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Guanyin Nanashi

There is this stupid notion that the only thing that is climatically challenging regarding Iwagakure is the occasional rain storm or heat wave that periodically rolls through during the year. Only those who have the misfortune of visiting the place doing the later months know the hardships that the populous of Stone Country go through. For you see during the latter months, where other countries are experience mildly cool weather or even some still relatively warm ones, Tsuchi no Kuni dealt with frigidly cold weather and sometimes snow. Those who call the place home must continue on with their daily lives, trekking through the snow and cold weather, bodies getting brutally batted by the unrelenting and unforgiving Old Man winter. There wasn't any off days for them. There wasn't any excuse for being late to work due to weather, you either is there on time or not. In a nut shell no matter the weather, it was just another day in Tsuchi no Kunai. Another day in paradise.
Guanyin Nanashi, Special Jounin of Iwagakure, future Head of the Medical Corps and recent recruit into the Ansatsu Senjutsu Tokushu Butai – Anbu for short. After having a short discussion with Kanetsu Kazu, the Tsuchikage, over a few drinks of beers, the subject of joining the elite group was brought up by the former, he asking Nanashi if he ever considered joining. Now one might be surprised with this, but never did Nanashi thought about joining the Special Assassination and Tactical Squad, sure their work intrigue him, but the thought of actually joining never crossed his mind once. So why did he join? He himself doesn't know that answer. Maybe it was due to the liquid fire that were coursing through his veins, or maybe it was the beast within him rattling it's cage that cause him to choose this career course? And before Nanashi fully registered what happened, Kazu had sent a message to the current Anbu Commander and viola! A day later Nanashi was having a meeting with the individual, hashing out some of the finer details and signing his life away to the dark side. . .
It's not that bad. . .
One of the stipulation that was made before he signed was that Nanashi was still allowed to work at the hospital when he had time off or when not busy. Like all the others who joined Anbu there medical files are sealed, ninja resignation blacked out, and anything that could trace them outside of the porcelain mask is erased. In short they ceased to exist, no one would be able to find any information about them, unless they come by it through verbal or alternative means. But in order to keep face with the general population, along with the hospital who grown fond of the silver haired male, Nanashi was allowed to continue working at the hospital, gaining experience and wisdom to soon take over that position for himself. Plus it was also a power play, it wouldn't do Iwagakure no good if their 'best' medic suddenly went absent without leave or AWOL for short. This way the village can still flex their medical muscle and have a respectable Anbu member. A win, win in both situation.
I need to train though. . .
A greenhorn. That's what Guanyin Nanashi is called within the Anbu sector, the nickname wasn't meant to be taken in an a offensive manner, instead it just means that he's new to the corps and will be learning the ropes – everything that needs to know about being apart of the elite. And one of the first thing that Nanashi learned, rather bluntly from the commander is that he needs to expand his specialization repertoire and with some consulting with the commander it was decided that he should try to learn Taijutsu. And this was exactly Nanashi was plan on doing having gotten a taijutsu expert to train him. They were suppose to meet up today at a secluded training ground, and that's where Nanashi was about to head at the current time.
Hopefully he'll be there on time.
So what was the former geisha doing at the given moment? He were sitting a front of a mahogany desk, the barely audible sound of a pen dancing across paper, words magically appearing with each well timed and calculated stroke, humming echoed like a soft song in the background as he continued in writing the letter. A letter to the family that he had left behind to pursue his current career choice. It has been roughly eight months since the last time he sent one, and it was about time to send another one – can't have them worry about him. For despite his demeanor, Nanashi is somewhat family oriented and deeply cares for those who he considered family. What did the letter entail? Not much just the standard pleasantries and telling them that he was going fine along other tidbits of information. Nothing in the letter gave away the fact that he was joining Ansatsu Senjutsu Tokushu Butai, of course there was a well good reason for that. Excluding the writing note the letter also included storage seals each one holding jewelry of some kind for his extended family, a gift to those who believed in him. Once the letter was finished and sealed up, Nanashi called upon his personal delivery bird and had it take it to his home town. No sooner was that done the former geisha grabbed a quick bite to eat and heading out to the training ground, though not before grabbing a coat.
Nanashi couldn't help but to shiver slightly, chilling and wet wind stinging his exposed flesh, like a group of wasps, without mercy or compassion. Kami today was gloomy, though the better and more appropriate word would be shitty. Now a normal person wouldn't bother in going out in this type of weather. Well the people of Iwagakure aren't exactly normal to begin with. So it shouldn't be a surprise that as Nanashi were making his way through the streets, there were a lot of people out, going about their day as if the weather didn't concern them at all. Heck there were some who were even wearing short shorts. Of course Nanashi wasn't one of those people. Oh no. The former geisha was dressed in the stereotypical Iwagakure shinobi attire, head band properly wrapped around his forehead, pouches that contained his equipment safely secured to the side of his pants. As he were making his way to the training ground, he waved and greeted some of the civilian who knew him on some form or level – which meant the majority of them. Bypassing the guards that manned the gate which was the only entrance and exit point into the secured training ground, Nanashi couldn't help but to chuckle at the miserable look on the two faces. It truly sucked being a chuunin and having gate duty.
Stepping into the training ground Nanashi surveyed his surroundings, the terrain was flat and even, the enriched dirt was extremely compacted muddy and unforgiven, deaden trees wrapped around the circular area acting as a barrier of sorts, and sporadically scattering across the area were rocks of various shape and sizes. But what caught his attention was the individual who was meditating, attired being drenched from the mixture of rain and light snow.
Before Nanashi could announced his presence his training partner and temporary sensei interrupted him, body rising off the ground as if a puppeteer was controlling it “So you came. And here I thought you wouldn't show, Nanashi-kun.” if Nanashi didn't know that Aoi was female. Of course he knew the Jounin taijutsu master were female, having a short fling with her gave him such information.
Closing the distance to a mere meter between the two Nanashi spoke, words being almost drowned out from the downpour “Even if I didn't come, you probably have came to my house and did it there.” he stated with a slightly scowl to his face. Aoi was one of the few people who got away with calling him Nanashi – kun. . .
“Aww but wouldn't it had been more fun if we did it at your place. It would so much fun!” Aoi said having reappeared behind the silver haired man and giving him a noogie and before the man could fight back, he was sent flying from a kick to the back. Thinking quickly Nanashi maneuvered his body in mid-air before sliding on the ground and looking at the woman, her leg still extended and a cheeky smile on her face.
“Well today isn't getting any younger, and neither is you. So I will be teaching you the joys and pains of close combat, I hope you are ready Nanashi-kun.” With that said Aoi dashed towards the special jounin, who was preparing to defend. . .
This should be fun. . .
Six hours. That's how long Nanashi and Aoi trained together. The latter didn't held anything back in trouncing the special jounin multiple of times. During the sparing session numerous of bones had been broken but healed through Aoi's medical skills. Yes she was a skilled medic, but that's a story for another time. But with each beating that he took Nanashi gain more insight on fighting. He learned the proper way to counter, block, and parry attacks to create openings. His knowledge of the human body gave him the needed knowledge on where on the body to hit for the most damage. By the end of the day Nanashi was sore and tired, but overall he was satisfied with his accomplishments.

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