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Nara Akira


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In the growing darkness, a few lamps cast a soft glow over the lightly wooded haven, a paradise of stillness amidst the perpetual motion of the city, of modern life. Akira came to the park to forget himself. Nobody ever really saw him around the park, even though he was there a lot. He sort of looked like a tramp, and everyone knows that if you look a tramp in the eyes some of your money might suddenly end up with them, via means of either pity or momentary shock. So not many people cept the occasional police guy bothered him when he was walking with his little companion, which was just fine, because they could hold a conversation between themselves pretty well for a human being and a, whatever it was.

He was having those dreams again.

The dream where he looked down and saw through all of the stratum, all of the substance, all of the entwined layers that formed patterns and emerged to interrupt the input of those walled off things that were called the individual. Grabbing a few molecules of escaping gas, he always floated higher and refined his perspective still more. He was called forth by the prospect of the unknown; the philosophy of the limit. The minute and numerous ants that lived innocent and chaste on the planet below knew very little of the conundrums which faced those beings so close to a function of actual godhood. He was a living, breathing, changing all-thing not limited by the same logics of those individual id-ego-super ego triangles that had come before him, the angels themselves included here. What were the angels but only another iteration of the same pathetic scrambling beings that had covered the surface of the Earth.

That's why he had to walk at night, just to avoid sleep. The dreams had a bad habit of causing damage to his surroundings as he slept. His mind seemed to wander during those dreams, causing him to burst into being things from shadow, which often violently tore apart the majority of the room he slept in. He supposed this was something all his clan dealt with.

It wasn't long before Akira arrived at his favourite secluded spot, on the outskirts of a town sat a long winding road leading to the south most passage away from the city, along that was a line of cliffs which could see a large portion of the city. The cliffs were redesigned some years ago to incorporate shrines and attractions for visitors to the city to see as they passed through the trails, they really were like little viewing platforms.

At night, Iwagakure looked like a nest of fireflies.

It was on one of these cliffs that Akira had begun to set up for his daily routine (on his days off from exploring) of target practice at night. Kiku lay sprawled near the edge of the cliff, her ears hanging over the precipice as Akira worked tirelessly to set up the wooden targets on the edge of the cliff. He finished in a little over twenty minutes and went back to his belongings.

Taking from his pack the wooden form of Ahriman's Bane, he hinged the ammunitions chamber down and began to load it. After the three slots had been loaded he pulled back on the mechanism atop the barrel and locked the first bolt into place, the bow would take care of the rest itself. He hoisted the crossbow against his hip and tightened his grip on the machine before bringing it up to rest against his shoulder, with his right eye looking dead down the sights.

"Uguuuuu~" Kiku whined, disappointed at the lack of attention.

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