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Aburame Yamada


Yamada sighed as he woke from his slumber. He was making a decent income for himself nowadays, doing a few missions every day. But at the rank of Genin, there really wasnt that much that he could do in terms of higher ranking missions. D rank, C rank, These missions were just too boring for Yamada. He wanted some excitement in his life, he wanted to escort a daimyo, or go rescue a kidnapped daughter of the Kage! But no. Today he was stuck with a task that he had made clear to the Hokage that he did not like. Teaching young, bratty, snotty, cocky, academy brats.

It wasnt that Yamada hated children. He was by no means a lover, or a big fan of children; but he didnt hate them. It was the fact that these were shinobi children. Academy students have a mentality of 'Im invincible, im the best, I will become a successful ninja with little to no work'. This attitude disgusted Yamada, and not only their idiotic ideas on how they would be powerful: their rowdiness. Shinobi children were some of the noisiest creatures on the earth, making eardrum bursting levels of noise on a regular basis. This was something that Yamada hated dealing with, and the reason of his hatred of teaching academy children.

This served as motivation for Yamada, however. He would do these missions, and try his absolute hardest to complete them with minimal to no complaint. A well completed D rank mission would contribute well towards his ninja status raising, and once it was asserted that he was much more than capable of completing D and C rank missions, he would be trusted with B ranks and even eventually up to S rank. Yes, this served as great motivation for Yamada to deal with snotty brats.


Yamada stepped into the classroom, filled to the brim with students. Paper flying everywhere, children playing punchies, a scared looking teacher and worst of all: the noise. Kids within 2 feet of each other yelling to get their attention, not to mention the conversations being shouted across the classroom. The class was an absolute pigsty, it was a mystery to Yamada that Konoha produced fantastic ninja, with such a horrible learning environment. No matter, it was time to teach. Yamada stepped to the front of the class writing his name on the board, relieving the former instructor of his duties.

"Good morning class, my name is Yama-"

Yamada was swiftly interrupted by more noise. No matter. There was a simple way to solve this. Yamada raised both of his arms, high in the air, bringing up a swarm of all his Kikaichu. He listened to the thunderous noise that his bugs made, much louder than the class. A grin spread across Yamada's face as all of the students turned to face him, gobsmacked. He lowered his bugs as they made their way back into his body, pleased with the way he had grabbed the attention of the class.

"Now then. Time to learn!"

First things first. Kawirimi. Yamada took his sweet time explaining it in detail, making sure that the students knew exactly what they were doing. He needed to test them. Yamada made the students line up, and he would hit them. If the got the replacement wrong, they would be hit, if they got it right, well, they werent hit. Yamada repeated this process with all the academy jutsu, making sure that the students understood them fully, then testing them to the fullest. After a few hours, Yamada had taught the students all that he could, and left the academy smiling. Time to get paid.

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