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Tsuneo set out to train his element,the lightning element,an element Tsuneo loved,he'd always create lightning techniques,it was his favorite element,indeed it was,the difference this time,he looks at it as a tool of destruction,a tool to kill,Tsuneo indeed has changed over the past three years,he is now nineteen,a fine young man,would be a nice sentence to be described with,but in reality,Tsuneo was a blood lusting,destruction seeking young man,truth?,everyone seeks the truth,but sometimes,ignorance is truly a bliss,no matter how one looks at it,Tsuneo would've been better off ignorant of the truth,he probably would've been laughing like an idiot,smiling,enjoying life,everything going right,but no fate is no friend to anyone,fate is but a test,either fail in it,or go through it to the end,and perhaps succeeding in the test it gives,but what of it,succeed or fail,in the end,all that awaits is death.

What if

Tsuneo had thought about it,multiple times,and no matter how many times he thought of it,it always sounded good,and nice,he thought:what if that night never occurred,he would be eating his mother's great cooking,looking up to his dad,admiring his elder sister,as they hung out together,it would always make him tear up,remembering their faces,wishing they were by his side,at least for a moment,and  its all  the fault of that man,destroying Tsuneo's happiness in a flash,the only thing Tsuneo had to say remembering that person was "How Dare you",what else should he say,words hurt,they never killed no one,and so Tsuneo is left with the killing task.

His Hatred

so whats left of Tsuneo's sanity?,Hatred,its all that keeps him going,all of the people that previously supported him,disappeared....
Disappeared into thin air,indeed they did,they are no longer by his side,loneliness was just suffocating,whats left of Tsuneo,the money he has?,his Jutsus?,his appearance?,or is it whats left of his sanity?.
Tsuneo after hours,and hours of walking,finally reached the dense forest,the place chose to train his element,lightning,an element strong against water,weak against wind,a breaker to the earth element,lightning was a strong element indeed,which Tsuneo saw as a good weapon to be armed with,and so he wanted to train this "weapon".
his plan for this training session was to repeatedly use Raiton Techniques,Tsuneo's main element was Raiton,and so far it has assisted him incredibly well,and it was about time to strengthen it,and so Tsuneo started his never ending quest of power,at least it was a small part of it.
Tsuneo began practicing his Raiton techniques,he kept practicing,and practiced on shape manipulation,chakra rotation and chakra concentration ,and continued on a fast pace,second by second,Tsuneo was improving each second,his desire,his goal,his lust,all the emotions he had,worked as a motivation to Tsuneo.

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Training,training,and more training,that's how Tsuneo spent his time,eighty percent of it at least,Tsuneo always did squats,pushups,sprints,and other physical workouts,it was daily routine,doing these work out that is how he spent his time,dedication and never slacking off,Tsuneo  wanted revenge,his current power will bring nothing but death,and failure,and for sure that is definitely not what he wants,power may appear as a simple word,but its truth is nothing close to simple,Tsuneo wished true power,power that is not affected by any other power,a power that could demolish all,the power to exact revenge.

the school of life had taught Tsuneo nothing but hatred,its as if he was cursed from that night,a curse...,it truly is a curse,that night is sealed in Tsuneo's memory,bringing him never ending sadness,never ending hatred,a never ceasing rage,and a never weakening hatred,indeed this was nothing different from a curse,the only difference was it existed in his memory instead of his body,to Tsuneo the curse will never disappear until he exacted his revenge on the scumbag that ruined Tsuneo's life,turning it upside down,turning it...into a living hell.

Raging thunder
Tsuneo's lightning attacks grow stronger by the second,the rage channeled into them made them only fiercer,Rage plus the never ceasing rage,it was a good combination,that only made Tsuneo stronger and stronger,Tsuneo made the hand signs required to each jutsu,his hands were moving in the speed of a blinking eye,after preforming each hand signs required,he would shoot off his lightning techniques,and each time he did it,it would have a different stronger impact wherever it landed,wild animals,trees,rocks and anything in the vision of Tsuneo,nothing that his eyes caught was left untouched,all had been shocked by raging lightning that Tsuneo had made.

The training

Tsuneo  had made four clones that surrounded him,all four of them were in battle stances,two of them had attacked Tsuneo with their fists,their fists were pointed at Tsuneo's face,Tsuneo replied by spinning in place and gently touching their fists,letting them continued running,he dodged it perfectly,but as he did that they both aimed to drop Tsuneo by kicking him in both legs,Tsuneo would then jump kicking both clones while in mid-air,both of them poofed as Tsuneo's kicks landed,then the other two came rushing at him while he's in mid air,Tsuneo reacted to them by using a Raiton technique that he created in his past training,Tsuneo yelled" Kaminari no Kara!!" as Tsuneo slammed his palms a large amount of lightning was generated,the lightning took the form of a shell surrounding Tsuneo while covering ten meters radius shocking the clones,dissipating them,Tsuneo waited not,he quickly ran deeper in the forest only to meet a pitch black six meters high black bear,the bear was about two meters in width,the bear attacked with his claws but Tsuneo avoided the bears attack,back-flipping three meters,Tsuneo from that distance,held his right hand as a very large amount of lightning was released into the right palm,the lightning then took the shape of a shadow windmill,Tsuneo put his arm to the back while holding the lightning shadow windmill,walking on a tree using the supernatural walking practice technique till he reached seven meters high,he would then jump off throwing the lightning shadow windmill at the bear,and it was only half a second till it pierced through the bear,after giving it electrical burns.

