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Uchiha Izanami



Izanami was walking in downtown market, remembering the time he unlocked his one tomoe sharingan, it happened years ago but Izanami could remember it like it happened yesterday.

it happened so many years ago yet i remember it exactly as if that event had occurred yesterday, i lost my sister and my father, because of my weakness, i refused the power of the uchiha and in the end i was shut by the hands of fate, i was a mere fool, this power is maybe a blessing from the sage of the six paths.


The power of the Uchiha & the graduation

Izanami was born in a small village where he lived and trained there, it was a wonderful day at the academy, so far, i hope i am capable of becoming genin and  pass the test i bet mom and dad are gonna be proud of me, hehe i am so excited i could burst, screw the sharingan i dont need it, i really dislike it, it makes the uchiha hated by others.

Izanami lowered his head as he remembered how some still treat him, and how he was used to be treated by those who are now his friends, the uchihas, wielders of the sharingan, the true power of darkness, Izanami felt ever so bitter because of it, that is why he fights against it, he wants to become the strongest without relying on it, and without even unlocking it.

Izanami was a fool, to the bloodline of the uchiha, he was a mere nothing.Izanami had completely mastered the five E-rank Jutsu, hours passed and he was so nervous he was nine years old at the time,  a fragile child that knew not what might the future hold, an ignorant child, and an idiotic one, to think he could go against his bloodline it was the funniest joke ever heard.

Izanami made it through the test preforming the five E-rank jutsu's he was required, thus passing the test at the top of his class.

The suffering

Izanami often got dissed because of his name, his father thought it was a "cool" name but it was the name of a female goddess, and a forbidden Jutsu of the uchiha, Izanami hated his name, also being from the uchiha took its toll on Izanami, he would often get accused of looking down on his classmates, thinking he was better when he was always an admirer to all of them, he was pushed around and bullied, until one day he lost it and beat the shit out of three punks that wanted to hurt him.He was fed up, trying over an over to fit in, from then he started hating himself, he would go up at the roof of a building and cry, why did he cry ?, simple the kids started avoiding him, and he was pissed off that he felt a portion of hatred towards them, he just wanted friendship but the uchihas paths are all shrouded in pitch black darkness, Izanami still couldn't give in to the blood of his clan, he wanted to be different, but little did he know about what would dramatically change his life.

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Uchiha Izanami


Let the games of pain begin

Izanami was happy, incredibly happy he became a genin, his mother and father will definitely be proud of him, he was correct, he was waiting on the edge of his seat for the academy's final lesson to end, the final lesson for Izanami for he was so excited and when the lesson ended, Izanami like the good kid he is, he thanked his teachers for supporting him and teaching him correctly, he said his goodbyes and then ran rushing to his home.

Nothing but joyful thoughts filled Izanami's head, ignorant of what may fate hit him with, Izanami ran rushing straight to his home, when he tripped.

"Ouch! what was that" he said as he looked behind him, only to see the old man of the toy store near their house dead on the floor "uncle  Dojima, uncle Dojima, why are you sleep here, are you okay!" Izanami spoke with a panicking tone, he would then continue "uncle Dojima are you hur-", Izanami turned him over as he saw a hole in the place where his heart should be, Izanami was dumbstruck, what the hell is seeing, is this a genjutsu, a trick, whatever it was it was not good, Izanami ran in panic and fear with his tears in his eyes, he was worried sick for his parents and sister, Izanami felt a slight burn in his eyes, he then fell to the ground closing his eyes covering them with his hands "nooo stop, noo" was it what he thought it was, Izanami didn't bother thinking, he got up and continued running to his house, his eyes were filled with bloody veins that burnt like raging fire, he was fighting against his eyes, he was fighting against the blood of the uchiha.
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Uchiha Izanami


