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1 When memories unfold [C - Rank Mission] on Thu Oct 24, 2013 7:17 am



Blood Price - [C - Rank Mission]:
Mission name: Blood Price
Mission rank: C
Objective: Kill Bandits around the Iwa countryside
Location: Iwa
Reward: 180 Ryo
Mission description: Bandit's have long been a problem in the Iwa area. Recently they have spread out into a series of small camps to increase their territory and get more booty. However with their lack of numbers this makes them vulnerable to sudden surprise attacks.  
Mission details: Camps contain somewhere around 4-9 bandits who are armed with poorly made D rank swords and axes. The bandit's are trained with D rank Buki-justu.

When memories unfold:
Part One

Rue wandered the Wilderness of Iwagakure, the geography and layout of the land was just as familiar to  her as the Village as the wild had once been her home. All around rock after rock seemed scattered as she journeyed through what looked like a forest, this particular forest had once hidden a camp that belonged to the Severed Chains, her Family, her people. Rue began to reminisce about those she once loved, namely Big Bear. The words he had spoken to her before she had been carried away by the cart, the last thing she saw was this very forest engulfed by flames, it was obvious they had been found by Hunter-Ninja, whether or not they had survived was another story all-together.

Rue saw the signs of half burnt tree's as she passed the old encampment, things were much different then just a few years ago and that fact had made her sad. Rue decided she would take her mind elsewhere, Today her job was to find one of the many Bandit Camps that had increased around the country, Rue somewhat felt bad for agreeing with the mission but she had a new life now and was a different person, her loyalty remained with Iwagakure and always would, especially now she had found love, Kazu, the boy who once saved her in this very Forest. Rue traveled past another reminder of her old life, the old treehouse she had built with another child her age, a boy she once thought of as her Brother as they fought and act like siblings alot. The Tree house now looked like an ancient ruin, scratched on the side of the tree were two names Rue and Malik followed by the words rule this forest. A large smirk crossed Rue's face as she gently touched the tree as a memory flowed before her eyes...


''Oww what the heck was that for you idiot!'' a small yelp escaped the lips of a small yellow haired girl as she stared down a young red headed boy. ''Rue don't be such a wuss, were Rogue-Ninja and Bandits, you need to learn to handle more pain'' the red headed boy said with a pleased look on his face ''and besides, this is a spar and this is what you do during a spar, you fight and hurt each other'' he added with a smirk, raising the small wooden stick in his hands like a blade. Rue raised her stick in the same position and ran at the boy ''One day ill be so good pain won't matter because you won't be able to hit me, no one will! I will become the strongest swordsman alive... and ill defeat you Malik and leave you lying in my dust'' Rue said sliding to one side of the boy now known as Malik, bringing her blade down to the dirt and flicking at it Maliks eyes Rue hoped to momentarily blind him, her attempt failed and Milk swung the stick below Rue's legs causing her to tumble onto her back with a loud thud. ''Your a jerk!'' she roared loudly. ''Hey I can't help it if I'm better, afterall I am a boy and being a Ninja is a mans job!'' he jeered cockingly. Rue snarled at that and flung her stick at Maliks legs causing him to end up in the same position right next to her, both lying on their backs beside each other. ''Too bad your not a man'' Rue burst out into laughter as Malik joined her. They both lay there in fits of laughter staring up at the clouds happily. ''Children time to come back to camp!'' a loud voice echoed to them, the man was Big Bear.

End of Flashback

Without realising Rue had reached the outer wall of a large camp, wooden fences reaching high blocked the outside worlds view but Rue was familiar with this type of defense tactic, walls like these she had learnt to build along side Big Bear and Malik. Rue approached the wall and allowed a smile to cross her face, in one swift moment Rue bolted up the giant wooden wall, running at a good speed, reaching the top in no time. Rue peered over the wall cautiously and spotted six numbers scattered all around the encampment, two were fast asleep sitting either side of each other with what looked like a bottle of sake directly in front of them, there was one up on the wall to her right peering over the land, obviously the crow without a nest. Three stood directly in the centre of the camp brawling each other in a fist fight screaming out words about a broken sword. Rue realised a few were missing, she had 3 unaccounted for that were no where to be seen which meant they were either inside one of the few tents or were elsewhere.

