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1 Base Metal to GOLD [Mission C] on Thu Oct 17, 2013 10:41 pm



Mission name: Golden Escort
Mission rank: C
Objective: See that the shipment of gold is successfully brought to where it needs to go. Do not allow any of the shipment to be stolen.
Location: Sunagakure
Reward: 160
Mission description: A large shipment of gold is going to a Village in the Wind Country to be turned into currency and the Kazekage needs a team of ninja to help protect the shipment from bandits who may try to seize it. The Kazekage needs a team of three (3) ninja to do this Mission.
Mission details: Minimum 1000 words, may be done solo. Do all in your power to keep the gold from being stolen. You will encounter 8 attempts by the same group known as the black hand.

It was time for a serious mission for about time, a mission that can even become a B-rank mission with little to no effort made to make it truly that dangerous. This special characteristic is only for this mission because of the value of its success. Kami Akuma was sent off to a mission where he had to protect a large sum of money. The mission itself is called, “Golden Escort” and the mission objective is exactly what it sounds like. Akuma is supposed to guard this large amount of gold that got shipped in to Sunagakure. The mission has its twist though, since the high officials have gotten intelligence on an organization called the Black Hand, and their information states that the organization will be attempting to steal the money, and because it is so much they doubt it is going to be just one attempt, and if it is one attempt, then they know they will give it their all. The Kazekage asked Akuma if he had some friends that he would like with him to join the mission. She specifically stated a Team of 3 in which Akuma gathered two of his older cousins. Akuma and his team first awaited the shipment to come in, and when it arrived, Team Akuma grabbed the large container possessing the Gold and began their journey going through the Sand Dune Slums in Sunagakure in order to get to the Sunagakure main financial estate in the main village. Until they encountered their first problem:

1] A gang of bandits stopped the shipment in its track. Akuma was the first to notice people hiding on the trees. They were trying to stay secretive but Kami noticed, and when Kami began explaining the situation to his cousins, the gang suddenly knew that something was up and the came out and attacked. Well they tried to attack, since what Akuma said to his cousins were, “No matter what you do, do not fight. We will have more time later on but we are too early in the mission to have this slow us down, so let’s run.” In which they executed the plan perfectly and were far too fast for the failed ambush.

2] As the team ran, they noticed spikes on the ground ahead. It was a trap that they were trying to keep hidden by stashing it underneath some dirt. Although, luckily enough, the sun shined right on the trap, creating a glare on the metal spikes. Because of the Gold, the Team couldn’t jump the trap, so instead they turned and began to run towards the right instead until they went around the trap somehow.

3] As the Team continued to run, the eldest out of the three cousins noticed a man standing ahead. The man stood leaning on a tree while smoking a cigarette. He also had an all - white dress suit on and to Kami he actually appeared like trouble. But just because Kami is analytical and believes that he reserves judgment most time via an ocular pat down to determine if he is a threat or not, Kamis cousin does not. He is truely creative in his fighting and he doesn’t think too much so when he caught up to the smoking man, the stranger dropped his cigarette but before it was able to even touch the ground Kamis cousin ran and punched the cocky looking fellow right in the face. It was a hit that even Kami knows was going to leave the victim knocked out for about a few hours if he doesn’t get any care.

4] Team Akuma continued to run as they seen another trap. This one wasn’t easy to spot yet one of Kamis cousins had a keen eye for these types of situations. It was a Mud Wolf Technique seal. A trap that would have let out a number of nearly indestructible wolves. Team Akuma made sure to avoid this trap as well as they continued on with their mission objective.  
5] After traveling a certain distance, a person was waiting just ahead of the road. This time this person appeared like a samurai. The Team knew that they couldn’t afford to be held back by this guy so one of the cousins decided to take it upon himself to stay behind and let the other two go on with the Gold. The plan was not rejected and it was a go. Kamis cousin began fighting the samurai and to Kamis guess, he chose to fight him himself because he also knew his way around a bladed weapon, being a kenjutsu specialist. Swords began to clash as two swordsmen went head to head in order to fight for survival at this point, but the Akuma clan is smarter than this. They knew the mission came first so Kamis cousin waited till the two shinobis holding the gold got far so he stalled and now that he doesn’t need too, he knew he was surely able to outrun this man, and so he did.

6] Kami ran with just one of his cousin while the Gold was still in possession, suddenly, a trap was set off. Knives began to fly all over the place when a wire was snapped by stepping on it and before Kami knew it, he found himself hanging upside down with his cousin, tied with a robe on a tree. It was one of the oldest traps in the book. Luckily, the other cousin that was left behind caught up and he untied the rope on the tree, releasing them.

7] What appeared to be the last attempt of the organization stealing the money happened to be the most pitiful attempt. They had an old lady wait for Team Akuma ahead of the road and when they caught up she gave them a story about how she needed the money for surgery. Team Akuma kept walking while apologizing and the old lady did nothing more but look sad.

8] When the team got to their destination area, they noticed that things were looking a little fishy. They were in the finance building but everything looked new. When Team Akuma tried making sense of it all they came up with one conclusion, it was a genjutsu! The old lady must have done it. Now that they realized that they were in a genjutsu, they expelled themselves and right on time to notice the old lady nearly drooling over the Gold. If she wasn’t so selfish I admiring the Gold she could have gotten away, but as the Team snatched it from her they fleed and in no time got to their destination.

WC: +1000



Ryo: 6000+
Genin l l Chunin l l Jutsus
[Efficiency Trait] 20% off training jutsu
1 S-rank Weapon/Item [9000 Words]
Mission Count: D:7 C:5 B:2 A:0 S:0 SS:0

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