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He almost couldn’t believe it when he thought it to himself, and it really shocked him that he was about to do what he was about to do, but one statement made the entire thing that much more real to him… “Mitsuo Hiruzen Sarutobi, Head of the Sarutobi Clan, Leader of Konohagakure no Kato’s ANBU Black Ops, and the Sword Saint of Konoha, was dead.” His head was swimming and, although he was about as free as he could possibly be, he was still saddened. He knew that he would never be able to set foot in his home again, not as a member of the village, not as who he once was. He would miss his friends, such as Sousetsu Senju, and Takeshi Uzumaki, which would hurt him the most. He had grown close to so many people in that village, but he knew that in order to protect the people that he loved he needed to leave and seek outside help. This was what he was doing now, as he walked through the sand once again, on his way to leave Sunagakure no Sato and make his way to Iwagakure no Sato, the village that he had once resented more than anything.

He absolutely hated sand, he could feel it in his sandals already irritating him, and he grew impatient with the feeling of the small grains between he toes. He was only happy that on this trip he didn’t have the blazing sun beating down on him for the entire way, as this time he decided to travel at night. It was much cooler at night, and he was sad that he didn’t have his warm ANBU travel cloak, but he had left it behind in order to make his death more convincing, a decision that he was now regretting. He had never thought of the desert as cold, but now he knew that as soon as he possibly could, he would need to pick up a warmer outfit to wear, as his coat would no longer be any use to him. If he was to travel at night again, he would surely catch some type of fever or possibly even pneumonia, though that would be easy enough to treat if he could find a trained medic. He still didn’t like the thought of being uncomfortable though, and he began to rub his chest as he made his way towards Iwagakure no Sato.

As he approached the entrance to the village he noticed that there was a guard tailing him. He was still wearing the Konohagakure no Kato headband around his neck and he had decided that he wouldn’t take it off, as it would make him seem much less suspicious. The figure who was approaching him was wearing a mask, and a set of armour that looked exactly like his, and Mitsuo knew that he had ran into a member of the ANBU Black Ops of Iwagakure no Sato. The man’s mask was plane grey and Mitsuo thought it strange to view the mask of another village. Mitsuo allowed the agent to pass him and step in front of him, noting how many different ways he could have killed the agent by now, as he imagined the agent was doing with him as well. When the agent spoke his voice was low and hollow.

“Shinobi of Konohagakure no Kato, who are you and what is your business here?” The agent was resting his hand on the hilt of his weapon and Mitsuo had to do everything in his power not to do the same. He simply smiled at the agent, holding up his hands to show he meant no harm and spoke in a relaxed and clear voice.

“My name is Chita Sasori, and you are correct, I am from Konohagakure no Kato, and am an ANBU agent as you are. Obviously that also means that the name I have given you is an alias. I apologise but I do not have time to stand around and wait. I have urgent news and must speak with the Tsuchikage immediately. Please take me to his building so that I may deliver my news.”
The Iwa shinobi looked him up and down for a second, noting the mask that Mitsuo was wearing on his belt before apparently making up his mind that he could either trust or deal with Mitsuo. However it had happened, the ANBU Agent made his way deeper into the village, motioning for Mitsuo to follow him…

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