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An Ambition

Tsuneo sat down near the corpse of the bear he had just slaughtered ,it was a good feeling,his lightning had a stronger impact,a stronger cutting edge,and a stronger rage,it seemed Tsuneo finally succeeded in his training to strengthen his primary element,Lightning,Tsuneo was not only a genius but a dedicated hard working shinobi,he would always break limits that stand in his way,and the way of his ambitions,Tsuneo never accepted limits,he would always seek the destruction of such"limits",Tsuneo loved challenges,he takes those limits as challenges,and had succeeded in breaking them each time he faced these challenging limits,Tsuneo never wavered,he stood firm and tall,he takes pride in being an Uzumaki,Tsuneo never accepted fate,insted he'd always challenge it,perhaps that's the reason for Tsuneo's suffering?,well it mattered not,Tsuneo was in too deep to back down now,the last thing he'd think of right now is backing out.

He Spoke

Tsuneo spoke with a detesting tone "by the by you will soon die" his words were threatening,and were aimed clearly towards his target of revenge,Tsuneo wanted revenge,and so he said "my name is revenge,and I've come to claim my name"his words were like  a piercing dagger,piercing the ears of whoever heard them,his eyes staring into the distance,like the eyes of a hawk that saw nothing but its prey,will his quest for revenge ever end,how far must Tsuneo go to claim his revenge.

The Devilish Night
the deadly silence surrounded Tsuneo,while the stars lightened up the night sky,with the dazzling moon bewitching all eyes of those staring,taking them in deeply like an ocean,sunk the eyes of all who stared at it as if sinking in an ocean,an ocean of sad emotions,emotions that stung the hearts of the hurt,what use is this heart,hiding in the chest of Tsuneo,hating all that the world had to offer,Tsuneo held his coat from the area of where his heart is place,clenching his fist as if blaming his heart for holding these negative emotions,who else is there to blame,Tsuneo started walking back to the village,in this dark night,in the forest,Tsuneo moved  like a ghost,his steps were silent,his eyes shone under the deep moon,he completed his training successfully again,Tsuneo headed for his apartment in the village,to rest his worn out body,and his tortured soul.

A place to call home
As Tsuneo entered his apartment,he wondered asking himself "is this a place to call home?",strange as it is,this apartment never gave the feeling of a true home,Tsuneo would only feel it was a place to exist in,it was more like a prison,Tsuneo looked at his reflection in the morning,his hair was overgrown,his skin was ever so pale,his eyes were ever so painful,when did this change occur,Tsuneo had truly changed in the past three years,he's more like a walking corpse,he was sinking in despair,Tsuneo all of a sudden started laughing maniacally,he then spoke "great,great,i shall take all pain that this world has to offer and inflict it all on my detested one,that bastard!!",a rageful laugh with rageful words,and portion of a pitch black hatred had existed in his words and in his laugh.


Tsuneo later on calmed down,and threw himself at the bed,he was tired no longer capable of standing,he just wanted to rest,he was tired,in both soul and body,his consciousness slowly slipped into a deep sleep,no promises to keep,no friends to protect,no one to care about,no one to stand by,Tsuneo was never needed,Tsuneo was bound to remain alone,until his death,he wished over and over for someone to stand by his side,but no one would care approach,laying on his bed a tear flew from his right eye,did he want to burst into tears?,and let loose,was he incapable of crying?,or did he think it was a sign of weakness?,at least he may rest his soul by whatever dreams of past memories he might see,these were the only medicine,that kept whats left of Tsuneo's sanity,otherwise he might've turned into a wild beast himself,Tsuneo fell into his deep sleep,as he was embraced by the nights beautiful silence,and so this long day that almost seemed to be never ending,ended,Tsuneo had strengthened his element,and he now is capable of facing even difficult,and harder challenges,one would only wonder what might fate have in store?,what may await Tsuneo?,what will Tsuneo turn into?,so many questions that Tsuneo had asked himself,but as usual there are many questions,but little answers,Tsuneo questioned himself about many things,he searched for the truth,only to learn that truly,ignorance is a bliss.

what could one say,when they figure out they were betrayed by everyone,and everything,betrayal,such a sore pain it is,scars may heal,but are meant to bleed,Tsuneo's scar had not stopped bleeding,so did his eyes,yet what they bled was no blood,it was tears,tears of sadness,no matter how many times Tsuneo turned to look away from the harsh reality,it would only strike him down again,again,and again,and again,Tsuneo was fed up with this pain,with this reality,maybe what he had learned was never the truth,but no matter how many times Tsuneo try's to think of anything else to make up for it,nothing would make sense but none would make sense,as did the truth he received.

Tsuneo,has no way of learning the true truth,and has no way of knowing if there was another truth,or if what he had learned is the truth for now,Tsuneo took hold of what he had and acted according to it,he was alone he was in pain,he suffered,he cried,but there was no one to stay and wipe his tears,no one to complain to,like a prison,nothing was joyful,and nothing was pleasant,truly like a person,and who would understand how suffocating loneliness is,except those who suffer from it,Tsuneo had to wipe his own tears,he had to calm himself down,he had to complain to his reflection in the broken mirror,and so he trains,as long as he keeps his mind off of his pain he could find that little piece of peace in his heart,as he grew stronger although not like before,and its an ever so feint feeling,he could feel a tiny bit of  that satisfying feeling,that he was used to feel,the thing that gave Tsuneo a purpose of living was nothing but a bloody murderous revenge to calm his boiling blood,another day,different events,same suffering,a suffocating routine,for one who had lost all faith in anything that existed,he no longer saw the slightest bit of "good" in anything,Tsuneo had ended another painful day,what might fate keep in store,just might it keep?,is it more sadness,or a new hope that will shine over Tsuneo's darkened heart.

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