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This would be the first time Shakai had met with the Hokage. Though the man oversaw the governing of the village his administration was competent enough that he did not have to personally dally in small matters and could save his attention for things that were of greater importance. However a matter had come up that required Shakai to divulge information to the Hokage personally. A recent visit to the antediluvian ancients that made up his clans ruling body had produced a warning - or prophecy as it were about events that were about to come.

The Kage unlike man of the village was almost certainly privy to the fact that the Nemutteiru Ryu were in fact only half human. Fifty percent of the blood in their veins was tinged with the otherworldly energies of the Gokai giving them far extended life spans as well as other 'gifts'. However this was not a visit to discuss genealogy something was about to befall a major shinobi village soon and something needed to be done.

So it was that Shakai waited in the Hokae's office a scroll detailing advanced military tactics spread out across his lap. Shakai found it was always best to bring your own reading material and his large hands gently caressed the fragile manuscript as his eyes took in the wisdom stored therein. The wait would not be long but it was always best to utilise your time productively as self betterment was one of the traits of a superior tactician and gentleman.

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