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1 Store Security [Closed/Mission/Completed] on Wed Oct 30, 2013 11:05 pm

Aburame Yamada


Yamada lay in his bed, a soft, warm and comfortable feeling overwhelmed his body. It had been the first good sleep that he had managed since he arrived in Konoha. After doing a few missions, Yamada has been able to afford a more...luxurious inn. It was slightly more pricey, but Yamada was paying a premium price for a premium product. Room service at any hours, a fridge full of assorted beverages, a pool outside his room, and best of all; the bed. He had collapsed onto the bed the prior night, after a very long and hard day working. It may have just been his tiredness, but Yamada really felt the difference between his old inn, and the new one.

Yamada was rather reluctant to leave his bed, he was magnetized to its comfortable charm. Every time he would sit up and try to leave the bed, it would beckon him back with it's warmth, and Yamada had found it all to hard to refuse. The luxury was intoxicating, Yamada was almost addicted to this room. He wished he could just lay in the bed and do nothing all day, but of course, it was ryo that was paying for this room, and it was work that would gain him ryo, and ultimately; this meant getting out of bed.

Yamada raised a lazy hand to his face, which swiftly flicked the sleep from his eyes. He took a second or two to adjust to the light in the room, why did it always seem so bright? Yamada's eyelids felt heavier than a lead block, yet he still managed to force them open. Now for the hard part. It took a little while, but eventually Yamada mustered the courage to roll out of bed; landing on the floor with a thump. "Shit, that made a little too much noise"

He reached into his suitcase (an old, beaten and battered one at that) and pulled out his signature outfit. Some underwear, socks, an undershirt and his ever present trench coat. A funny story this trench coat had. Yamada started wearing his trench coat in the academy; students would make fun of the bugs around his body, and it lead him to cover himself up all the time. But the trench coat had saved his life. Yamada had fell from a high cliff on his travels, and had it not been for his trench coat being caught on a branch, Yamada would not be standing in the hotel room today.

For the first time in a while, Yamada was actually in a decent mood. He had slept well, had sweet dreams, and a mission that didnt bore the hell out of him. Security at a store; sure, not the most exciting of ventures, but it sure as hell beat disciplining snotty little brats. Hopefully, if he was lucky enough, Yamada would get to beat the hell out of a criminal. It was always fun beating on petty criminals, the transition from macho man, to puny little swine begging for the pain to stop. It was a somewhat sick enjoyment of Yamada's but eh, we all have our own little things that we love.


Looking at the store from the outside, Yamada could see why it was so vulnerable to burglary. It's only defense was a thin, sliding door, the windows were flimsy and there was absolutely no security whatsoever. The windows were huge, and the shop's entire inventory was on display to the public. A pitiful excuse for a secure establishment. Yamada could have no complaints however, this vulnerable little shop was his source of income.

"What a nervous, weak, disgusting excuse for a man."

Yamada found it hard to pay attention to the store owner, well, to the words that he was saying. The physical demeanor of this individual was pitiful at the best of times. Skinny, wiry, poor personal hygiene and a nervous twitch to top it all off. The fact that such a figure was in charge of such a large establishment puzzled Yamada, he was in no state to manage a big business, he was in no state to be outside of his house! Yamada simply nodded to everything the man said, just hoping he could get to the mission.

Yamada walked into the store, choosing to leave the lights off. He knew that he could be spending up to a week in the shop, so he figured that he may as well get himself comfy. Yamada placed down his small straw mattress behind the counter, with the softest blanket that he could find to accompany it. He reached into his backpack and pulled out one of his bugs. Something was going to have to keep him occupied until it was time to apprehend whichever fool decided to break into the store.

The first night: it was a particularly boring one. Nothing of any interest popped up. All that Yamada had to keep him occupied was his book, and he was quickly running out of pages to read. He had the urge for a cigarette, but he didnt want to compromise his position by the smell of the smoke, or the sight of the burning tobacco. Instead, Yamada chose to just rest down his head, and close his eyes. He would wake up if anybody tried to get in, so there was no need to stay up all night, no need at all.

The second night. Thank Jashin for the second night. Yamada was dying at the the thought of a week of just lying in wait. But no, a breakthrough. On the second night somebody entered the shop. Yamada didnt even bother sitting up, he let his bugs do the work. He used a few bees to fire stingers into the man, before standing up and walking up to him.

"Let me get this straight now criminal scum. If I even see you NEAR this shop again, there will be trouble."

Yamada gave the man a solid punch to the jaw, making sure to knock him out. He dragged the man all the way back to the admin building. He wanted to be sure to get his pay, another night in the inn would do Yamada a world of good.

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