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Kongo Riku

Kongo Riku

She had been relaxing in a field with a bottle of booze, and out of nowhere a chuunin ninja from the village came up to her telling her the lord Hokage had a mission and Caro had been inactive for a while so she was to take it, this kid ordering her around was 6 years younger then her but was still given power over her. She really did not have a choice wether she wanted to do the mission or not anyway, she was out of money and needed booze money. The chuunin continued with his desciption of what she was to do, apparently they was a gorilla enclosure somewhere nea hear and one of the adult gorillas escaped it and was causing havoc, though at the moment they didnt know where. He also explained that the people who owned the ape and were paying for the mission were paying more if the brute was still alive and well when giving back, but that was secondary, since an ape of that size is very capable of taking a ninja out if it wanted to. She stood up and told the chuunin, Ill get it done for you dont you worry just tell me where you want me to deliver the ape. She winked and started walking away, taking a sip of her booze whiling walking. She added well there goes my relaxing morning eh babe as she walked away, corked her flask and strapped it onto her belt. He streched her shoulders and started on her way to the small forest, where she would imagine a giant ape would feel more at home.

She started combing the forest and looking for any tracks of a big animal but all she could find was deer tracks and rabbit tracks. Maybe its not in the forest hmm She thought inwardly as she continued combing the forest, It was midday before she even found the first clue, A destroyed tree ripped apart and tore to pieces, Hmm i think i may be onto to something she started looking for more destrution when she found a pulverized deer, not eaten or skinned but beat to a pulp, the gorilla obviously was quite angry at something, which may make it hard to capture, she may have to kill it. She the noticed that the corpse was very fresh, the blood matted to what was left of the poor animal was still wet and not dried up yet, so that meant the corpse could not be more then a day old and maybe even a few hours, on that note she pulled Jenna off her back and held it at the ready, just incase the ape mistaked her for a animal and decided that she should be pulverized. She kept up her search by following the wanton desrtuction of the forest, which was actually quite easy, until she found a dead black bear...with no head, the gorilla had killed a bear of that size and ripped its head off, how in the hell would she take it down if it could do that to a bear, but she really needed the money so she kept on following the path made by the beast. It was nearing midnight when she heard a roar, a very loud roar at that enough to make Caro cover her ears, to block out the sound, by the time that she took her hands off her ears, she saw it, a 7 foot tall and 5 foot wide jet black ape, covered in blood from its past fights, and eyes inraged for some reason she couldnt guess. The ape stared at her for a moment and in that moment, Caro was actually scared, The beasts arms were the size of tree trunk, and fists the size of watermelons, but she couldnt leave now she would take it on and try her best not to die. She started spinning her Shuriken and attached her chakra strings to it, and just as she was going to throw it the ape rushed her, beating its arms against its chest, roaring a war cry loud enough to make all of the bird in the area fly away in fear. She couldnt let this come to taijutsu fight, she would definitly lose if that happened, so the moment the ape went to strike her with his massive fist she imbued her shuriken with her chakra and let it spin wildly in her hand, but instead of throwing it she swung it upwards to meet the apes arm before it could hit her. The shuriken sent flesh and fur fly everywhere as the beast arm was cut down to the bone, she then threw it at the other arm, imbueing her chakra once again, for her buzzsaw jutsu. The ape not having time to react, was hit full on in the arm by the shuriken ripping deep into the apes other arm. Im not done yet Just as the ape went to striken her with an Axehandle strike to her head she used the chakra strings attached to the shuriken to come back and strike the ape directly in the chest, spewing blood everywhere, and getting the shuriken stuck in the chest of the beast as well. the Gorilla then roared and grabbed the shuriken and pulled it out and threw it at the girl, but not with the grace she threw them with so she just hopped over it, knowing the ape had seconds to live, by looking at the gaping wounds in the apes body she was surprised that it was still standing. The great beast gave a weakened roar, and stumbled slightly and alsmot fell completly over just as Caro picked her shuriken and placed it back on her back,knowing full well she hit an arterie it the animals chest area, from the amount it was bleeding she wasnt too worried about an attack from it. The giant ape then fell onto its back and gave a last whimper, knowing its own defeat, it finally laid back and died in a pool of blood, her mission was complete.
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