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Hiroto stood in front of a bookshelf.

Honestly, he couldn't remember why he was here. He seldom read books, preferring to just lounge about in the open and do the occasional training. He had little need for superficial knowledge, as his mind was just attuned to catching details during fights and implementing them to good use. While he would admit that knowing the concept behind the flow of air, which had been drilled into his head when he was a kid, was useful, he barely found the time or the motivation to work on any other hidden concepts he might have needed.

So, why was he in a library again? Ah, right, he was trying to help out at the local library, and coincidentally there was a mission asking him to do it. Well, no harm in killing two birds with one stone and getting paid for his efforts, right?

Hiroto looked back at the shelf and saw the many books littered on the floor. Just moments ago, a goup of kids had been playing tag nearby, and the local librarian had been too gutless to try and tell them to shut it. Part of it had to do with their parents being nearby and watching the librarian, sharp eyes warning her that if she ever tried anything on their children, she would die a horrible death. Another part was also due to her initial outburst at the children, and being admonished for being too loud in the library.

Hiroto didn't care either way. So long as they didn't really affect him, he didn't really understand why he should be touchy and interfere with the somewhat calm that had settled in the library. All he had to do was restack the books in alphabetical order, or was it by the authors' names, and be done with it. It shouldn't be too hard. Hiroto had aced his ABCs, now he just had to put them to use. Shouldn't be harder than performing hand seals, really.

So began the shelving.

When Hiroto was almost done, the kids who were playing around knocked into the shelf from behind. It teetered for a bit, before falling onto Hiroto. The teen, however, was able to keep it from crashing into the ground and disturbing the silence. However, he was unable to stop all the books from falling into a pile onto the ground once more. He was highly tempted to drag the two kids and tie them up by the flagpole outside the library, but decided that it wouldn't be worth the trouble. Besides, they were just kids, and their type of attitude would soil the Iwagakure flag at the top of the pole.

So, he began shelving. Again.

When he was almost done, the kids knocked into him. In an instinctual effort to keep himself upright, his hand latched onto the shelf. However, their momentum had been too much, and he ended up dragging the shelf down with him, causing it, and all the books, to come crashing down onto him. He realised the children were still in the vicinity, and quickly shoved them beneath him while he held himself above them, supporting himself, and soon the weight of the entire shelf, with his hands.

He rolled the shelf off him, causing a large bang which disturbed the peace, and rolled to one side to catch his breath. The children got up and began running again, sadly trampling on his chest. Hiroto sighed deeply and got up, dragging the shelf back to its original position and ignoring all the dark looks he got from the readers in the surrounding area.

Fortunately, though, none of the books had been damaged in the many times they had dropped, which was a miracle in and of itself that Hiroto was grateful for. He braced himself for another failure, before continuing on with his duty.

And so the shelving continued.

Word Count: 659

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