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1 Store Security (C-ranked..Solo) on Mon Oct 21, 2013 10:24 pm



Mission name: Store Security
Mission rank: C
Objective: Protect the establishment from would-be robbers and burglars.
Location: Konoha - Market District
Reward: 150 Ryo
Mission description: The shopkeeper of a weapon store has contacted us due to a recent string of break-ins and burglaries. Catch the burglar(s) in the act and arrest them using non-lethal force. The sheer massiveness of the store's stock makes it a popular target for many different burglars, so this mission may be (and most likely will need to be) taken more than once.
Mission details: Discretion in both your appearance and actions is necessary for this mission, as to not deter or warn away the offenders. The burglar will break-in the second night you are assigned to the shop. Although a civilian, he will attempt to escape using some of the weapons in the store (notably shuriken and makibishi).

The horizon was dim, the moon began to rest as it always does, and the enchanting light of the sun was visible as it awoke is it always does. It was morning, about 6 AM to be exact. This was Akirs scheduled time to awake. His eyes slowly slid open, he glanced to his window, and could see the dim light begin to shine through proving it was a new day. You see, an average day would consist of a morning work out right now, but today was not average. He had mission on this glorious day. He was assigned by the village to an undercover assignment. Of course it sounded way cooler than it actually was. His job was to capture a petty theft, who took joy in stealing from one of the local weapon shops.
He sat up and shifted his position to sit right side up, on the side o the bed so that his feet were on the floor. He rubbed his tired eyes, and began his morning routine. This included a shower, breakfest, and brushing his teeth.
This took about an hour.
At about 8 am, Akir decided it was time to go talk with the owner of the shop. He decided to do it early, as it would be less likely that the criminal would be watching the shop so early. Akir suited up in his long sleeve spandex shirt, with his fask mask down, and the rest of his regular shinobi attire. He began his departure.

When he arrived at the shop, the owner wasnt there yet. He had planned to be about an hour late this day, which Akir was unaware of. So Akir decided to do some investigating. He walked up to the employee who was in charge for the hour and began asking questions after stating and proving he was the Shinobi who was put in charge of capturing the theif.

What does the Criminal normally steal?
Asked Akir as he began to take note of anything important

hmm..its never the same. One night it was a katana, the next it was different supply of , shuriken, knives, exploding tags..and the next it was a windmill shuriken

Akir gathered a bit more information like this, but couldnt decipher any kind of pattern. Maybe the criminal was smart enough to know not to...or maybe he was just going crazy after weapons..he didnt know. But something he did notice. A certain customer who was lurking around, didnt buy anything, and seemed a little interested in the conversation Akir was having.
Just to be safe, Akir had to be cruicial of his next words. He looked at the employee,, and gave him a look as to just agree.

okay, well we are pretty booked right now, i dont know how long it will take to get a shinobi here to watch..and it may not be soon
Akir finalized, hoping that if the weary customer was in fact the bandit, he wouldnt be scared away.

At this moment, the owner walked in. Conveniently for Akir as he hated waiting. He began to discuss the same questions with the owner, and received the same answers. Akir requested the permission to post in the store for the next few night, hoping to catch him and was granted permission. So far, everything was a success. Akir left the store, and began his planning.

Later that night

At about 9pm, Akir went back to the store. Sneaking in the back, he was dressed in all black attire, so he would not be seen by either aware citizens, or the criminal himself. As he slowly made it into the store, he posted up in a spot behind the counter, but at a position so that he could see about 80% of the store, and the front entrance. Now the waiting game began.
Akir doesnt have the best patience, so this was probably one of the worst missions he could have. Lukily, he did bring not only food, but his sketch pad and ink in his bag. And he began to draw away, but of course keeping an ear open for anything suspicious. The general time of the criminals actions were unknown, as no body had seem to witness the acts. So Akir didnt have certain times to be more on gaurd than other. This wasnt all that bad of a problem but it would have been more convenient.
As the night went by, Akir began to doze off. At one moment, he completely fell asleep.

When suddenly, a crash was heard in the back. Akirs eyes shot open, His heart began beating. He crept into a stealthy stance and began investigating. Slowly creeping to the back, he redied himself..only to discover a cat had somehow snuck in.

fuckin shit!
he whispered aloud. This was about the only event of the first night..



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2 Re: Store Security (C-ranked..Solo) on Mon Oct 21, 2013 10:47 pm



Akir snuck out the back of the store about an hour before opening...he was exhausted, and his mission wasnt even over yet. He had to go back again, and possibly again till he found something. This may be a REALLY bad experience. Akir drug himself home and passed out.

Later that night

Akir awoke from his messy schedule of sleeping. It was about 8 pm, and he had to get there in an hour. He quickly got ready. Quick shower, quick snack, quick packing for the night in which he forgot his notepad. He arrived at about 9:30, a little late but not too crucial as nothing had happened. Once again he sneakily snuck into the store. To catch a criminal, you had to be the criminal. He set up his position just as he had before. With about 80% store visual, the hiding of the counter, and a view ofr the front door.

Hours passed once again, and Akir feared it was another dud, as it had been last night. He began to drowse off again. Leaving his guard that was at one point so high. As he hit the point of sleeping, he heard yet another crash, this one lighter than last night. Like it was attemteed to be muffled. Of course Akir only half way noticed this. He found it suspicious but though it to be just he cat again. Boy was he wrong

Akir laid his head back down, but in all black he was unseeable on the floor. The criminal had snuck in and not seen Akir, as Akir had not seen him! He began going through the merchandise, and thats when Akir realized he was an idiot!

Moving slowly into position after finally realizing what was going on, he sprung upon the criminal.
Youre caught man, give it up
Said Akir in a tone as official as possible.

The man simply laughed, but a look of fear was noted. Trying to play off a tough guy act, the man replied
What? this little kid is going to stop me? you and what army?

Akir was angered by his reply. He did not just stay awake two nights in arow to be brushed off by a poor criminal

okkay bud, you asked for it
Akir chuckled as he readied into battle stance. The man was startled, but showed his agreement of battle by getting into a weird, wanna-be stance, but he was holding a Katana he grabbed..
It was on

Akir stepped forward as the man swung for his head. Akir ducked and swept his leg under the man, tripping him to the floor. His stolen katana dropped to the floor. Akir pounced on the criminal, full mount position with one arm locked under akirs leg and the other pined by one of akirs arm. With Akirs free arm he struck 3 solid blows. The man was heavily dazed. Child or not, Akir could scrap. blood poured from the mans nose. But akir realized he had nothing to tie the man. So he had to finish the job, he leaped up off him. The man stumbled up. Akir readied himself, and BAM. Butterfly kick to the jaw. The criminal was knockedd out. Akir went to his bag, grabbed his rope and tied the man up. Mission success.

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