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This mission is not a repeatable and is only vacant to the Aoi Bara. This mission is considered a criminal mission and due to it having a major influence to the stone countries plot and power structure, 500 ryo is added to the reward.

Mission name: Tying Loose Ends.
Mission rank: S.
Objective: Assasinate the Daimyo of the Stone Country and replace him with a new one via a look alike.
Location: Iwagakure.
Reward: 1000 + 500 ryo.
Mission description: Over the years of 'unusual' dictatorship from the Tsuchikage 'Kazu Kanetsu,' the Daimyo of the Stone Country has been informed about the Tsuchikage granting solace for missing-nin which in turn could lead deadly to his country, therefore now has plans to dethrone the Tsuchikage. But of course Kazu has been informed of the Daimyo's treachery and thus has invited him to the village, only to be assassinated and replaced without anyone noticing. The 'Aoi Bara' have been sent to do the job and must dispatch of all threats that could lead to anyone knowing what's happening. Stealth is advised but not mandatory. If a witness is able to see them attack and flee, the mission will be failed. One of the Tsuchikages men (jounin rank/NPC) has infiltrated the guard ranks and will be replacing the Daimyo himself, though he cannot be involved in the combat to blow his cover.
Mission details: The following are the npc individuals which includes; the daimyo, his 3 jounin main guards, five special jounin squadron leaders, and ten chuunin 'henchmen' with two chuunin working with each special jounin.

Name: Lord Ishiba Narosaki (The Daimyo)
Age: 46
General Appearance:
Personality: Always speaks in a soothing yet demeaning tone, the Daimyo of the Stone Country is a talk first, act ten years later kind of man, but when an issue arises which includes the safety of his country, he becomes a motor mouth who is eager to spread the word of the men that plague his country. He has no patience for liabilities.
Motivations: His occupation, to protect his country and do what's right for his village, even if this means to risk his own life.
Fears: Dying for no reason. He'd rather die for something he believes in.
Other: With chuunin rank abilities, the Daiymo is quite useless, he holds a black rod with a ruby crystal at it's tip used for his C rank Onojutsu. But as his abilities are weak. He has three guards, one (being Kazu's infiltrator) and two jounin rank.All his spec/elements are at B rank.

Name: Kuroh Yato
Age: 38
General Appearance:
Personality: Calm, confident and a god of strategy. Kuroh is a god amongst men in terms of thinking before he acts, with mental capabilities that could surpass the greatest strategists. Kuroh (or Mr. Yato is what he prefers) is a veteran at shinobi arts and has the confidence to back his decisions. He has an undying loyalty to Kazu.
Motivations: His devotion to iwa, and to seeing his goals through, no matter the cost.
Fears: Plans going wrong.
Other: Kuroh is the informant of Kazu Kanetsu, and is one of the three jounin guards that lead the small platoon that protects the Daimyo of the stone country. Kuroh is at jounin rank and has only Katon as his element affinity, but in turn has Genjutsu, Ninjutsu and Bukijutsu. As he is an expert in infiltration, it is all thanks to his kkg which allows him to manipulate his muscles, bone structure and in general body, allowing him to morph his body to replicate any one else he sees. All his specs/elements are at S rank.

Name: Riley Anoi
Age: 23
General Appearance:
Personality: Patient, yet always annoyed at how tardy everyone can be. Always a man to be 'first at everything.' This is probably to do with his strong affinity to lightning. Riley is quite abnoxious and is seen to underestimate everyone when talking about how strong his lightning is and will go out of his way to destroy his enemies with just a few combos.
Motivations: Ryo, he simply loves the currency that runs his pockets dry, which is the main reason to him being one of the head guards of the Stone Countries Daimyo. The job sure pays well...
Fears: Fuuton, mostly due to his apparent weakness.
Other: A main guard of the Daimyo and at jounin rank. Riley is a close quarters specialist who focusses on his lightning combos using taijutsu, bukijutsu and fuuinjutsu. He is an aggressive attacker and will expose of his opponents without any notice. All his specs/elements are at S rank.

Name: Enel Kurama
Age: 32
General Appearance:
Personality: Crazed on bloodshed, Enel is a psychotic arms dealer who is doing this guard job purely to expand his business without the Daimyo from noticing, because who would look at their most trusted body guards for suspicion. Always heated for a battle, Enel is a manipulative bastard who just wants to paint the walls red.
Motivations: To expand his business and to claim ownership of the Iwagakure 'Underworld.'
Fears: That he simply won't kill enough till he dies.
Other: The third, and strongest guard out of the three, at jounin rank, he has the capabilites to decimate an army from one hundred meters away, specializing in puppetry, bukijutsu and genjutsu, Enel becomes a dangerous man to any man, friend or foe. His specialities are amplified by the use of S rank fuuton and suiton. All his specs/elements are at S rank.

Name: Death Marchers (Five Speacial Jounin)
Age: All unknown.
General Appearance:
Personality: The Death Marchers are silent in communication, and simply love to end lives. They only answer to Enel as they apart of his command, and swear complete loyalty to him. They all have dark, personalities in which they simply don't talk and only tend to silence their enemies.
Motivations: To serve their master.
Fears: To fail their master.
Other: All five of the Death Marchers are at special jounin rank and all have katon and bukijutsu, yet they each carry different style. Each with a different weapon and the ability to manipulate their fire element with B rank ninjutsu, the death marchers are more than capable of ending lives with ease. All their specs/elements are at A rank.

Name: Squad Guards
Age: All unknown.
General Appearance:
Other: Nine men and one woman, all at chuunin rank and can use C rank Taijutsu. Five specialize in fuuton whilst the other five specialize in raiton. They will attack any enemy on site and will alert all members through physical interaction if not dealt with within the first post of them 'noticing.' Each guard is equipped with a flare device in preparation to alert the rest of the guards which contains a one post charge before activation. All his specs/elements are at C rank.

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