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1 Store Security [C-Rank] on Tue Oct 29, 2013 3:55 pm



Saichi woke up with a yawn. He sat up and smiled, today was the day he got his first mission as a Genin, and he had heard it was a C-Rank, which was surprising. He walked over to the administration building too receive his mission. He listened carefully as his instructions were layed out before him. The mission seemed simple enough, all he had to do was capture a criminal and protect the weapons in the store, simple. The part that would be tricky about this mission was the fact that he was not allowed to bring harm to the criminal. He would have to be careful when detaining the criminals, or criminal. He had to be as inconspicuous as he possibly could be. He went home first to change into some civilians clothing. He stored his fuma shuriken in a scroll and slipped it up his sleeve.

He left his home and headed over to the shop in question. Before entering the shop he took careful measurements of the outside of the shop. He pushed the door open to the tinkle of a tiny bell. The shop only had a few patrons, he noted. He exchanged pleasantries with the shopkeeper, before assessing the inside of the shop. There were several racks of weapons around the room, and then there were some hung on the walls. The more expensive weapons were in display cases at the back of the room. Saichi walked around the shop again. He noted the fact that there were several racks he could hide behind, which was one plan. Another way too conceal himself was behind the counter, he could pop out then. He smiled and went around the back of the counter and crouched down, he could just about vanish from view this way. He rolled put his scroll and performed a series of hand movements, and then put his hands on the scroll. His windmill shuriken appeared before him. He smiled and spun the blades. Yes, this could work. He placed the shuriken down and waited for the shop to close. Once it did Saichi carefully made sure the door was locked, and everything was as it should be, didn't want the criminal to be wary. He went behind the counter and sat down, waiting. He would most likely have top wait for a few hours, maybe even days, but he would catch this criminal if he showed up on the shop again, he sighed and pulled out a book. He might as well pass the time. (425 words)

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Saichi remained in the store the entire night. He was constantly aware for danger or the sounds of forced entry, both tasks proved fruitless. Saichi tensed as he heard the door opening but relaxed shortly afterwards. It was only the shopkeeper, who gave Saichi a questioning look. Saichi merely shurrged before speaking to him "The criminal did not show up tonight, and there was no disturbance of any kind. I will return when the shop closes again and repeat the process, don't worry sir, he will show up" the shopkeeper simply smiled and nodded. Saichi returned the smile before heading o outside. Saichi walked briskly back home, and headed inside. He was ravenous, so he raided the kitchen, much to his mother's disapproval. Saichi yawned and head upstairs to bed.

He woke up a few hours later, half an hour before the store closed. He got up and dressed again in civilian clothing, concealing his shuriken and windmill shuriken in his clothing or in scrolls. He headed back to the shop and slipped inside. The shopkeeper smiled as he had earlier and went out of the store, locking it again. As before, Saichi took up a position behind the counter. He waited several hours, before he heard the distinct sounds of a lock being picked. He tensed, before picking up his windmill shuriken. The door swung inward with the faint tinkle of a bell. The criminal moved into the store, closing the door as he did so. Saichi waited, keeping deathly quiet. The criminal began too take weapons down from the racks. He then moved towards the counter, Saichi popped his head out, hiding his shuriken. He had too try and act normal. He pretended to be shocked, before calling "S-Sir?" The criminal turned and walked towards Saichi. He pulled out a weapon from the bag, a kunai, and held it up. Saichi noted the way he held it, it was obvious he didn't know how to wield the thing. Saichi asked "Sir, can I help you?..." He was tense. He watched the man, who pointed towards the cash register. Saichi shook his head. The man slammed his kunai into the counter, right next to Saichi's arm. Saichi sighed again, trying to act terrified. He had to move now though before the man got any other bright ideas. With the arm that had not just been stabbed, he grabbed the other man's wrist so he could not try and fight back. He then struck the man on the side of the head with his book. He smiled as the man went down like a sack of potatoes. He hopped over the counter and using some nearby rope he binded the man's hands. He then sat on the counter and waited for the dawn to come.

The shopkeeper walked into his shop to find Saichi reading and a man knocked out at his feet. He jumped for joy at the sight and shook Saichi's hand. Saichi slung the man over his shoulder and headed out to the administration building to turn in the mission.

His first mission as a genin had been a success, luckily, he smiled and went home to tell his parents about it. He knew that they would be happy that he had completed a c rank mission by himself, it would hopefully mark the path to a bright future for Saichi. Now he just had to meet his squad and embark on even more difficult missions, he sighed with a smile and walked briskly off.

(Total word count: 1021)

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