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1 Stop the Vandal! [mission, closed, complete] on Thu Oct 31, 2013 6:50 pm

Aburame Yamada


"Finally, a mission with a little bit of action, even if it is catching a youngling"

Yamada was getting sick and tired of visiting the academy to teach children, it was a tedious task for little pay and no action whatsoever. Yamada did not enjoy these missions at all, and was desperate for something to test him, even if only slightly. A vandal, a little brat, had decided to an draw on an old mans house, for his own personal amusement. Interesting, Yamada wondered if would be allowed to discipline the boy, Physically. There was something satisfying about teaching delinquents a lesson, the hard way.

Yamada always wondered what went through children's minds when they decided to do stupid things. Was it to try and be cool? To show off to their friends? For their own personal amusement? It was stupidity in Yamada's opinion, old men were vulnerable targets and had poor defense to try and stop young children, it would be a disgrace to prey on such a defenseless creature. Of course, it did cause a small amount of anarchy, which is always fun. Perhaps of the youngling was doing this to cause anarchy, Yamada would maybe see where he is coming from.

The house, oh lord the house. Yamada had been informed that the vandal had been tagging the house frequently, but he had no idea of the extent of the damage that this young boy had caused. The walls of the house were almost completely covered in drawings and words. A particularly frequent phrase written was: 'Akane was Here'. Yamada could understand why the old man had requested assistance, this place was in great need of a fix up. But before the fix up, this vandal would need to be stopped, and Yamada was prepared to use lots and lots of force.

It was late at night that Yamada had decided to start his stakeout, this would be the most likely time for the young graffiti artist to tag the house. Yamada was using the transformation technique, posing as a tree nearby the house. He lay in wait of the boy, devising a plan to scare him straight; or to beat him straight. Either would work. It was a tedious task, waiting for the boy to appear, but no matter. Ryo, Ryo made the world go round, and long stakeouts made ryo. Yamada was beginning to zone out when movement in the distance snapped him back to reality.

So this was the vandal causing all the fuss? A short little creature, 4 foot and nine inches at the very most. This chubby young man could also clearly do with a diet, he probably needed to lay off the ramen.

Yamada watched as the little brat strolled towards the house, an arrogant flair in his stride, a grin on his face and a can of spray paint in his hand. Yamada timed himself perfectly, watching closely as the kid made his way to the wall. Yamada quietly released the transformation, sneaking behind the kid.

As soon as the little Tubbikins' fingers touched the trigger to the paint, Yamada would whisper in a somewhat commanding tone.

"Now just WHAT do you think YOU'RE doing!"

The boy jolted, and turned around, a look of horror on his face.

" Unless you repaint over all of this mess, and promise to NEVER vandalize again, I will be going straight to your mother young man!"

The look of pure fear on the boy;s face amused Yamada, and somehow he knew that the boy would keep to his promise. This however, didnt mean that Yamada would keep his, and he immediately headed off to snitch to the young boys mother, she would make sure that the young vandal would keep his promise.

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