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1 Shaking her Tail [Iwa >> Kiri] on Tue Nov 12, 2013 6:40 pm



Ukiyo looked over her body to ensure the wounds she received from her assault had healed sufficiently. A scar across her stomach seemed to be slight inflamed, but nothing out of the ordinary. She contemplated what just happened,

I can't believe you killed them... Is that not what you wanted? I can't imagine taking the life of another...even those of konoha. Even those who would stand in the way of our goals... I want them gone but... killing just seems so brutish. I don't want to sink to their level in order to vanquish their will... Those ninja would have pursued you until you were dead or captured, Ukiyo. There wasn't any other way. This is the path you have chosen, and I'm afraid it will be tainted by blood. Ukiyo thought about this for a few minutes before realizing something. If we made it all this way without realizing we were being followed, how could we know that those were the only two who had tailed us? I suppose we can't. Though we didn't sense anything when our grass covered the area. That only goes so far though. We need confirmation. Sleeping while being hunted is not an option; it looks like we'll be making another journey today. 

Ukiyo looked out across the haphazard horizon of stone and depressions, riddled with mountains and plateaus of pure earth. She sighed heavily with exhaustion, having just traveled a great distance and fought two intense battles without rest. However she had prepared for this. Her entire life was spent surviving, and recognizing a tail is certainly a key to that. She was ready for the journey she would have to face, happy to set forth on it should it mean her safety. Ukiyo didn't know where exactly to go though, so it troubled her slightly that she might be without a destination. However it didn't take long for her to pick up on a trail left behind by what she could only assume was a shinobi. 

Insects? I didn't know the Aburame clan had spread beyond Konoha. Hm. With that, Ukiyo set her goal. It may not have been as concrete as she wished, but it would at least set her off in some sort of direction. Besides, even if the path didn't lead her to safety, at least she may have another chance to meet with an Aburame. Ukiyo had always had a fondness for them, respecting the bonds they could form with insects that she herself wished to form. I guess it's decided then? Yes, it is. I've only met one Aburame in the past, and unfortunately my time with him was cut short due to more... pressing matters. Now, however, we have all the time in the world. Ukiyo lifted one of her hands with her palm facing up and grew a small flower from it. She leaned in with her head and gently nuzzled her nose deep within the flower's center. She inhaled a great breath, taking in the rejuvenating spores of her plant. Suddenly Ukiyo was struck with energy, her feet beginning to tap in anticipation. With a puff of dust from her feet, Ukiyo launched off in the direction of the insect trail; heading, unknowingly to Kiri.

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