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1 A new beginning of hatred (Training/Mitsuo) on Wed Nov 13, 2013 5:26 pm



After all his time spent protecting and helping different individuals at the Namahage Festival, it was all finally over. Kenzan had no more point into helping people, it made him seem all girly from the outside in his mind. So, he wanted to get more intact with his cold-hearted nature that he had been dying to make explode with massive rage. Not only this but he wanted to get much more stronger. If he didn't eventually get stronger, it would end up in him being weak towards his enemies. There were many ways for one to train at a common speed, but Guyana had chosen a certain strong individual to help him become stronger down the path. This individual had defeated strong missing ninjas, but is now an Robin. Surely, it took the masked man days to gather such valuable information, even get in contact with this person. Because of this, he wanted to make the training secretice, for no one would expect a single thing then. His name had been Hiruzen Hiroshi, and he didn't have time to mess around from the looks of it. Of course Kansan had no time to play around either, but inside he would be bursting with excitement, wondering how the marvelous training would go. All excitement and mystery sadly had to be contained within, as he would began packing up supplies he would need for his training. Grabbing various items that he may need, and he certainly knew the training wouldn't be easy. Now that Mitsuo was a Ronin, who knew what he would do? Curious of the outcome of the training, Guyana took a quick bite of a sand which he made and headed out of his dark cave filled with bats and other things...

Walking down from the huge mountain he had stayed at, he admired the view of the beautiful sky and the birds that would fly above. Flowers would silently shake as the cool breeze brushed against his skin. Everything was perfect, not one that was wrong about the training he was about to have from his perspective. Kenzan had picked to train at the Fissure Training Grounds. The Fissure Training Grounds were perfect for training his Taijutsu within the deadly cracks within the ground. A great surface indeed it was, which may give Kenzan an upper hand. If not, at least a chance to lay a strike. Close enough to the Fissure Training Grounds, he ad noticed that no one was there, which was there. This meant that Mitsuo maybe was running a tad late. Putting his stuff on the ground, he looked for a comfortable rock to lay his head on. Yes indeed he found one, and let the sun overwhelm his face, as he would wait for Matsuo to appear.

Training Taijutsu: D>C
WC: 469/1500




He could see the clouds in the sky above him, the stone faces of the cliffs covering much of the terrain around the area of Iwagakure no Sato, something that Mitsuo Hiruzen Sarutobi wasn’t used to. The rocky terrain was almost gloomy compared to the brightness that encompassed the village of Konohagakure no Kato, the Village Hidden in the Leaves. The sky was often sunny there and the trees made the entire surrounding area beautiful, the village itself being quite impressive in its own right, having been forged by the kekkai genkai of the Senju clan, the Mokuton users. This place compared to Konoha was a tomb, literally. The rock surrounding the area was almost depressing and the barren wasteland seemed to stretch on for miles. The Sword Saint of Konoha had come here to ultimately exact his eventual plan though, and he had already formed some of the ties he would need to assist him in that.

He strode out confidently from the Village Hidden in the Stone, his black trench coat trailing out behind him and his chainmail shirt worn over top of his ANBU armour to hide it. With this armour on he was completely undetectable to sensory abilities, which was a great asset to the newly coined Missing Nin, who more than anything didn’t wish to be found out. Since arriving in the village he had taken on the alias of Hiruzen Hiroshi; Hiruzen being his middle name and Hiroshi the surname of his master. His impressive bastard sword was strapped to his back and Seijin no Ken and Chita no Kiba were strapped to his waist as always, his right hand nonchalantly resting on the hilt of Seijin no Ken, the Sword of the Saint. As he made his way out into the fissure training grounds he sighed and inhaled deeply, the odd smell that was filling the air calming him slightly. He unconsciously activated his ANBU sensory ability and made his way towards the chakra source, allowing him to pinpoint exactly who he was looking for. Once he found where he was supposed to go, he pulled out a cigarette and his silver lighter that was inlaid with the crest of the Sarutobi clan, lit the cigarette and sucked deeply before inhaling and exhaling through his nose.

