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Mugen Aburame

Mugen Aburame

Mugen charged out of the mansions with all the things he need to go to Kiri. Rumors had spread through out Iwa saying that they were under siege by missing ninja that used to work for them. A betrayal, yes. Yet something bother Mugen about it as he ran down the path toward the edge of this country. Why did they just not leave, if they are powerful enough to lay siege on what was once known as the Bloody Mist, why did they just not leave and offer their skills to some one else. They could have just as easily have left and come to Iwa and work for Kazu. It was not known that he was the 'Shadow' leader of the Blue Rose, but the Blue Rose could always use people of that power.

Mugen had his usual suit on, the freshly pressed look and the very clean look, seemed out of place for Mugen. He actually was fortunate to get another one after his last one was ripped during a mission. It was cleaned pressed and looked great. Even fit his more muscle like body now compared to his last one. It was getting a little bit tight and was starting to annoy him to no end. Unfortunately most people would not even get to see the suit as he had the normal Blue Rose cloak around him and the mask Tsuyo required all of them to wear. He knew that if battle got to hot, those would be the first thing to go. Even though that might cause some repercussions later on. His boots left no print as he ran across the mountains and any he did he left bugs behind to cover it up for him. There was no need for anyone to follow him this time.

Running low he hoped that he could catch up to that woman that left earlier. Her name was Shinobu or something like that. The file on her had little to no information about her and Mugen had been foolish and not kept any bugs on her. Women have a tendency of freaking out when they find a bug on them, so usually those bugs don't seem to last that long. Mugen usually gives up with that idea stuck in his head. Maybe it was him being lazy and he did not have time to think about it. His jutsu list was lacking comparing to Shinobu's and Tsuyo but he knew that he could assist them when needed.

Mugen landed on the ground and ran really low to the ground in hopes of getting more speed. This Shinobu character seemed to be fast and would probably be close to Kiri. Mugen had been to Kiri once, when he was a Chunnin, but that was during a different time. He was asked to aid with bringing the villagers Konoha had lent them back. Which was not a hard mission, especially since it was his team and a few other squads to help with it. He was only allowed to spend two days their due to the fact the people were not ready to leave. They had a few projects to finish or something like that.

That was the past now, he was going in as a missing Ninja now. Mugen heard about what Kiri did to their prison which was beyond wrong. This made Mugen worry about what would happen when they got there. Sure they were going to aid the village in a time of need, but afterward it could quickly turn into a slaughter if they decided to. Their was no time to think about that now. Right now Mugen had to catch up to Shinobu, before things got out of hand.



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