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Sarutobi, Mitsuo (Updated Character Sheet) Oie_png%201
Name: Sarutobi, Mitsuo
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Birthday: 18/06
Clan: Sarutobi (Paladin)
Sexuality: Homosexual
Village: Kirigakure
Rank: S-Rank
Element(s): Fuuton (S-Rank), Katon (S-Rank)
Specializations: Ninjutsu (S-Rank), Bukijutsu {Kenjutsu|Swordsmanship} (S-Rank)
Special Characteristics:
Name: Agile
Type: Positive
Description: This individual is lean and agile, and are able to move a rank higher than they normally would be able to. This means that a genin with this characteristic would move like a chuunin. This characteristic cannot push someone above SS-Rank level movement, and as such becomes useless once the individual hits SS-Rank/Kage. Anyone who takes this perk must take Frail. Individuals with Agile cannot take Mighty.
Inheritance (Tanto):

Name: Inheritance (Tanto)
Type: Positive
Description: This individual has inherited a gift from their parents. They may app a single C rank weapon from the start and is not required to pay for it. Be sure to state that you are using this Special Characteristic's freebie when you app the item however.
Name: Chakra
Type: Unique
Description: Given as a prize for a sizeable donation, this special characteristic grants Mitsuo a bonus fifty chakra.
Name: Frail
Type: Negative
Description: This individual, due to being lean and agile, is more susceptible to physical blows, bruising easier and suffering from broken limbs more often. All Taijutsu and Kenjutsu blows have +1 potency on impact against this user. This does not allow these techniques to cancel out a technique they normally wouldn't, it merely increases the force with which they impact.
Short Fuse:

Name: Short Fuse
Type: Negative
Description: This individual has anger issues. He/she can be set off by the most unimposing of things, and has a very difficult time suppressing his or her outbursts, be they verbal or physical. In the most extreme cases, this individual can go on rampages that are rarely stopped by words alone.
Hesitant Element:

Name: Hesitant (Element)
Type: Negative
Description: This person has a comfort zone that he/she doesn't like to venture out of. Learning a new field of techniques can be scary, and this ninja puts it off, or ignores it entirely. This individual cannot have a fourth element, and can only learn their tertiary element at Jounin rank. (this is a clan drawback and cannot be counterbalanced.)
Name: Chakra
Type: Unique
Description: Given as a prize for a sizeable donation, this special characteristic grants Mitsuo a bonus fifty chakra.

Sarutobi, Mitsuo (Updated Character Sheet) IIgMwRX
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 200lbs
Hair Color: Black with fleks of grey
Eye Color: One emerald green and the other a slightly paler shade of green.
General Appearance: Mitsuo's appearance has changed much over the years. He still keeps his hair pulled back in the same way he always did, though long gone are the days he would wear glasses, his sight being fixed long ago by Strafe Aisu. He has a well kept beard that he (almost) always keeps trimmed and he often times wears his Kirigakure no Sato village headband around his neck. On his muscular torso (when not fighting) he wears either a black mesh shirt, or his chainmail sleveless shirt, underneath a black trenchcoat. He always wears a set of gauntlets and bracers on his hands and forearms. His legs are covered with a pair of strap pants and he wears large black leather boots.

When Mitsuo goes into battle he still wears the strap pants and the boots and the trenchcoat, but underneath it he wears his old ANBU armour from his days as the head of Konohagakure no Kato's ANBU. He would normally wear the mask with it, but it would give away his identity. Instead he often wears his custom ANBU Mask mask in its place to conceal his identity.

Sarutobi, Mitsuo (Updated Character Sheet) UTCmgow
Personality: Mitsuo has changed a lot since he was a genin. He is no longer as rash as he once was, he has instead become cool and collected and calculating, using his brilliant mind to his advantage. He still has outbursts of anger at times which is something that he tries to control, but as of yet life has continued to make it so that it seemed as though controlling his anger would be impossible. He is typically upbeat and cheerful, often wearing a trademark smile that it always seems wrong to not see on his face. He is staunchly loyal and is a work horse in everything he does.

