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1 The Arrensaul Extinction [S rank] WIP on Tue Oct 29, 2013 11:10 am



Mission name: The Arrensaul Extinction
Mission rank: S
Objective: Murder the Entire Arrensaul Family
Location: Wild West, Tsuchi no kuni
Reward: 1000 ryo
Mission description: The Arrensaul family is known for their overwhelming underworld presence, as they pride themselves on the export of drugs and prostitutes. The Tsuchikage had killed the leader of the family, but has new intel that the family is still carrying on it's work but they are hiding within the wild west plains. The mission is to go in and eradicate the entire family, including the drugs. Their location in the wild west plains has been pinpointed to an underground cave where it is heavily guarded yet sneaking in isnt an option as the area above the cave is completely empty. Leave no survivors.
Mission details: The Arrensaul family consists of 4 special jounin guards, 1 jounin squad guard, and 1 sannin rank leader. The mission is do murder them all, and to return to Iwagakure, with no questions asked. The special jounin guards are above ground, whereas the jounin guard is at middle of the caves tunnel, whilst the sannin leader remains deep within the caves.

Name: Unaba Arrensaul
Age: 27
General Appearance:


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