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1 Training continued [invite only no kill} on Sat Nov 09, 2013 10:43 pm



As the tree split He would listen She had a very long story to tell. Words where likely not something he expected from her but she told a story he might of expected from a romance or a mystery novel. Truly she wasn't one who had survived in comfort. But it was said that only the strongest would survive in this life. But his goal was greater then that. He wanted to be the one who would save them all. The betrayed and the lost. He would guide them with his own hands and words. No one person was stronger then a unit of survivors. No one man would have to stand alone. Still he watched as she preformed her jutsu. He felt the heat of it as if it was the heat of her passion. He smiled a sad smile as he looked down at his hands. How much destruction would he bring forth? How many lifes would he change like that? Nothing came with out cost. And she was proof of that. But didn't she deserve to be free? Was her love really a reason to be torn from her children? With renewed vigor he began to form the stance for one of the palm techniques. Just a 32 palm move. Before he was suddenly moving. His hands flashing in a graceful soft palm move but at speeds so intense with so many blows in a second it was hard to see how many strikes he did with out an eye technique. 32 burning tree's where suddenly snuffed out and then burst apart. The fire stopped before it could spread simply enough. Rising from the stance he allowed his jutsu to fade before turning to look at her and removing his sunglasses. Then his hood and unzipping it to show his face. He was straight face with his eyes gazing into hers. His words where not lavish like usual but still now they seemed to carry a passion. Tears welled up in his silver eyes.

"Life hasn't thrown you much of a soft ball has it? I don't know the exact feeling but I know what it feels like to leave those you love behind. My brother was my everything. I left him there with out a word. Likely he hates me. But I won't give up. I will reach for the stars and I won't stop till I grasp them. I will make the future brighter for him because I have faith in myself to do that. As for you, Life isn't singing you a lullaby. It's asking if your going to sit down and give in? Just let it be the way it is. But I can't look down when my goal is up. I say raise against life and just give it one more try. You owe it to yourself just as much as those children. I will stand by you whether you trust me or not. I will fight even if you can't stand anymore. Because I can't accept how life is. I fight against it. I rise above it." And with that a single tear slid down his cheek. His passion was undeniably real. He was standing there as a man who shed tears for the world. And as a man willing to change it.

Goliaths fist continued training- 2000+/2000



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