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Shinobu stared at the fields around the Mansion of the Aoi no Bara and sighed. It had been a few days since Tame had arrived to their lovely compound. She still didn’t know what to make of the entire ordeal. He was mute, but had the ability to speak into people’s minds. They were often short and butchered sentences, but they were able to communicate what he was thinking and feeling or what he wanted. His childish and innocent features – large eyes, a roundish face and soft green hair – were directly contrary to his disposition. He had made it very clear that he felt no remorse whatsoever when he killed someone. He believed that his cruelty was always justified. Or at least that’s what the kunoichi could gather based off of her experience with people. She was staring at him now. They were meant to be training. More specifically, she was to teach him Oonojutsu.

The former Kazekage tossed a large hammer at the boy in front of her. She seemed to handle the thing as if it were made out of paper, despite its size and inherent weight. “Grab it.” She ordered dryly. “Get used to the weight, the size and the shape,” she elaborated. But she frowned when she saw him. The hammer wouldn’t suit him well at all. It was far too big and probably too heavy for his constitution. She sighed and rubbed her temples for a moment. Alright, so she would need to find something else that she could work with. Unconventional weapons… Hm… What would fit him well? She wondered, examining the boy closely. He was thin and probably very fast and quick to react. Archery was his strength, meaning that he was used to long ranged combat. In that case, she would probably have to start him off with something that could still keep his opponents at a distance.

Gin contemplated her options for a moment before snapping her fingers. “Got it!” She said out loud. She walked to the far side of the field where she had laid out a pile of weapons that they could use. She scavenged through the pile, making sure to use her prosthetic arms to avoid accidentally cutting herself on a stray blade. She found what she was looking for soon enough – the weapon was large enough that it stuck out from the pile. The ring blade that she had pulled out was almost as tall as she was. She tossed it towards Tame, trusting that he was fast enough to catch it by one of the two the handles on the side of the blade. “Use this instead. It’s lighter, but its maneuverability is more limited. However, you can come up with several ways to use it. Tossing it like a boomerang is a fair way to start,” she suggested. In the meantime, she would wait to see what he managed to do with the blade that she had handed him. She kept a close eye on him in case he decided that it would be a good idea to test the weapon out on her. Quite frankly, she would not be surprised.

That reminded her - for the sake of efficiency, she should probably use the Cursed Shackles on him. Maybe she would also apply them to herself in order to use this time to train her own techniques. Yes, that seemed like a better use of her time. "Before you do anything, though, stay still," she said as she moved towards Tame. Once she was in front of him, she would place both her hands on top of his wrists. A burst of chakra would run through her hands and towards his. The chakra would solidify and seal itself on top of him so that it would form a pair of shackles that would weigh him down significantly but would speed up the training as well. At the same time, the same was happening to Gin's own wrists, making it so that she was bound by the shackles as well. Once she was done with that, she would return to where she was standing before, still keeping a keen eye on Tame just in case.

[Word Count: Wind Release: Blade Of Wind - 701/1800]

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