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1 Sensei/Squad needed from Kirigakure. on Mon Oct 28, 2013 7:24 pm



My name is Kiruhi Namizota. You all may be wondering why I have not posted my character yet, but that is because I am trying to get my clan approved first. I am planning that my character is native to Kirigakure.

So, I am looking for two eager squad members from Kirigakure that want to face all challenges together. I am also looking for a sensei from Kirigakure that is ready to drain their knowledge into the minds of our squad, bettering all of us for the long run.

I am not describing my skills until later on because it is better if the squad and the sensei are open to all types of abilities thrown at them. Interested? Private message me, or reply to the post. Thank you!


Kiruhi Namizota


2 Re: Sensei/Squad needed from Kirigakure. on Sun Dec 29, 2013 7:40 pm



I am having a similar problem and also I am new so I think a team would help out. If I could be one of your squad partners that would be nice.My name is Deacon and I don't have a specified clan. My elements are Water and earth. Again it would be nice of you to let me be your partner.

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