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1 Waiter Replacement [Mission D] on Wed Oct 16, 2013 3:42 pm



Mission name: Fill-In Waiter
Mission rank: D
Objective: Fill in for the Missing Waiters
Location: Sunagakure
Reward: 60
Mission description: A restaurant in the Sand Village is missing its waiters and they need ninja to fill in for the sick staff. The Kazekage has asked any and all ninja to complete this Mission and fill in for the missing staff.
Mission details: Minimum 600 words describing what you do to help out in the restaurant. Also be warned that females who take this mission will be subject to wearing a bunny girl or French made outfit depending on the manager.

Akuma just finished receiving word that he will be going to his last D-rank and thus his last low level ranking mission for a while now. If he would like to take another D-rank mission then, someone else will be needed [in order to complete the mission as a favor to them] or Akuma would need to be the sensai of a squad of Genins, other than those scenarios, he sees no reason for him to back track on mission rank like he has been doing this month. Kami has taken a good amount of low level mission, 4 in this month exactly with this last one being his 5th. In order to do the mission that was assigned to Kami, one did not need to be a shinobi. So he felt that it made a whole lot worse of sense to put him on this mission. The mission objective was said to be extraordinarily simple. The most famous restaurant in the Sand Village and probably even the world, is missing a few of their head waiters and they need ninjas to fill in for the sick staff. The Kazekage has asked any and all ninja to complete this Mission and fill in for the missing staff. Because the restaurant is so popular to the Sunagakure economy, our Kazeage can not afford to let it close, not even if it is for a day. The restaurant was said to be freakishly packed and as many helpers as the restaurant can get was certainly appreciated. Akuma got to the restaurant and seen the frenzy that was eating the place up. Kami didn’t mind though since he just wanted to finish the job nice, quick and early. So as soon as Akuma Kami was able to see the system in which the waiter waited their food, he was able to do so as well.

Akuma Kami began by serving a small table that was at the end of the restaurant. In this table, Akuma was able to see that these were Academy Student teachers who appear to be on break or something rather while also celebrating. Kami remembered thinking that it must be nice to be older already, and before he was able to finish feeling sorry for time he was called up to wait on another table. Akuma Kami began doing his job and he was doing his job the right way. Seeing people correctly and efficiently, having an eidetic memory helped a lot since he never needed to take notes of any order. Kami began to appear like a natural waiter, so much so that the owner of the restaurant offered Kami a job. The job has no serious pay and the personal reward behind it was near nonexistent. Akuma Kami began feeling more and more tiresome because of the small job that he was assigned to do. Not only was his job boring, but he has so much time in his hand and no time to spend with his thoughts because of all of the work that they put him to do. Akuma Kamis job was a short one and once he was done, he was told to hang up the uniform or what is of it, off while hanging it in order to leave it for another person. Kami got his pay right up front since this was also a work for tip, he received a lot of money but some would surely consider the money, “pocket – change”. Akuma began leaving the restaurant, but not before testing their world famous soup for the first time. Awaiting the soup, Akuma sat down and rested a bit. Still tired from being a temporary waiter.

WC: +600



Ryo: 6000+
Genin l l Chunin l l Jutsus
[Efficiency Trait] 20% off training jutsu
1 S-rank Weapon/Item [9000 Words]
Mission Count: D:7 C:5 B:2 A:0 S:0 SS:0

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