Giving in

Izanami finally reached his house, he hesitated for a second but immediately broke the house's wooden door, and what he saw is what terrified him, his father had his sharingan three tomoe on, his mother and sister where standing behind him, his sister yelled his name, running to him, his father was distracted, the man used that opportunity to attack him, his father was dealt a tough blow on the shoulder with a katana, Izanami held his sister close guarding her, the little sister was terrified  she was crying her eyes out, Izanami was furious, his rage was like a volcano, the little one had ran aiming to grab a hold of her doll when the masked devil drew his blade and ran towards her aiming to cut her, Izanami's eyes burned no longer, he gave in to the ocular power of the uchiha, he ran towards the man in the speed of a special jounin, kicking him in the head away from his sister, taking her into his arms again, the masked man was furious he ran to the  kids attacking them again, the father didn't get left out he stood infront of them guarding them, taking the blow from him, Izanami froze unable to move, angry yet he felt the feeling of true fear, the masked man had ended his fathers life, and took  Izanami's beloved little sister.

True power

i wont run away, i wont hide, i am sick of it all,
i refused the power of the uchiha, and i payed the price, i will embrace this power, i wont let it overcome me, i will never give in, i will rescue you, just wait for me sis.

Sharingan one tomoe the weakest form of the sharingan has given him such incredible power, this is the power that he denied, if only he had that power earlier he may have been capable of doing something, Izanami no longer cowers before the powers of the uchiha clan, he embraced it he truly became Izanami of the Uchiha.

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Uchiha Izanami


Years later

Izanami became a Ronin, in the search for his sister, he spent his years traveling alone for the past five years, his mother remained in the village, she sooner than later got fed up with how things are, and decided to join him the next time he visits her, and so happened.


the day i embraced my power, the emotions that i felt, the pain i survived, all helped me become who i am today,  life could be cruel, but there was always a nicer side to it, even for an uchiha, Izanami doesn't want to live the life of terror and pain, he wants to live happily with his mother and sister.

have i overcome the pain that struck me many years, if i am to answer this question, my answer is no, i try as hard as i can to suppress these dark emotions that flow  deep inside of me, but i sure do want to see the true power of the sharingan, my one tomoe sharingan has taken me to a high level of power its amazing, i want the true power of these eyes only then i will be capable of protecting those that i care for, i am Izanami Uchiha, i will never  give up nor will i stray from my way.

Izanami  got tired of walking it simply became boring, he started walking back to his apartment where his mother was waiting, enough dwelling on the past for now, it time to focus at the present

Izanami's suffering wont go away, nor will the people he lost are coming back, but if he is capable of saving his sister he is willing to overcome any boundaries.

Izanami remembered his past joyful memories as he entered his apartment, his mother was smiling at him but deep down, both of them felt a tremendous amount of pain, Izanami felt helpless and weak, which then evolved to an endless quest for power.

Izanami after having dinner left for the wilderness to test his eyes, and as usual he was capable of using them perfectly and smartly his speed was incredible his reaction time, Izanami would always get excited whenever he uses his eyes, they are a symbol of true power, and they were nothing but the powers of the first state of the sharingan.

The Uchiha clan is descended from the elder of the two children of the Sage of the Six Paths. The elder brother is rumoured to have inherited the Sage's "eyes", as well as his powerful chakra and spiritual abilities. However, when it came time for the Sage to choose a successor, he questioned his children on which course of action they would follow to bring order to the world. The elder brother believed that power was the way to peace, while the younger brother believed love was the way. The Sage favored the ideals of the younger brother, and therefore designated the younger brother as his successor. This caused the elder brother to be filled with hatred and jealousy, creating the Uchiha legacy known as the Curse of Hatred.

Yes that was it, the uchiha's unhappiness is because the jealous of a lousy father that gave his sons nothing but the curse of hatred, but when it comes down to it, Sharingan is a devastating   power that comes from the loss of a loved one, or from having a life threatening experiencing, no matter how one would look at it, the sharingan was maybe a wish for power, to achieve revenge, or protecting loved ones and keeping them safe, the more the pain, the more the power, its as if the sharingan wants to say to its holders, i will protect you and you're loved ones, maybe that father  wasn't a lousy one, protecting those that you love   would certainly grant one happiness, knowing that you can keep them safe, Izanami was confused, parents make mistakes too as they are humans as well, maybe he wanted to express his love and so he gave us the children of the uchiha, this power, no father likes to see his son in pain whether physically or mentally, Izanami would think that life is truly good if you look at it this way.
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