He has gone through many traumatic experiences in his life, and each one of them has changed him slightly. When he was a kid he was a little bit lazy and thought himself better than everyone until the death of his brother. After his brother's death he became depressed but slightly more determined than before but still not enough to drive him to action, until the death of his father. After his father's death he took on responsibility and became the ideal leader, heading up the Sarutobi Clan and the ANBU Black Ops in Konoha, that was, until the death of his lover. Now he is still determined, but in a different way. He is determined to stamp out the corruption in Konoha,and he has no issues with killing to do so. He will do anything it takes to free his village, even if it means burning it to the ground.
Interests: Mitsuo is a big fan of the arts, enjoying music and visual art most of all. He is often seen putting ink to paper when he isn't training in his spare time. He is also fascinated with swords, having trained in sword use since he was a young child. He enjoys watching weapon smiths forge Katana steel and learned when he was a child to forge small tools as well as Kunai and other knives. His favorite food is pasta of all types, especially spicy pastas. He is a man who also loves to fight, though he knows when it is appropriate to fight and when talking is the better option. Mitsuo has recently discovered quite a fondness for Strafe Aisu as well, and enjoys spending time with him. Mitsu is a romantic at heart.

Conversly, Mitsuo hates people who don't do their jobs. Nothing gets him more frustrated than people who sit by when they have a job to be done. Having experienced death in his squad and with members of his family because of people who were not doing their jobs it is something he really can not stand or tolerate at all. He also dislikes people who cannot appreciate the subtle beauties of the world and people who do not truly appreciate their lives. He has been known to start fights with people who he saw as being excessively lazy or ungrateful for the gifts they have.
Motivations: Mitsuo, at this point in his life, is driven by revenge. His entire family and his lover were all killed by the corruption that lays deep seeded in Konohagakure no Kato, and he would see that corruption destroyed. This being said he is still staunchly determined to protect the hidden leaf in any way that he can, as it is still something that he loves more than anything else. He is also driven to help the Aoi Bara in whatever way that he can, as their leader is his dead lover's brother, and Mitsuo can't help but feel a certain loyalty, or perhaps even obligation to help him. Whatever it is, it drives him to do the best that he can for them, performing action with no conscience.

Mitsuo has always feared failing the hidden leaf and failing his friends.He has seen too many friends and family members die to not have such a fear. He fears that he will not be able to save the Hidden Leaf Village from itself and that would destroy him. If he was to fail the Hidden Leaf Village and it was to fall into full corruption then he would have no choice but to destroy it, in any way he possibly could. He would sever the head so the body would die out and then he would allow the village to rebuild. He has also developed a fear of dying alone at some point due to the death of all of those close to him.

Sarutobi, Mitsuo (Updated Character Sheet) MzDzEP0
History: Birth and Pre Academy
Mitsuo was born into the prestigious Sarutobi clan to his father, a weapon specialist and ANBU shinobi who instilled the Will of Fire into him, and to his mother, a member of the famous Uzumaki clan, known for their sealing techniques and vast amounts of chakra. He was one of three siblings, his sister Haruna being the eldest and a skilled Medical Ninja, and his twin brother Munoto inheriting his mothers sealing prowess. His mother was killed in a battle with Iwa shinobi protecting a member of the Hyuga clan as the Stone tried once again to steal the secrets of the famed Byakugan. After her death Mitsuo's father became more determined to make his children into powerful shinobi, teaching them a lot before they ever joined the Academy. Mitsuo's sister was promoted to a Chuunin at the age of thirteen when heand his brother turned eight. They both joined the Academy shortly after.

Mitsuo's Academy days were quick and relatively painless. His sensei was impressed by how quickly he picked up the Jutsu the class were taught, quickly mastering the Henge no Jutsu, Bunshin no Jutsu, and Kawarimi no Jutsu techniques early on, as well as all other lessons he taught them. He graduated after a year in the Academy and became a Genin, his father commending his brother (who graduated with him) as well as Mitsuo on their quick learning and mastery of the Academy level Jutsu. The day of their graduation was also when Mitsuo first met his master.

Master Hiroshi
Mitsuo's father introduced him to a tall and strangely dressed man who had two katana clasped to his hip. He would soon learn that he was a former Samurai named Sasori Hiroshi, and he would become Mitsuo's sensei in the way of the sword. Sasori rigorously trained Mitsuo in the basics of Kenjutsu for three years, honing his blade skills so that he would one day be able to be a revered swordsman. At the end of their training he told Mitsuo that the rest he would need to learn alone and he could only show him door; he would have to choose my own path. He gifted his first Tanto unto the young Sarutobi, a great honour in his eyes, and then departed back to his own lands, promising to test Mitsuo's skills again one day.

