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The Seven Bells Plotline.


Kirigakure, known as the land of the Bloody mist to many, with its exportation of experienced and trained man-hunting ANBU over the years has had many secrets buried deep under the paperwork of the Mizukage’s mansion. Few ever surface to the public eye, but the mysterious missing ninja Seven Bells may be the first. A ninja of epic proportion and a trained Ace in the hole should outsiders attempt to stage war against or threaten Kiri. Murderous, powerful, intelligent and psychotic, the arch criminal has operated under the radar for over a Decade of service, hunting down any enemy of Kirigakure which could cause political turmoil, leaving behind nothing but a trail of high priority unsolvable murders. With the moral switch in the upper echelon of Kirigakure following the proclamation of a new, morally just Mizukage, friction ensues, turning the Legendary Missing ninja against the village. Kirigakure quickly becomes host to a warzone against one of the most dangerous ninja of the age… in a scenario where actions, or lack of action, pave the future of the country.

Below, you will find a link to every thread involved in the Seven Bells arc, and descriptions of what happened there. That means that you can enjoy reading the story and catching up on what's happening outside of your own involvement with ease. They are listed in chronological order.

Dawn's Reckoning:

Thread Link: Here
Participants: Seven Bells, Utau.
Description: In the wastes of Blood Country, a mysterious assassin is hunted down by one of the infamous Shichiouza, who assaulted the Kage summit little more than five years ago. A harrowing battle insued between the mysterious newcomer and the violent Missing ninja, who, caught off guard by this puppeteer's skill and combat prowess was struck down by a great steel puppet, ending the life of the widowed psychopath. Seven Bells moves to Kirigakure...

Quote: "It's time to go home..."

Day One:

Thread Link: Here.
Participants: Seven Bells, Tenmei Sotsuji.
Description: Seven bells crosses the boarder into Kirigakure, stopped and accosted by the boarder patrol of a Dozen Kirigakure ninja, the lieutenants were identified as Kirigakure Missing ninja, the ensuing attack was systematic and brutal, resulting in the merciless murder of little over a dozen Kirigakure ninja. ANBU intercepted the boarder patrol rescuing the only survivor after eliminating several of the bodies, losing one of their own to the medic of the Missing ninja 'Io.'

Quote: "Lets see if you face up to the skills of the other mirage, fire-fisted witch..."


Thread Link: Here.
Participants: Tenmei, Isamu, Strafe Aisu, Ayakashi.
Description: Following the first day, Tenmei Sotsuji, the lone survivor of Seven Bells' attack at the border is rushed to the Kirigakure hospital where she receives the best medical attention Kiri has to offer, in hopes of helping her to recover enough to give them the information they need. It was a long shot, but Tenmei manages to recover and tell the Mizukage of the man who killed the squad she was with, but by the time she can, Seven Bells is already knocking on the city gates.

Quote: “…he also had this bell. It sounded odd, but once he used it...”

As the footsteps die out forever:

Thread Link: Here.
Participants: Mitsuhide Uzumaki, Mizuru Konhara.
Description Travelling from Konohagakure, one of the Leaf Village's Jounin, Uzumaki Mitsuhide encounters one of Seven Bells' trusted lieutenants, Mizuru. The two, who had fought one another before, many years ago, enter a duel to the death. As the battle dragged on, the two were interrupted by an explosion from Kirigakure, prompting the two to break their duel and race to the city to investigate, and defend their respective sides.


Terror in the depths of the mist:

Thread Link: Here
Participants: Seven Bells, Io, Mizuru Konhara, Solstice Ayakashi, Strafe Aisu, Kaguza Myugen, Mitsuhide Uzumaki, Kage no Akira.
Description: Seven Bells arrives in Kirigakure, offering the head of the missing ninja Utau as a trophy to the Mizukage. Scorned by his disrespect, Solstice initiates a war of words with the Puppetmaster, quickly leading to an all out battle in the front wing of the administration building. After a terrifying display of power by Seven Bells, the Mizukage and her friends are forced to retreat further into the city. All the while, Kirigakure is set aflame. Even Kirigakure's ANBU captain was severely injured in the exchange.

Quote: "I implore you, Mizukage-sama, where is the show of gratitude from your people?"

"Or has Kirigakure grown weak in my absence?" He spat, his words dripping with venom.


'It's good to see you again, Guest'

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