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1 a Gang of kittens on Thu Oct 24, 2013 9:32 am

Uchiha Izanami


Izanami has taken a mission for kiri, he thought that why not help them maintain order while hes here, the mission Izanami took had simple order, disperse the gang, supposedly a gang of genin led by a chunin has been, running around the streets hindering other people and bothering them. Izanami's orders were simple, disperse the gang, either by using force, reasoning, threatening,  or arresting them, knowing Izanami he would definitely try reasoning with them first if it fails its threatening  if it fails then arresting them would be the safest choice.

Izanami never liked violence, but if he had to get violent, he'd use moderated violence, but if someone touched his buttons, Izanami is happily willing to show them hell.

The gentle breeze ran through Izanami's black beautiful long hair as he turned his head to the back, looking behind him, it was time to take action, he had many things to start on, but he began asking the villagers around the market district, gathering info on their actions, one thing that was shared in each individual's report, they come storm the market district, scaring off people that come from outside of kirigakure, scaring off visitors that come from various villages.

Izanami was pissed at them, such insignificant actions, they seemed like a bunch of brats, showoffs, and a bunch of hood rats, it was discipline time.

I believe that if someone has the power to protect their country that's a wonderful thing to do and have, but to ruin its reputation, that is truly unforgivable, Kirigakure had a wonderful reputation, the glory, the heroes that changed the world, such as their first leader the founder of Mizu no Kun, Iga Kirigakure.

Izanami heard loud shouting

"Kiri for Kiri, strangers leave, rot away from here!"

The party members have arrived, and they seemed as energetic as he had heard, it may be difficult to convince them, they all hate outsiders and people that are not from Kirigakure but are in Kirigakure, basically Izanami, the uchiha knew that he would face difficulties while trying to convince them, but maybe he could use that as an advantage?.

The uchiha made his move approaching them, the leader who seemed to be the strongest around them spoke to Izanami saying "Identify yourself" he spoke in a rough tone, the uchiha replied saying "Izanami, Uchiha Izanami, seventeen years old, Ronin", the leader enraged "you stranger, leave kiri, get the **** out!!".
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2 Re: a Gang of kittens on Thu Oct 24, 2013 4:19 pm

Uchiha Izanami


Fair enough, Izanami expected that reaction, but he spoke in a passionate tone "Mizu no Kuni, Kirigakure, founded by the great hero Iga Kirigakure, many murderous and filthy acts in the very distant past, but, many heroes, legends, saviors, protectors rose from it, a formidable power, many heroic acts have been done in the past, many honorable elites and prodigies have been the production of  its teachings."

the leader was

the boy was shocked he knew more about kiri than he, a kirigakure shinobi did, Izanami continued saying "should i say more?, but in my opinion i think thats enough what about you tell me about yourself"
the boy replied to that saying "tsuyo okami, fifteen years old, i lost my parents because of the idiotic acts of a stranger" lock on!, Izanami finally knew the reason behind this boy's actions, Izanami replied in a kind tone "i am sorry to hear that okami, but not all visitors are terrible, some may end up saving your life, you are terrorizing them and your village, you are ruining you're villages great reputation which was built by you're Mizukage, the Mizukage is willing to forgive you if you disperse this little gang of yours, instead of making a gang why not make a group of friends, hang out together, help each other, protect kiri, and make it an even more glorious place?."
they sat down, all of them with Izanami and the leader,  they  spoke for hours argued and had fun, they truly enjoyed this day, no rebellious acts were left only joyful thoughts.
The boy was a fifteen years old chunin, he wore uniform kirigakure flack jacket, dark hair and fair skin.
later on they dispersed all went home while Izanami informed his mother of brining a friend, Izanami brought okami with him, stayed all night and slept in Izanami's apartment like true friends, in the morning Okami left smiling, and Izanami left to report a great success in his mission.

It was nice having a friend sleep over, and easing the problems of heart broken shinobi, Izanami got over-involved but he felt it was just his true duty to do so, Izanami proved to himself, how beautiful can helping those in need be, Izanami could happily wear a joyful smile.

The End

The path of an uchiha is shrouded in darkness how long will it be until his heart gives out, or will he stand strong and hold precious his resolve, or will he become true darkness?, many questions revolved around him.
Izanami gained a friend, did this strengthen his resolve, Izanami's aura was anonymously growing darker and darker, Izanami could perfectly feel it, it has him trapped in a cell of fear, he could only wonder what was the fate holding in store, what will become of him, all that is known is that the darkness in his heart was for some reason growing, was it the curse of the uchiha clan, his eyes......the curse of the elder son, the grief and the darkness that it instilled were simply horrifying, still Izanami wont submit to the darkness of his eyes, he have a duty, and until he has finished it, his resolve wont weaken.


Izanami checked on the boy few weeks later he seemed to be the most polite, and the most loved boy, unlike before the villagers were annoyed by his existence but now, they cant help but smile each time they see him, Izanami finally succeeded in his very first mission, and he was glad he did.
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