Great Failure
Finally ready and a little overconfident Mitsuo set out on a mission with a squad that had his brother Munoto in it, as well as his lover, Kimaru Hyuga. They were sent on a simple escort mission but ended up being attacked by Hidden Mist shinobi, apparently under the belief that they were transporting information on their villages defenses from spies back to the Hidden Leaf village. They attacked the young genin relentlessly and they fought them as hard as they possibly could, Mitsuo's sensei stepping in to defend them to the best of his ability. Mitsuo and Monuto fought back to back, keeping their charge between them to better protect him as they fended off their attackers, Mitsuo using his Tanto and him using the Taijutsu he learned from our father. At one point during the battle Mitsuo wasn't quick enough and was knocked out by a swift blow to the side of the head, collapsing as he saw his brother impaled by a wind chakra infused blade before his Sensei could get back and finish dispatching their enemy. The memory of that mission haunts him still and after he decided to train more rigorously in order to be able to better protect his family, his friends, and his village and country.

Chuunin Exams
After training once more with a new sensei, the man who would eventually become the fifteenth Hokage, Takeshi Uzumaki, Mitsuo was entered to compete in the Chuunin Exams in sunagakure no Sato. Upon arriving in the Hidden Sand village, he ran into a shinobi who would eventually beat him out of the exams, a bastard of a swordsman by the name of Masanori. Mitsuo was defeated by Masanori twice, and nearly killed by him, but that was not what was important. Mitsuo was imperssive in both of his tasks, completing his first task in an impressive time and saving a young girl from a group of bandits at the same time, and also showing an impressive tactical prowess in his match against MAsanori, which he only lost due to an ability that he had no way of knowing the young shinobi had. He was instantly promoted to Chuunin for his imperssive tactical mind, and was able to proudly make his way back to the Hidden Leaf, only to return to disaster.

The Fifteenth Hokage, Head of ANBU, and the Chita Sennin
A lot happened to Mitsuo in a short amount of time after returning home from the Chuunin Exams. The first and most impacting thing that had happened was Mitsuo went home to find out that the Fourteenth Hokage, Tatsumaru Uchiha, was dead. He had learned that Tatsumaru, in his huberis, had destroyed a large chunk of the Hidden Leaf village and that his father had died in the blast as well. When he spoke with his sensei he also learned that Takeshi had been promoted and had become the Fifteenth Hokage, which was a great honour and something that Mitsuo was extremely proud of his sensei for. Mitsuo was quickly elevated through the ranks with Takeshi in charge, and, along with being the Head of the Sarutobi Clan, he eventually became the head of Konohagakure no Kato's ANBU Black Ops, achieving one of his lifelong goals in the process.

Mitsuo was eventually approached by three strange men one day while he was training with his lover, Kimaru Hyuga, in a field. They revealed themselves to be large cheetah men and told Mitsuo that they had been looking for him, as he was to be the last Chita Sennin, should he chose to accept their training. The leader of the group, Shisso Suru, was also apparently the leader of the village known as Mara Chita, which is where Mitsuo would eventually travel to be trained by master Shisso. He mastered the basics of Senjutsu before he had to return to his own village to protect it, and vowed to one day return to learn from the Cheetah King once more.

Death of a Lover
One of the most difficult things that Mitsuo had ever gone through was the death of his lover, Kimaru Hyuga. The two of them were hunting a missing nin together when they were attacked. Neither of them were expecting their opponent to be as skilled as he was and eventually he was able to get a lethal strike on Kimaru, allowing him to escape as Mitsuo clutched his dying lover in his arms. The death of his lover nearly drove him insane and led to him uncovering a plot that had been kept under wraps for decades. He burnt down his compound and took on a mission that would eventually lead to him faking his own death, and leaving his village behind.

Aoi Bara
Mitsuo, under the guise of Hiruzen Hiroshi, made his way to Iwagakure no Sato and pleaded his case to the Tsuchikage, noticing his dead lover's brother in the office. He was extended an invitation to join the Aoi Bara, which is where he now spends his days, growing more powerful and waiting for the day that he can strike back at the corrupt underbelly of Konoha, the ones who murdered his family and his lover, and who stole his life from him.

