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1 Records Transport Mission on Fri Jul 20, 2012 2:54 pm



Special Jounin
Kenta walked into the old storage room within the Administration Building, filled with boxes of records, stacked up on each other. Some actually hit the ceiling. Kenta's eyes widened.
"Do they ever come down here?" He said, looking over at some spiders in the bottom, furthest corner rustling over their nests and eggs. The thought of those eggs hatching made his skin crawl and his body jerk slightly.
Shuddering at the thought of going near it, he shuffled slowly into the room, avoiding the spiderwebs above his head, a bead of sweat rolling down his brow and falling off as he stopped abruptly. There was a small crack in the ground and he didn't want to trip and fall into anything. Especially into the untidy and unorganized records.
"You would think they would at least try to keep them in an orderly fashion." He complained, placing his hands on his hips as he scanned the room further. The dark room creeped him out slightly but he shook it off and cracked his neck muscles. He ment business!
"God you'd think I was avoiding lasers or something! This is ridiculous!! He exclaimed, clenching his fist slightly and punching the air and a spider wed in front of him. A bolt of cold lightning ran down his spine and a spider crawled along his hand.
After his episode of screaming like a girl and flailing about he went back to work, his face red with embarrassment, hoping no one was around to see what had just happened at that moment.
Eventually he ended up in the middle of the room, a cold, gentle gust rushed past him. Slapping his hands together, Kenta immediately began lifting sets of heavy boxes, one after the other.
He continued to bring boxes down one by one, the sweat running down and his face turning red.
"How heavy are these? What do they do? Try and cram as much in? Why me!?" He continually asked himself, over and over again. Veins popping out from his forehead as he lifted heavy boxes and carried them to the other side of the building.
After an hour or so of frights of dangling spiders and tripping over his own feet, the room had been cleared and carried down to the Construction Sites, Storage Facility.
Before Kenta was about to leave something dawned on him...he was about to leave and let spiders roam free. Jumping back into the room he rolled up his sleeves and pulled a brush from the corner of the room and began sweeping and clearing out all the mess. Dust flew in the air and spiders ran for dear life.
"You better get out of here before I bite your heads off!" He groaned as he brushed and cleaned.
Eventually the room was clean and neat, not one cobweb was to been seen in this room. Although there was a small crack in the wall that lead down into the floor that was bugging him for some reason but he paid no further attention to it.
Patting his hands on his legs awkwardly he walked off feeling happy.
Having being pleased with the mission that was completed, Kenta drags his body up more stairs and into the Kage office (before knocking on the door and being let in) and wheezing out: "!" He stretched his hand out and for a moment, fainted from exhaustion. Just before his face hit the ground he woke up and face planted the hard, varnished, wooden floor. Peeling his face off of the ground he got up and acted as if nothing had just happened.

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