutsu, while in sage mode his speed was daunting to say the least, it would take more than a telegraphed ball of fire to hit him.  What Kenji was worried about were the two men that had yet to show what they were capable of. Kenji flickered away. His speed was way beyond his opponent’s reflexes. He submerged himself within the trees. Kenji aimed at the short stocky fellow who had eluded Dex’s senses. The bolt shot forwards, but it was intercepted by an impressive speed feat by the tall man that had arrived last. “He’s fast. Enough games, I’m here to protect and escort this man, I don’t have time for this.” Kenji used pouncing lion and with a kunai in his right hand plunged it into the tall guy’s throat. The guy didn’t even see what hit hem. Standing behind him, the short guy disappeared, “Camouflage” while Kenji was in sage mode that would do him no good. The sickly looking guy made an advancement with a katana in hand channeling a violent torrent of raiton chakra through it. Kenji easily side stepped the swipe and decapitated him with one swing in retaliation. Kenji then quickly located the last guy who was scurrying around. Kenji used his sixth sense to locate him. Once he spotted him he put a bolt right in his heel. The man’s camouflage faded and he was grunting in pain. Kenji walked up to him slowly. He kneeled down, “Let’s get the obvious out of the way first, you were sent to assassinate the president… You guys had some skills, but unfortunately you all got pitted against me. So, what’s next, I was told the people who want my client dead are persistent. They certainly weren’t going to rely on one attempt. So… what’s next?” The stocky stealthy man exhaled, “I hate working in teams. All I want to do is return to my solo career… Unfortunately, my boss didn’t tell me the rest of the plan…” Kenji shook his head in disappoint, “Tsk tsk. Too bad, you could have been useful.” In one deft stroke from his kunai he slit the criminal’s throat. The doton dome receded. “I was able to sense everything, you disposed of them easily. We know now why you were assigned to escort our boss.” “Let’s keep moving.”

The rest of their third day was not as violent. The passed a few towns and were tempted to enter for a little R&R. However, the promptness of the mission took priority. The crew had came to a decent stopping point as nightfall was upon them. “I got to tell you, that was pretty impressive… what you did back there.” Kenji raised his eyebrow, “It’s my job.” Dex nodded his head awkwardly and finished making camp. First thing in the morning, Kenji discussed with the two well trained guards how they would react to another assassination attempt. “The next guy will be much more powerful. A simple dome, wall, or whatever defensive structure won’t get the job done. We’ll need coordinated attacks and speed.” They continued debating the best way to handle their next possible enemy and eventually agreed.

“The temperature really dropped.” Dex, Cy, and the President were shaking laughably. Kenji spent years in climates significantly colder than this and of inhumane high altitude. He grinned at the sight. The temperature seemed to drop even lower as the atmosphere grew thick and stifling. Dex gulped. Kenji’s ears twitched, but whatever caused the sound traveled too fast for him to even fix his lips, “… I failed…” Kenji knew what caused the sound was a crossbow, and it belonged to the latest assassin most likely. Blood trickled on the cold undulating surface… but it wasn’t the president’s. Dex had taken the bolt right in the heart. “He’s… forty meters… east now.” Kenji entered sage mode and blasted forward in the direction given, he was hiding behind a stone structure. Kenji’s cloak flew off and he drew his Hane. He stood atop the structure looking down at the assassin… but he soon realized that was all he could do.

In one lunge the assassin was now attacking the paralyzed Kenji, “This must be Genjutsu!” Right as the assassin’s katana was about to slash Kenji’s throat, the stone structure exploded. Standing beside him was Cy and the president. Cy was able to break Kenji out of the Genjutsu. The three men leaped back, keeping the president behind them. They were fighting on a predominantly even and barren plain. With no cue, a burst of fuuton came roaring at them. Cy was able to intercept the blast with a wall of doton. Then from the wall, several sharp arrows made of earth were spawned and rocketed at the assassin. The assassin used a raiton jutsu to create a bear made solely of raiton chakra that stood in front of him. After the jutsu was hit by Cy’s jutsu it dissipated. Cracking from the skilled professional’s mouth were three arcing spears of raiton heading straight for them with great speed. Cy and the president submered underground. Kenji used pure speed and heightened awareness to avoid the raiton jutsu. Then the blue haired Jounin extended his left hand triggering his Genjutsu. His first move was to produce his reflection right in front of the assassin. He wasn’t fooled by the reflection, it was obvious he was able to discern that it wasn’t real, but he would still be unaware of Kenji’s position, or so he thought. Kenji shot a bolt at the assassin. The assassin easily ducked the bolt. “No way, how did he…”

Sneak attacks won’t do me any good. Cy, I need you to slow him down.” Kenji kneeled down and directed his words to the earth so that only Cy would be able to hear him. Soon after, the surface underneath the assassin became muddy and began to swirl. For the first time the assassin seemed flustered. Kenji in a blink of an eye dashed forward and casted Tree Binding Death onto him. After immobilizing him, Cy cancelled his jutsu so that Kenji could finish him. Kenji plunged his Hane right into the back of his chest, piercing straight through his heart.

Breathing heavily, Kenji took a knee and watched as Cy and the President emerged from the earth. “Well done Cy…” Kenji looked at the body of Dex, then back at Cy, “I’m sorry about your partner, he was a fine shinobi and he died carrying out his duty. He’s a hero.” A single tear ran down Cy’s cheek.
It took the three men two more days to make it to the fortified city where the president was sure to enjoy a greater level of security and privacy. Kenji and Cy escorted the President to his guide that would show him his quarters and so on… Kenji bid his farewells to Cy and the President. Kenji stayed in the city for a few days, but Cy left immediately to head back to his town. Kenji sat inside a tavern to enjoy a cold beverage after his arduous voyage. He figured he should celebrate the completion of his first S rank mission. Kenji ordered a drink, “Make it a double.”  

3504/3000: mission completed


MISSIONS: D-6, C-5, B-4, A-6, S-2, SS-0
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