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1 The Aoi Bara property on Thu Oct 10, 2013 2:14 am



Thanks to a special item the head of the house hold Tsuyo found the 2 acre property is masked at all times by a C rank genjutsu. Looking at this genjutsu the eye is drawn to a perilous mountain side covered in weathered spikes and generally unwelcoming and is subconsciously told to avoid it.
The Genjutsu:

However once you get past the Genjutsu you find that there is indeed a high stone wall of near 10 feet in height. With A single heavy Iron gate at the front and a mountain side at the back of the property. Across these 2 acres are some barracks built to house the employee's. Be they security forces or simply cooks. 10 barracks in total so far each with it's own armory attached to the back.

The Barracks:

However the Mansion itself Lies in the center of the complex. A stone path way leads directly to the front door. A double door set up leading into an entry hall as big as a small house. The first floor is designed to house and feed guests with a Large dining area designed to house over a hundred and a Giant fire pit in the middle. To the back the doors open up to a ball room for dancing. And to either side of the dining hall are the storage rooms and kitchens. Underneath the whole mansion is a cellar for wines and cold things. The temperature below the mansion is always cold in an almost haunted way. The only light down there coming from lamps and torches.

The second and third floors are entirely filled with bedrooms. Each bedroom having its own bath rooms with a full sized tub and shower. All lavish and comfortable. The attic is a well lit office where much of the business is kept track of and spans the entire mansion. While a tower leads above the mansion to a glass dining room only able to fit a couple dozen people. Lit by a chandelier with a stone table carved with flowers and high backed chairs all with a blue crystal rose embedded in the top. The glass is sound proof so naturally this is where the Aoi Bara discuss their true nature.

The Mansion:

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