After assessing the situation Rue decided to no longer hide her presence, making her move upon the bandits at hand, in a quick flash Rue's left foot made contact with the watchmen on the wall, only when the men fell from the wall screaming to his demise did the other bandits realise what was going on. Quickly the three brawlers fist fighting came at Rue as she pounced down from the wall landing gracefully opposite them, a smirk crossed her face as she peered over the muscle torn men ''You call that fighting boys? Tsk tsk... How do you expect to handle a Woman in the slay when you fight like little girls'' She said teasingly and seducingly. All at once the three bandits became enraged and charged at her, they had fallen for her trap, jumping and soaring over the men Rue pivoted around and struck the first thug in the groin, out of the corner of her eye Rue noticed the other two Drunken bandits finally realised the bad situation and came stumbling toward her with poorly made blades which they threw toward the two muscle men left standing. A giggle escaped Rue's lips as she once again pivoted around her pursuers as they savagely swung their blades in Rue's direction, missing on each attempt.

''Do you even know how to use those?'' Rue laughed loudly as she drew her own Rusty Katana, in a quick swing Rue cut down the first muscle man, catching his blade as it made its way through the air. With the blade she had just caught Rue threw it like a knife at one of the drunken bandits hitting him square in the eyes, his body falling limp and blood seeping from his wound. ''Teaches you for not knowing the first rule about being a bandit, give the illusion of drunkenness even when not truly drunk'' Rue spat toward the now dead Bandit. Rue was caught off guard as the muscle man grabbed her by the arms and held her in the air ''My My so pretty, lets see how that pretty little face of yours looks when I'm done with you hmm?'' The brute spoke savagely. A smirk arose from Rue's lips ''My face is pretty but yours won't be in a few seconds ugly'' Rue chuckled. Before he could reply both of Rue's feet went soaring at the man's face as a barrage of fast and solid kicks left his face bruised and cut, the man's grip loosened as he dropped to the ground allowing Rue her freedom.

Rue turned and with an evil smile she approached the last drunken Bandit who stood by the weapon rack trembling, without thinking he ran toward the exit of the camp situated directly behind Rue. Whizzing by the man almost made it until Rue slowly close-lined him before he could pass, a wheeze left his mouth as he hit the ground. Rue approached the bandit placing her foot at his throat ''So buttercup, do we have to do this the hard way or can we do this the easy way?'' She said staring menacingly into his eyes. The man trembled beneath Rue's foot as a small whisper escaped that sounded like the word easy ''Good cause these are new shoes and i'd rather not get blood on them, now onto more important matters. Where are the rest of the Bandits? and who is in charge of all new camps populating the wilds of the Stone Country?'' Rue said forcefully. Rue slowly loosened her weight upon the man's throat to allow him to speak ''The others are no longer here, they left for the big bandit meeting in The Valley of Mountains, they're planning some form of attack on Iwagakure's trading routes so that we get a profit and wound Iwagakure in the process.'' He said franticly. Rue could hear the honesty in the man's voice and waited till he continued speaking ''as for who's in charge there are two leaders who control this section of the wilds, the first is a man named Big Bear and the second is Mal-..'' before he could finish Rue cut in ''Malik''. The man looked confused as Rue lifted her foot off of the man ''I have what I want your free.. shoo'' she said walking away ''How do you know that name! who are you! Your letting me live? Why?'' Hundreds of questions could be heard as Rue reached the gate of the Camp ''There is only one thing you need to know... send a message to the meeting and tell them The Omen child is coming for them'' With that Rue disappeared back to Iwagakure to relay what she had learnt to Kazu.


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