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Mission name: The Lonely Flower [Flashback Mission]
Mission rank: S
Objective: Protect Aiza and Defeat the Mercenaries  
Location: Wind Country
Reward: 1000 Ryo
Mission description: Sunagakure has received a request to send a group of shinobi as security guards for a noble family. The nobleman's only child is celebrating her 15th birthday. Her parents have gathered potential suitors at her party so that she may find someone to marry within a year's time. Because she is underhanded, Gin decides to take on the mission along with her team of Genin.
Mission details: The mission starts out as a fairly simple task. The team infiltrates the party as additional guests. However, a band of mercenaries has been hired by Aiza's uncle to invade the party and kill the young girl so that he inherits the family business. The mission turns from simple guard duty to defending Aiza. The mercenaries then leave the party, but the team is hired for an additional task: to uncover the plot and protect the heiress. In addition to the uncle and the two main mercenaries, there are about 15 bandits who are slightly below the level of Genin and are specialized in the use of simple weapons.


Name: Kotomi, Aiza
Age: 15
General Appearance: Aiza is a very thin and meek-looking young girl. She has fair skin, black hair and crimson eyes. She is the object of admiration of many suitors because of this striking contrast. As mot noble girls of the Wind Country, she dresses in very elaborate kimonos and wears head pieces made out of gold and several precious gems as a way for her family to display their wealth.
Personality: Aiza is very shy and innocent. She is friendly and quick to trust. Because of this, many noble take advantage of her innate kindness. Because she is the heiress to a noble family, she was mostly raised in an overly protected and isolated environment. She is very polite and soft-spoken. She keeps most of her thoughts to herself and is very obedient. Because of how she was raised, Aiza tends to get nervous around crowds.
Motivations: Aiza wants to please her family above all. She is very submissive to her parents, to the point where their desires become her own. Deep down, however, she wishes to find her own path and live her life in happiness, whatever that may mean.
Fears: Aiza fears being alone or separated from the family that she has lived under for her entire life. She is scared of deviating from the path that they have set out for her because she does not wish to disappoint or hurt them. She also fears death and pain. When faced with such a possibility, she is likely to go into shock.
Other: -

Name: Kotomi, Juushiro
Age: 42
General Appearance: Juushiro is fairly tall and rigid. He seems very strict, calm and serious, which is a direct reflection of his personality. As a nobleman, he has learned to appreciate the benefits of wealth and therefore dresses in very refined and expensive clothing. He has black hair and dark eyes. His skin is fairly pale, a trait that seems to run in the family.
Personality: Juushiro seems to be a very calm person. His temper hardly ever falters and he always appears to be in control of any situation. He is a master at manipulation and is very hard to please. He considers himself a perfectionist and anything below his expectations is something that he believes to be inherently flawed.
Motivations: Juushiro is a very ambitious man. He is driven by wealth and the prospect of increasing his power within the noble houses of the Wind Country. He believes that Aiza is much too weak to lead the family and take over the business, which is why he plots to kill her and take the over the business himself. His ultimate goal is to expand and create a monopoly on which the world depends, thus increasing his wealth and power exponentially.
Fears: Juushiro is scared to death of failure. He adores his wealth and the prospect of losing it drives him insane. He is driven by his ambitions and haunted by his fear of losing constantly. He fears poverty more than he fears death itself.
Other: -

Name: Kato, Tenshou
Age: 25
General Appearance: Tenshou is a very broad and tall man. He has silver hair and tends to keep his face covered. He often wears black, believing that it aids his stealth. His eyes are dark and cunning. His expression is almost always stoic, adding to his image of a coldhearted assassin.
Personality: Tenshou appears to be very cold and calculating. He is very silent and hardly ever speaks unless it is to give a direct order. He is incredibly intelligent and quick to formulate a plan of action against any type of enemy. He is not above exploiting an enemy’s weaknesses and playing dirty in order to win a fight.
Motivations: Tenshou’s motivations are unclear, even to himself. He has lived his life as a wanderer, a ghost. He cares little about the world and the people in it, with the exception of his little sister. His ultimate goal in life is to find something that he considers fulfilling, something to get rid of the emptiness that he feels inside of him.
Fears: Tenshou ultimately fears dying in vain. He wishes his life to mean something to him and therefore strives to find such a thing that will give him meaning. He fears losing Miku, to some extent as well, knowing that she has been the only constant thing in his life.
Other: Tenshou has the strength of a Sannin. He excels in bukijutsu, particularly kenjutsu and kyujutsu. These specialties are at S rank. He is incredibly stealth and possesses many techniques that hide his presence entirely. For this, he uses a mixture of genjutsu (S rank) and ninjutsu (S rank). He hardly uses any elemental abilities, but when he does, he focuses on wind (S rank) and lightning (A rank) because of their silent and deadly nature.

Name: Senju, Miku
Age: 16
General Appearance: Miku is short for her age. She has long blue hair and a fairly curvy body that is kept in shapr by her daily training regime. She is hardly ever seen without a smile on her face, which lights up her large blue eyes. She wears somewhat revealing clothing, though she often claims not to know why she attracts the attention of so many men.
Personality: Miku is very hyperactive. She is easygoing, confident and tends to always look at the bright side of any situation. She is fiercely protective of Tenshou, whom has saved her life multiple times and has adopted her as a little sister. She tends to seem like a bit of an airhead, however, this attitude only hides her deep intellectual prowess. She has learned to be very analytical, especially during battle.
Motivations: Miku’s primary motivation is to serve Tenshou. She believes that she owes him everything, considering the fact that he has saved her life several times over. Miku believes that she is living on borrowed time and therefore considers what’s left of her life to belong to her “big brother.”
Fears: Miku hardly fears death or pain like most people do. Instead, she fears losing Tenshou, who is the only person that has ever cared for her. She also fears going back to when she was trapped and used as a slave. It is because of this experience that she will freak out whenever someone who isn’t Tenshou gets too close to her.
Other: Miku has the level of a Special Jounin. She is well versed in the use of mokuton, which she actively combines with taijutsu to create deadly attacks. Additionally, she is very talented with medical ninjutsu and therefore knows the human anatomy perfectly well. She is also equipped with 5 exploding tags, 5 kunai and a tanto.

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