Mitsuo knew that smoking was a terrible habit and that many people found it disgusting but after all of the stress that he had been through over the recent several months he had barely had a choice but to start up again. It was one of the only things that calmed him down besides what he would consider to be a form of battle trance that he went into whenever he engaged someone in a sword duel. Mitsuo did not rely on techniques to see him through battle, and preferred to work on his keen skills with the sword. He was always known to answer to offers of duels where no jutsus would be used and the combatants’ ability with steel would be the determining factor of the battle. Mitsuo had never personally lost one of these duels, though he wouldn’t mind if he did because it would mean that he had found someone who was superior to him and who he could truly learn from. There was only one Shinobi who had ever managed to truly defeat Mitsuo and that was his best friend, Sousetsu Senju. The Sannin of the Leaf was an impressive man to say the least and his skill, in Mitsuo’s opinion, was unparalleled.

As he approached the young man who was awaiting him his short black hair began to blow in the wind that surrounded the clearing and he finished off his smoke before dropping it to the ground and stomping it out with his boot, his trench coat blowing up from some steam below him being expelled from one of the fissures that gave the place its name. He smiled softly and looked at the young man standing before him.

“I believe you wanted to meet with me? I am Hiruzen Hiroshi, also known as the Sword Saint. And you are?” He held out his hand to shake the man’s own as a gesture of greeting and friendliness, though Mitsuo was examining the man closely to see if he meant him any potential harm. Mitsuo was used to having profiles on all of the shinobi he came across, so ever since he had entered Iwagakure no Sato it had been like being blind. He would wait for the other shinobi to shake his hand and introduce himself before doing anything else.

(770/6000 Senjutsu D>C)

Jutsu Used:
Name: ANBU Sensory Range (Chikaku Tsuibi: ANBU ~ 知覚追尾: 暗部)
Canon/Custom: Custom.
Rank: B.
Type: Supplementary.
Element: N/A
Range: 1km.
Specialty: ANBU Only
Duration: Maintainable (-10 per turn)
Cooldown: 5 posts.
Description: A technique which allows ANBU members to be able to keep track of the village and their surroundings. These tactical ninja are able to see over long distances with hawklike eyes, able to pick up the finest of details, from residual chakra from techniques even as faint as the Supernatural Walking Practice, as well as personalized chakra signatures, down to recent footprints and other tracks in broken shrubbery or other environs. If the user has the Ace Eye special characteristic, the range increases x1.5.



~Item Locker~Sarutobi Mitsuo~Jutsu List~Mitsuo's Tracker~



This man... that stood before him, Hiruzen Hiroshi, had a very dangerous taste to KenZan. He didn't know whether to trust or believe certain things he would say. Despite examining him, Hiyama held out his hand, colliding into Hiruzen's hand, making a manly compact of friendship. Kenzan had then let go of Hiruzen's hand, so he could introduce himself properly. "I am Kenzan Hiyama, and I have requested you to come for one reason only" he said. Some time had passed since he talked again, as the wind would blow by. Hiruzen had looked like a kind guy on the outside, but a monster consisted on the inside. This is something that Kenzan wasn't sure about this training, or whether to even believe that Hiruzen would train with him. He sat back down on his comfortable rock, and played back down in the sun. Kenzan had made his decision, he would tell Hiruzen his story.

"As a young boy I have always wanted to become stronger. I never believed in weakness or tried to be a weakling, I tried my best to strive to become stronger. There are though, many reasons as to why I want to become stronger. One, because I want to be the best of the best, a very strong and good willed ninja. Two, there is a certain someone who must die by my blade, if not them then others who will try to get in my way at different times. I only wish for you to train me, because I believe you are the best of the best. A very strong and serious type of guy. Am I wrong?" Hiyama had stated firmly.

Either way, he stayed there and his comfortable rock looking at the beautiful sky above him. The clouds had looked so white and fluffy like a pillow, reminding him of a pillar bear somehow. As he would wait there calmly, he waited for Hiruzen to answer, watching the birds that had flew by.

WC: 800/1500




I am just going to exit this thread and continue it somewhere else, since Mitsuo is doing who knows what.

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