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Rippa had gotten a little lost in his wandering through town but eventually he had accidentally stumbled into the mission area to use a bathroom. When he came out with a sigh of relief and an empty bladder he was suddenly face to face with one of the senior mission givers. A grouchy one eyed, grey haired man that looked like he was willing and able to kill anyone in the room. And his eye was set on Rippa. Rippa paused in his steps and gulped with his eyes going wide. Before the man pointed to his Konoha head band on his shoulder.

"That's a disgrace. Can't even keep your head band tidy. Well son, Because of your negligence you get the shit job. I know who you are. Chi Rippa and genin rank to boot. your to go undercover to guard a store that we have reports of frequent break ins from. And your disguise will be a bum. Just like you look now. Now get out of my sight and don't you dare come back until you clean yourself up."

A little down trodden from that growling assault of words he quickly made his escape a little less then cheerful now. He knew he needed to get cleaned up but before that was an option he needed money. After all he didn't wanna show up looking like a literal bum to his families estate. But at least with this mission pay out he could find a hot bath and some new clothes. He smiled at that thought and quickly made his way down town. He was going undercover though so he found himself a raggedy looking big hat to hide his hair before checking himself in the reflection of a window. It was close but looking to close one would say he wasn't right for the part just yet. His skin was too clean from the bath in the river. He frowned figuring it defeated the purpose he was going for but hell. He was getting a bath anyway. So first he made his way just out of town. Moving over to a muddy area he bent down and carefully applied mud and dirt to his clothes and skin. Gradually and carefully making himself look like a down right dirty no good bum. Though the smell was bad it would dry. And so it did. By the time he got back in the gates the mud had dried onto his clothes and skin in a way that made him feel stiff and insecure. Even the gate guards didn't wanna touch him. Though they made sure of who he was before letting him back in. The world being in high alert and all. He felt that was silly with the terror Hao being gone. Though rumor had it that Kiri was in a bind but he himself had no way of helping them.

Quietly he made his way to the market district and found a nice little spot away from the open shops across the way from the store that was always being stolen from. Seriously though you would think the guy would put metal bars in or something. Couldn't cost much more then the fortune he was spending on paying konoha to protect his store. Either way Rippa settled down and tilted his head down. Keeping a rusty pot with the handle broken out in front of him as he pretended to be a street bum and begged for money as people passed by. Surprisingly it wasn't long before he was given money and a warm meal and a wool blanket which he put over himself to hide his clothes mostly. Man it sure was warm.

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The first day was entirely uneventful. Though the people of konoha had impressed him greatly. He had been given more food then he could eat and yet another blanket. Some one even offered him a job but they sure had gotten pissed when he politely turned the man down. Even ranted on about how if Rippa wasn't willing to help himself then he shouldn't ask for hand outs from others. It made sense given the man didn't understand the current situation. Still after the man left he was ignored for a few hours. But by the end of the day people had handed him enough spare change to find shelter. He felt bad about taking it but it held his cover. Still when night came he slinked into the alley way sleeping with one eye open. The blankets kept him really warm even though he could see his breath in the air. It was nothing new to him though. The make shift cottage he lived in was fairly breezy all those years. So he found sleep fairly easily even if he never did let his guard down. After all if he let the place get robbed on his watch then he really would be in trouble.

The second day brought even more profit though the man who had offered the job from before flipped him off in passing. Rippa thought he was a fairly rude individual for shoving his principles on others so hard core. Even if he inwardly agreed with the principles. Still he was well fed and when night came around he still felt well rested. Sitting around and doing nothing didn't take much effort after all. Still once night fell about an hour later the man from before who was so angry at his slipped past the alley in the night with a brick. Before throwing it into the store window. And then walking through the hole it made. Rippa rose to his feet and walked over towards the window arriving just in front of the building as the man was running out. The man saw him and turned throwing a shuriken at him. Well now that was mean. He intended to wound or even maim a bum who saw him. Maybe even kill him. Rippa raised his hand catching the shuriken in his hand with a satisfied grin. quietly he pulled out the shuriken and grinned as the blood floated between the two man like something possessed before forming into a giant clawed hand and rushing out snatching the man into the air and slamming him into the wall hard enough to scare him. Which actually made him feint in terror. Rippa waited there until the authorities showed up to make the arrest and then took his payment. Before taking his new things and wandering off. Time for that damn bath. And new clothes. Not washed ones. New ones.

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