Mitsuo was taken in by Tsuyo Hyuga and given a new purpose, to destroy crime in the world. He worked taking down several small time drug dealers before they had finally cornered one of the greatest Drug Lords in the world, and the two of them slaughtered his men, destroyed his body, and brought his base down around him. This mission would cement his position and earn him the rank of being an S Rank missing-nin in the process. Shortly after Mitsuo made his way to Kirigakure no Sato on orders from Tsuyo to attempt to gain the favor of the Mizukage.

Seven Bells

Upon entering the Village of Kirigakure no Sato, Mitsuo, after meeting up with Strafe Aisu for the first time since he had saved Mitsuo's life, took to the streets to help save a village that was in dire turmoil. He ended up finding himself in the middle of a warzone and began to do anything he could to try to help the situation. He ended up saving one of the village's Sannin from the Seven Bells General Mizuru and in the process had his first brush with a woman who he would eventually meet again. He also ran into several familiar faces while being there. He would fight alongside Yuudai, one of the Sannin, and the Mizukage, Hokage and future Raikage in a battle against the general Mizuru, defeating her as she retreated and aiding in the ending of the Seven Bells War.

He would be called to arms by the leader of the Aoi Bara, Tsuyo Hyuga, at around the same time to save a new member. He was being attacked by Ukiyo Senju, Mitsuo's best friend, and he was told that he would have to be willing to strike her down. He held his strike with the Messiah blade and refused to act to strike her down until she turned on Tsuyo Hyuga, who was not acting for some odd reason. Mitsuo struck, killing her in one fell strike and severing Tsuyo's Arm and Leg, as well as his prized Byakugan, from his body. He would cauterize the wounds and then leave back to continue the fight in the Seven Bells War, where the Aoi Bara were known as War Heroes.

Around the time of the Seven Bells war, Mitsuo would start seeing Strafe Aisu, one of the sannin of the village, and the one who did his eye transplant for him after he obtained the Stunning Eye of Synn Karisuma, which he obtained after wiping out the Karisuma Clan. He and Strafe became quite serious, to the point where Strafe was prepared to defect to Konoha with him, which he ended up doing. The Mizukage threatened to kill both of them if she ever saw either of them again, and the two of them went back to Konoha together.

Trial and the Seventeenth Hokage
Upon returning to the Hidden Leaf Village, Mitsuo was arrested by the Hokage Mitsuhide Uzumaki for defecting from the village. He would be prepared for trial, which he would await and would be willing to face whatever fate was handed out to him. He was told, however, that the Hokage had gone missing and that the rest of the Sannin of the village had also disappeared. He was asked to become the Seventeenth Hokage, as he was the strongest person in the village at the time and it needed his leadership. He was told that, unless Sousetsu Senju came back to the village and was prepared to take the mantle, he would lead for as long as he was willing. During his time of leading the village he trained several ninja, as well as adopting a daughter named Kaia-Mai. She meant the world to him, and he was perfectly happy with his position in life. When Sousetsu returned to the village, he happily surrendered the position of Hokage, making Sousetsu, one of Mitsuo's greatest friends, the Eighteenth Hokage, and leaving Mitsuo to become head of the ANBU once more, as well as leader of the Sword Saints Division, a division that had been named in his honour. Everything seemed great.

When the death of the Raikage, Reika, was announced to have been caused by the Aoi Bara, it caused all of the members of the Aoi Bara members to go underground, which they all did in different ways. Mitsuo reverted to an old trick, faking his death and leaving not only the village, but the lands of the shinobi behind. He would wander and explore the world, going everywhere he could and learning all that he could while he was gone. During his three years away, however, he could think only of his family in Strafe and Kaia-mai. He missed the two of them so much that after being gone for three years, and risking the punishment of death, he made his way back to the lands of the shinobi. He had heard that Strafe had gone back to Kiri and had taken Kaia with him, so he went there to find them and to attempt to start his life with them once again...

Face Claim: Ezio Auditore - Assassin's Creed 2 series


Sarutobi, Mitsuo (Updated Character Sheet) JsXAMo8

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