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1 Illegal shipment, you say?(Tei only, No Kill) on Tue Oct 22, 2013 7:14 pm

Guanyin Nanashi

Humanoid beasts of various shapes and sizes surrounded the young man, their menacing claws flexing in time with their deep ragged breaths. Predatory eyes stare intensely at the lone human who had made the mistake of wondering into their lair. Tightly coiled muscles were ready to spring into action at the slightest movement of their prey. It would be unlike that the quarry will run away, it was smart and a crafty one. It knew that escaping is inevitable and thus that only left one alternative. . .TO FIGHT!
Not waiting for them to attack, the prey lunged forwarded at the closely abomination, attempting to grasps at the beast neck. Such a foolish mistake. Like clockwork a wide swipe, claws spread outward, sped towards the lunging prey. The beast eyes gleam with excitement at the thought of an easy victory. . .and easy feast for the pack. This would be the case though. Their prey was a slipping one, evident by it ducking underneath the attack and striking the beast in the solar plexus – stunning in momentary. The sound of a knife tearing tearing through flesh ranged out loud, a geyser of blackish liquid painting any and everything close to the flailing, dying beast. The bestial roars of anguish a sweet symphony – music to the prey's ears.
The other beasts were stun. Their prey had just taken out of their own. The weakling had just killed a family member. The blasphemy is this!? It wasn't suppose to happen like this, it were suppose to be easy. A quick kill and promising feasts. Though this wasn't the thoughts of those who stayed in the back. The senior and more experience members knew the abilities of their prey and expected nothing less from it. The even told this information to the fledglings but like any child they didn't listen. And it ended up with one of their lives being forfeited. Their liquid essence quenching the thirst of their prey. Speaking of prey. . .
The one eyed killer were twirling the knife that painted the smiley face across the fallen beast's neck, any blood on the obsiain colored blade haven been thrown or licked off. The latter being the obvious choice, black stains covering the lower jaw and lips. The single eye locked onto the biggest of the brutes before him who were making his way to the front, the others parting like the red sea – for their leader. The prey knew what would happen next, it always did.
With broken english and a harsh, throaty tone it ask a question. A question that it always asked before turning to leave from the area, the pack following their leader back into the endless void. The prey watched them leave before he himself turned to leave, the question that was ask till ringing in his ear clearly. . .
“Guanyin Nanashi, the cage is rattling you. How long will it be before it breaks?”
Guanyin Nanashi woke up grasping for air, drenched in a cold sweat. The dreams . . . they have started to become more regularly for the special jounin as of late. While he didn't know for sure what they meant, he had a pretty good guess. And if he was right than he fear for those close to him. Throwing off the covers, and moving across to bedroom towards the window, his head pressed against the cold glass, eyes peering out over the denizen of Iwagakure – his home. The sun had just barely peaked over the horizon bathing the entirety of the country in various colors – a pretty sight to behold.
How much longer?
He shook his head. While he couldn't control were his mind wondered, he did have the capabilities of focusing on something else and that's exactly what he was doing at the moment. Clutched in his right hand were a piece of paper that he had found last night, stuck on his door with a kunai. Written in invisible ink that only became visible through the applicable of chakra. He have yet to read what was on the letter till now. So with a subtle amount of chakra, the message became clear.
Meet me at the gates tomorrow morning. It's time for us to catch up on old times. Ain't that right Nanashi-kun?
Sincerely, Tei-sempai
The message was short, sweet and straight to the point. Just like he remembered her, when he was under her tutelage. He were thoroughly surprised that she messaged him though, for he hasn't seen or heard from the woman in quite sometime.
“Well lets see what you want.” He mused, the letter turning to ash in his hands before being dumped into the trash can. Moving across his room Nanashi began to prepare for this meeting of student and once upon a time master. . .

Having reached the gates of Iwagakure, Nanashi leaned against them munching on an apple that he swiped from a local vendor. He didn't have time to cook and make breakfast, due to the time restraint within the message. So with that he just took an apple from a non-observant vendor, he would pay them later. Dressed in the stereotypical shinobi attire, head band tied tightly around his forehead, his lone eye scanned the area for Tei. A single senbon whirling in his opposite hand.
Waiting. . .


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